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Topic: War of Omens / Last Anibaldo fight

Several of the campaigns really can’t be done unless you have a lot of epic coins. The GM Chapter 8 Anibaldo fight, as far as I know, is one of them. People who had 10 epic coins thought it was easy, but when at least one person tried the same deck without them, they couldn’t get through. It’s because when your usual +1 apples per turn is taken away the resources from epic coins become decisive.

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Topic: War of Omens / The ending of Listrata's campaign

(The following, leaked from Fifth Column games, is the true and canonical ending of Listrata’s Campaign. Don’t read it if you don’t want to be spoiled.)

(All right, no it’s not, this is fanfic.)

Listrata paused to catch her breath. The final stronghold of Clan Siani was before her, their guards dead, the fortified door shattered by a bomb blast. Within was the sinister “Count” and his consort, the mysterious leaders of the clan and the ones who’d had her parents killed. Listrata charged in, her sword drawn and face grim. There was the Count, surprised, turning back from giving orders to his remaining guard, a face mask hiding his features above his rich robes.

Listrata stepped forward and killed the guard with a sword thrust to the chest. She glared at the Count. “You killed my father. Prepare to die!” she said. The Count looked annoyed and was about to speak. “My mother too” she added. “But—” he said. “I didn’t mean my mother was less important. You killed my parents” she said quickly. Listrata sighed. Why did she always have to talk in short bursts? And for that matter, why was she always getting in conversations with the leaders of opposing armies, as if they were standing right next to each other? She grimaced and set off her final plan before anything else could happen.

She watched with satisfaction as the spell went off and magical nooses appeared and tightened around the necks of the Count and his consort. They slowly fell to the floor, choking. It might have better to torment them, hear their pleas for mercy, but Listrata had killed her way across the whole country and she wanted it to be over. The piracy – the fortresses and the sea battles – the intrigue – the war with the Daramek, after she’d intercepted their tribute – all of it went by in her mind, divided neatly into 19 distinct episodes. She was really tired of counting episodes when it all went by in her mind too.

The Count’s mask fell off, and to her horror Listrata saw a familiar face. “Listrata!” he choked, “I – I am your father!” Listrata, shocked, tried to cancel the spell, but it had already had its deadly effect. The Countess was her mother, too, she now saw. “It was a plot,” her father gasped, “to take over Clan Siani. We faked our deaths. Had to, for Vespitole. I– I’m sorry—” Listrata dropped her sword as she heard his breathing stop forever.

She tore her hair, her composure shattered as she saw that both her parents were dead. It was all too believable that it had come to this. Her brother – or perhaps Pocchi – one of them had plotted to take over the clan. And now with her parents gone, done in by her own hand, they’d laugh and get the clan and the whole country. “I vow revenge!” Listrata screamed. “On my whole cursed clan! Their schemes did this.” She heard outside her army retreating, already taken over by agents of whoever in Vespitole had done this.

Listrata looked around, bereft and alone. There was the seal ring of Clan Siani. She picked it up. “I’ll be Clan Siani now, now that all of them are dead,” she said. “I reject my Vespitole name. I’ll wipe them out, every Vespitole, wherever they hide, for killing my parents!” She put the seal on and walked outside, planning the sequence of 20 battles, all the way back across war-torn Ausonia until Vespitole was gone. “I’ll be back” was the last thing she growled as she disappeared into the smoke.

Behind her, ten minutes later, the two bodies began to stir. “We’re – we’re still alive,” Listrata’s mother gasped. “The spell must have been cancelled at the last minute,” her father said, rubbing his neck, “and our protective magics had some effect…” They looked at each other. “Clan Siani is destroyed,” Listrata’s father said, “we should find our daughter … but I can never seem to get in touch with her. She’s gone.” Listrata’s parents looked at each other in resignation. “Well, we should return to lead Clan Vespitole once again,” her father said. “Yes,” her mother nodded. They started on the long trip back.

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Topic: War of Omens / GM Campaign Ch. 2 without epic coins

Actually I had 1 wishing coin for this one. My Vespitole commons and uncommons were maxed. itztaytay gave me a deck which I modified slightly:

Spice Route
Collect Taxes
Trade Company
Prayer x 2
Holy Wrath
Sibylline Scrolls

If you have more than one Holy Wrath, I’d replace the Scrolls with a second one. The deck satisfies the bonus requirement for no allies.

Play is pretty simple. There is no use for apples in this deck except eating them, so eat them as soon as generated to keep yourself alive. Save your magic. When you manage to get a Holy Wrath, use it to fry things, and repeat whenever it turns up again. If you run into an emergency, kill things with magic, including the opposing hero. It’s a very slow deck, and it will take a lot of time to play through the campaign.

The deck relies on an AI misdesign. When you have an Embargo (or Bureaucrat) in your bank, the AI will try to use up all of its resources every turn defensively. So it will eat all of its apples and magic. This is great for you since once you have magic plus Holy Wrath circulating, it won’t matter how many HP they have. So try to keep the Embargo in your bank forever once it shows up, and don’t buy it if you can avoid it. That’s mostly how you survive battle 2-3 — you’ll get hit with skulls, not apples powering allies.

