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Topic: Battle Dawn / Senatus' long and pretty complete guide to BD

Can you explain the Ratios part? I don’t get the multiple numbers #-# and #/#/#


You can always come up with your own ratios, but most people tend to go for 21-9 for inf, 11-4 for vehicles and 7-3 for heavies. 21/11/7 being range, 9/4/3 being armor. It’s been tested over and over again, these are the best ratios. Of course a small change won’t make that much of a difference, for example going 22/8 or 20/10 for inf or 10/5 for vehicles.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defence 5

How about towers like:

Orb Tower: Fires small deadly orbs.
2:Faster Shooting, Shoots 2 times faster.
3:Splash Orbs, Orbs now do splash damage.
4:Poison Orbs, Orbs now poison bloons for 5 secs.
5:Tracking Orbs, Orbs now track bloons.