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Topic: Game Programming / Suggest a game!

Are you suggesting somebody else than me, to rip off my game and make a sequel for it without even asking me?

Also, Stick Hero Idle 4 was about 60% developed once, but never made it further.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Who likes icing on the cake?

> Display
Ability to change the visual display by buying/selling and placing stuff in it, then save it as an avatar on kongregate.

> Stockmarket
A stockmarket to buy and sell products from your companies between players.

> New investments
Research Centers (Not much self profit, boosts other investments’ profit)
Nuclear Energy Companies
Commercial Space Flight Companies
Meteor Mining Companies
Unicorn Farms

> Diamond Suit

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Topic: The Arts / Avatar Contest

Simplicity is hot.

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Topic: Game Programming / Problems with dynamic tile based light projecting!

Yeah, new day, new mood. I indeed am casting it from the upper left corner, and i tried to adjust it with the -/15 in Math.round((H.y15)/30), but i didn’t realize it still rounds it to 30s.

Also figured a way to stop the light passing the corners.

Case closed, thanks XD
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Topic: Game Programming / Problems with dynamic tile based light projecting!

Ok so i am making this small rogue like game, where iv’e made dynamic lighting.
Here’s the light demo so far.

It seems to work fine, but after a closer look theres 2 flaws i can’t manage to solve.

The light is asymmetrical. When you’re next to left or top wall, the light only effects the 2 wall tiles, while on right and bottom side walls it works fine.
Here’s an image of it!

The light passes corners, as seen in this image.

How it works?

// 60 rays are cast from the player, each lighting up the next 8 tiles on it’s path. If a solid tile is encountered, the tile is lighted and the loop is breaked

for (var ray:int=0; ray<60; ray++) {
for (var dis:int=0; dis<8+light; dis++) {
// light-variable only applies an additional effect, ignore it.

var xt:int=Math.round((H.x-15)/30)Math.cos((ray*6)(Math.PI/180))dis;
var yt:int=Math.round((H.y)/30)

if ( target tile is within bounds ) {

apply shading on target tile

if ( target tile is solid ) {



Pre-tag seems to be on a bad mood, so here’s Pastebin version!

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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

Are those testicles?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Dragons and Titans

Vorp started on Facebook too.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Dear VORP! fans...

Correction to neverbot, ENDgames is gone, it doesn’t exist anymore. Some of it’s members however restarted under the name Wyrmbyte. Scott is in charge of Vorp now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Dear VORP! fans...

Oh no oh no oh no, phire can’t play 24/7 anymore, such a horrific tragedy! I support you man, i wish strength for you, to carry on after this! Don’t give up!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Vorp Corrupt-A-Wish

Inpenetrateable wall of text! Run to cover!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] OPS Ideas

Erm, charge on OPS is the time between use and action. For example Deport has a charge of 3 seconds (green clock icon).

Deportal: show up in last moment, but you have to be in the portal more than halfway of your ship.

Bots: They have an undefined seek time, mayby 5 secs. Yes they will hop onto next injured targets once done healing, but the total healing time remains 10sec.

Nuke: The measurement unit in the game is meters, figure this one out yourself. (This was clearly stated in developer’s blog after i asked them about it)

Telemine: Use your brains will ya? Spawntime is the duration they spawn, after which they disappear if not exploded. Attraction area is not defined, you have to figure it out ingame, just like most OPS and loadouts have undefined stats.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] OPS Ideas

Here’s some new OPS ideas popping up in my head.

Deportal Charge: 4, Cooldown: 240
Drop a portal that deports up to four allies after 4 seconds.

The size of the portal balances it out, as only four ships can fit in it fully enough to teleport (halfway+).

Repair Bots Charge: Na, Cooldown: 180
Launches three repair bots that seek onto nearest injured ally and heals it for 300 per bot, over 10 seconds. Double effect on structures.

New focus-able healing OPS, that also brings the long waited ability to heal structures.

EMP Nuke Charge: 2, Cooldown: 180
Unleashes a super strong electro-magnetic pulse that stuns all enemies within 150 meters for 0.5 seconds, and completely shuts down their radars for 20 seconds.

I know, this encourages backdooring :P

Telemine Charge: Na, Cooldown: 90, Spawntime: 220s
A strongly magnetic mine that is quickly attracted to nearby enemies, exploding upon impact dealing 150 damage and triggering a deport(3sec) on the enemy. Triple damage on drones and structures since they cannot deport.

Anti backdoor!

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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

Dynamic blood?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Vorp Corrupt-A-Wish

Granted, but unfortunately Lobster’s claws are too tiny to operate the plane.

I wish i won a million or two, so i could buy Vorp and get a good team to work on it.
Or just donate it to EndGames…

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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Vorp Corrupt-A-Wish

Granted, but it’s “happiness”.
I wish i had an aeroplane!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] ban all noobs

var Everyone:Vector.<player> = new Vector.<player>
for(i in Everyone){
      Everyone[i].noob == false && Everyone[i].newb != false ? Math.random()
      <avarage_percent_of_noobs/100 ? Everyone[i].noob = true:Everyone[i].experienced = true:null

On a side note: The term “noob” origins from “new player”.

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Topic: Cloudstone / Epic Arena [Suggestion]

Reworked the whole thing, enjoy :D
And posted it in the playsaurus!

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Topic: Cloudstone / Epic Arena [Suggestion]

LV/2, means at lv 50 you get a ring that boosts all your stats by 25%.