For battle 2-2 I had to survive 3 wagon bombs. You’ll probably have to eat most of your magic for those. For 2-4, with Theodox using burn on you, eat both apples and magic until he runs out of cards.

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Topic: War of Omens / GM Campaign Ch. 3 without epic coins

Clarai gives decks that will give you a good chance of beating the various campaigns:

But I find that her decks generally don’t work for me for grandmaster level campaigns. This is probably because I have no epic coins. I do have Vespitole commons and uncommons maxed.

Here is what I think is a good deck for Ch. 3 if you don’t have epic coins:
Courtly Intrigue
Wealthy Patron

This satisfies the bonus fight requirement for no Loan.

3-1 and 3-4: Clarai’s strategy requires redrawing Malediction more often than I ever actually did the many times I tried her deck, and paying for Holy Wrath. With the deck above, you should be able to kill enemy allies every round without having to rely on drawing certain cards. The opponent has no resource generation, so if you have more palisade / rampart than their Lead the Charge, they can’t kill anything before you get a chance to shoot at the allies they’ve brought out. Once you get a Marshal you will overpower them.

3-2 and 3-3: Clarai’s strategy says that “No follow up Bounty will appear in the bank” for 3-2, which is true, but the opponent will re-draw the original Bounty and kill you. Bureaucrat will save you by preventing them from piling up enough coins.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Petition to clear enchantments/turn off colours

I pity the artist, too. It’s bad enough to have to draw hundreds of armor pieces and try to get the shadowing and so on right without then having these random, garish glows slapped on top of them afterwards.

Also, consider the pain felt by the Kingdom’s monsters. “Oh no I’m being attacked by a Christmas tree! I can never remember my dear family’s presents the same way again—” will be many a beastman’s last words. Sad.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Bugs and Problems

Same problem here.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Tech Support (Not for Base 0)

I didn’t write that changing one line of code could fix this game. I wrote that a fix on one line of code could fix Desktop Tower Defense. I know this because there is a gamer-written script that allows you to play Desktop Tower Defense on Kong that is one line long. The account of what happened to DTD is relevant because it was the most popular game on Kong for a long time, and really would take minimal support from Kixeye to keep it.

I was amused enough by the game to build up a 1000+ op empire, and had alliances, enemies and so on — I think I was up to #6 on the top empires list at one point. If I don’t log in now and then, it’ll get gradually eaten by the few people who continue to play. If we had a clear drop / support decision from Kixeye, I could have either given up on the game sooner, or could still log in now and then to keep my empire around for when they come back and maintain it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Tech Support (Not for Base 0)

“Some attack logs aren’t visible to some players because they have had some encounter with a hacker in the past. Same reason for the “Nameless” outposts you mentioned.”

Yes, this is the problem.

If they can’t disable kreds, they can delete the game. It really would be better to just have a final end state for the thing at this point.

Kixeye was the company that started me on Kong in the first place — well, before it became Kixeye — with Desktop Tower Defense. That game is unplayable on Kong because of a one code line fix that Kixeye won’t make. At this point it’s worse for Kong to keep their games “up” than to just put up an explanatory note saying why they had to be taken down.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Tech Support (Not for Base 0)

Got any fix for the “attack log not visible” thing? It does not go away when you just refresh, or clear your cache, or whatever. Associated with the “new outposts that you capture don’t have your username on them” bug.

It sucks that Kixeye has abandoned the game, but they’re still letting people spend Kreds on it. Kong should just shut it down.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Stats on normal simulacrum

I fought the normal simulacrum of Dahrizon three times after the recent update before I beat him, and noted down some stats.

His HP = 3000, as far as I can tell from the “percentage left” indicator.

In my three attempts, I had total attack values of 1280, 1654, and 1750. My damage was 271 per hit with 1280 attack, 300 per hit with 1654 and 1750. Therefore, the capped damage per hit looks like 300, and you reach the cap somewhere around 1500 attack.

When I had 2098 total defense, he did an average of 119 damage per hit to me.
When I had 2536, he did 93 damage / hit.
When I had 2628, he did 85 damage / hit.

I’ve heard from many people that tough quest bosses can now sometimes get rare super-high-damage hits. The averages above don’t include any of those.

Note that you can use more than one lightning scroll on a quest boss, and the boss doesn’t get to hit you after each use, so if you want to spend PC you can defeat any boss just by scrolling it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Tech Support (Not for Base 0)

“Just go back to BYM, and it won’t lead you to the 404 page when you try to send gifts/view the attack log.”

This is so not true. It may be true for some people, but for at least an equal number it never goes away.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Problem

The friends list / blank op names bug does not just go away if you keep refreshing. Not for everyone, anyways. It also gives you Kong’s 404 page when you try to look at your attack log.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Info About; Blank OPs, Level on Friends List, and Missing Friends List!

