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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Add Me!

Add me

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Topic: Kongregate / Rating Comments

I once had the toprated comment in a game and they removed it without telling me. If it wouldn’t have been the toprated comment, it probably wouldn’t have been removed. And why would you want people to rate your comments up so badly?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Post Active Raid Links Here

Arctis Vanguard:

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Topic: Kongregate / Official Voting Thread for the Best of 2010 Quest

Mardek 3

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Search Here First For Answers

Originally posted by Arcisal:

Anybody know a good monster to train to get to level 40?

And which should I do first? The Cambria Tournament (Including Solo Arenas) or the Annihilators (Karnos and Animus)?

You should do the tournament first, you can’t get to Animus anyway before getting all the dreamstones (you get one for beating the solo arenas and one for beating the championship)
And the best monster to train on is the Mythril Golem in the Miasmal Citadel

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Secrets and Tips

what does ap mean?

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Topic: Kongregate / Badge Suggestions!

come on, 60 seconds to save the queen is way too much. It should be 50 or even less and collecting half the crowns isn’t worth anything. It should be a “15 points to save the queen” badge (medium) for saving the queen in 50 seconds

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Topic: General Gaming / The Official "Civilizations Wars" Guide

I don’t think it is necessary to level up to 50, because I beat the game at level 28. And I didn’t spend any points on magic.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Weird glitch

if you do this then you also skip a stage, don’t you?