Edit: And that’s OP, just realised :D

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Topic: Cloudstone / Epic Arena [Suggestion]

Epic Arena

What is it?:
Epic Arena is a new rare event that is triggered when you use the Epic Key, received from Epic Chests at 1% rate. Epic Key sells for 15000g, incase you don’t want to try your skills in the Epic Arena.

When you use the key, you are teleported to an arena, where there are 6 epic chests in circular formation, and one in the middle. The 6 chests are locked, but once you try to open the 7th chest in the middle, it transforms into:

Epic Golem

Epic Golem is a miniboss made of an epic chest, and coins. It carries a massive coinblade

The Battle

Epic Golem is immobile(until 3rd phase), and only attacks you when you get too close(this attack is almost always deadly!!!). It only switches it’s position between the chests when it morphs between chest and Golem form. Whenever the Golem morphs into a chest, it releases a spirit orb that dashes from chest to another until it stops at one. Pay attention to the orb, as you need to open the chest which it entered. Wrong chests will only explode on you before closing, dealing high damage. When you open the right chest, the Golem reappears and knocks you back to the edge of the arena.

Phase 1, 50%> HP
The Golem summons Epic Pyrites at steady, slow rate, which are bigger and super strong versions of normal Pyrites. The golem morphs every 30 to 60 seconds.
The Golem has a shield that resists 75% of damage taken.

Phase 2, <50% HP
The Golem begins to cast Coin Pillars at you, which deals moderate damage and may stun for 1 second. Coin Pillar is similiar to Raider’s crystal attack, but a lot faster and harder to avoid.
The Golem also morphs slightly more often.
The shield resistance increases to 90%

Phase 3, <20% HP
The Golem stops summoning Epic Pyrites and Coin Pillars, and takes a part in the battle itself. The Golem begins to slowly move towards you, and uses long-reach sword attacks along with a very large area attack that may stun for 0.5 secs. It’s attacks charge up for 1 second, and 2s for area attack, giving you time to avoid them if you pay attention.
The shield is no longer in use.

How to fight it??

There are 4 corrupted altars at the edge of the arena. You can lure a bunch of Epic Pyrites around the altar, and blast the altar off, corrupting all the pyrites. Corrupted pyrites will attack their master and ignore it’s shield.

The Golem’s shield can be temporarily broken by killing the shield generators at the arena corners. The generators will regenerate in 15 seconds. It is recommended to use corrupted pyrites alongside this if you’re melee class, to draw the Golem’s attacks away from you.

• 5000 to 50000 gold, depending on level.
• 3 to 5 random potions

Epic Set – Improves your stats, amount depends on the level when acquired.
• Epic Hummingbird Mask ( Increases Attack and Move speed by 0.5% per level ), 2% drop!
• Epic Ring of Resistance ( 25% chance to resist a negative effect, +LV armor, +LV health), 5% drop!
• Epic Necklace of Luck ( Improves loot drop chances, and amount of gold dropped by 2.5% per level, stacks with boosts.), 5% drop!

Note: Loot drop increase applies to the existing percentual chance, for example 1% drop becomes 1.5% drop with 50% bonus.

Coin Set – Armor set made of gold coins. LV 1
This set has a special charge level that determines it’s effectiveness. The armors can be recharged at Altar of Wealth in your home (100 000g), for 10 gold per 1% of charge, per character’s level.

For example level 30 player would need to pay 90000 gold to fully charge the set.

Set bonus: Stats are determined by charge level. Charge only works when using full set.

Chargeless/incomplete set’s stats:
• Coinmail ( +30 Armor, +12 Disc, +12 Sorc, +12 Fury ), 1% drop!
• Coin Skirt ( +20 Armor, +9 Disc, +9 Sorc, +9 Fury ), 1% drop!
• Coin Helmet ( +10 Armor, +3 Disc, +3 Sorc, +3 Fury ), 1% drop!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] [ Ship Concept ] Boombo


Pilot profile:
Boombo was one of the feared Antralorian battle fleet’s bomber ships, however it’s prototype AI quickly reached self awareness in it’s testing stages.

Description: Ship with variety of explosive loadouts. Fast and agile, yet very weak.

Quote: “Boombo sad. Boombo needs hug! Boombo boom boom!”

Favourite food: Terabytes


Sticky Bombs Q/Mouse
Shoots out tiny remote detonated bombs that stick on enemies.
• All released bombs are detonated at the same time with double click;
• Amount of released bombs is limited to 6/8/10;
• Area damage.

Firestorm W
Launches two big carrier missiles that both release a shower of mini rockets in long frontal arc.
• If a carrier missile hits an object, or is shot down (1000 hp), it releases all the mini rocket at once in random directions.

Buster Rocket E
Super fast rocket that breaks target’s armor.
• Causes Stagger for 5 secs → Target’s rotation is slightly distordet;
• Lowers target’s defence by 30/40/50% for 3 secs.

iBomb Passive
Generates a suicide bomber minions that follows the ship and commits suicide attacks on nearby enemies.
• Targets are slowed by 25% for 2 seconds;
• Max minions: 3/4/5.


Topic: Off-topic / I'm going to apply for the open Pope position. Can I use you as a reference?

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Topic: The Arts / opinions on album art ideas

I don’t really like any of them, except for the fifth ;D

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Topic: The Arts / ~PIXEL TIME~

I’m sorry Mario, i ate your princess!

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Topic: Game Programming / Show us a screenshot of what you're working on!

Danny that actually looks pretty adorable, i would play :D
Good work getting better with the arts.