There’s a whole lot of misinformation and wishful thinking posted here … Kixeye hasn’t fixed anything in some time, and there is no indication that they are going to. They didn’t fix the Base 0 thing, as recent posts in this thread make clear. They haven’t even fixed Desktop Tower Defense, once one of the most popular games on Kong. I’ve seen a script to fix that game; the script is effectively one line long. It’s not rocket science. But Kixeye is simply not maintaining its games here.

I never paid shiny for anything, so I’m OK with that. But people shouldn’t expect things to be fixed, unless (as with Base 0) people hack the game in order to fix it. All of the same holes in the code that let hackers wipe out whole maps still exist, whether the hackers who did that are bored of doing it or not.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Map Room 2

As far as I can tell, nothing has been fixed. If the hacker apocalypse is over, it’s because the hackers have gotten bored.

That said, you might as well upgrade to map 2, because what do you have to lose? If all your ops get hacked, you’re effectively back to map 1, or can drop back there anyways.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Send a message

It’s not true that Kixeye fixed the Base 0 bug/ hack. It was fixed by friendly hackers, who have nothing to do with Kixeye, who repaired it base-by-base. People are still getting it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Friends list / attack log bug

Whenever I play for the last couple of days, my friends list on the bottom of the BYM page is filled with blanks (little letterbox icons), and when I try to look at either my attack log or the leaderboard, I get a page displayed that says that Kong can’t find the page. I’ve tried the obvious things like reinstalling Flash and clearing my cache.

I’ve heard from some, but not all, people that they’re also seeing this. Has this bug been named yet, and is there a fix for it?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] OOPS, Something broke!

Happening for me too. Going to Attack Log and back didn’t fix it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Unwanted faction signups

Anything’s possible, but if I ever clicked the link, I didn’t notice doing so. And when I go back to the game, I go back to the “Home” area.

I’ve been accepted into the faction again now, after having quit twice already, and have evidently been declared an officer (as has everyone else). It seems more likely to me that someone has found a way to sign up people who aren’t in factions into factions than that my computer is doing something invisibly.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Unwanted faction signups

No, I didn’t bookmark the application page. And the Orbo thing was funny maybe the first week or so.

Does anyone who runs the game read these forum posts?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Unwanted faction signups

I noticed that I was a member of the faction “War Makers” despite having never signed up to be in any faction. And whenever I go to the Factions page and quit that faction, I get re-signed-up to apply again. Is this some kind of game feature to get players into factions? Or is it a bug?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] remmber when flash games were free

Since Kongregate was bought by GameStop, every game begins with a full video un-skip-able (in most cases) advertisement. If the game developer can’t survive off of whatever fragment of ad revenue that Kongregate gives them from that, they should not be making flash games. They should be making console games or whatever.

And if Kongregate can’t give them another ad revenue to make it worthwhile for them, goodbye Kongregate. The whole idea of the site was that you could casually play a new game whenever you wanted. Gemcraft is the kind of game that I like (although not a particularly good implementation of the basic idea). If I want to pay for that kind of game, I will. Elsewhere.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] remmber when flash games were free

If it really took a team of developers to create this, then it’s sad that all they could do is come up with yet another clone of their original Gemcraft game. I see essentially nothing that’s new in it.

And the challenge levels really are annoying. I just tried the first “7000 monsters in one battle” one. With all of the difficulties turned up as high as they will go without Premium — i.e. double monsters, +15 waves, all swarm monsters — and with carefully not destroying the monster nest on the level, I ended up killing about 3000 monsters. So that just isn’t doable without Premium. The game should at least tell you “don’t try the challenges without Premium” instead of “don’t try the challenges until you’re high level.”

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Zone 6 and 7

It’s really lame to have to hack the game to get to level 7. It’s quite possible to do it without; I just did it with a Psychological. I think, looking these comments over, that people may not be using Ultimatum enough. It’s great: it completely prevents you from getting one-shot-killed, or even worn down quickly, and a Free Will on top of it will usually soak up its damage. Then you have 20 turns to try out your offensive moves. You can also take two two-turn stuns and delay a single opponent long enough to use Ultimatum again for another 20 turns.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnants of Skystone] Beta Testers Needed for Remnants of Skystone


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Topic: General Gaming / Orbital Decay -- now with essential advice in 1st post

This is just not a very well playtested game. In a game with many upgrade paths, there should be some way in which to make most of them work.

As an experiment, I started a Hard game and put every upgrade point I had, including my original 100, into a flack turret. I upgraded the damned thing a bunch of times before my ship blew up, but it was absolutely ineffective in destroying any of the swarm of fighters. I mean, it would shoot right at one, and the fighter would sail off having taken what looked like less than a third damage. If a halfway-upgraded flack turret can’t protect your ship against a single fighter, what is it good for?

The answer is, of course, “nothing”, as several people have already said. But that’s a problem with the game. Why would whoever designed this ship design it with the capability to have a defense against fighters that was absolutely ineffective?