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Topic: Spellstone: General / Tribe Envy

One hour later.

RANGER: “Finally! The vote is over, we are the tribe ‘Creatures of the Forest’!”

DRUID: “…dude. They’re factions, not tribes…”

WEREWORG: "Ah, good. I am even more fond of alliteration when it is appropriate. It should be ‘the Forest Faction’.

RANGER: “No! We voted and everything! We had to wait for Rune Panther to eat a whole flying squirrel family, but we voted!”

WEREWORG: “But, Forest Faction… alliteration. G-getting angry. K-kill.. Graahhghhh. KILL!”

RANGER: “That’s it. Now you all die.”

DRUID: “H-he’s s-stringing his bow! Run!”


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Topic: Spellstone: General / Tribe Envy

A clearing in the forest.

RANGER: “Gather around, everyone! We’re agreed: we need a tribe. The rare and common creatures left out are going to get no respect from anyone unless we have one. And we can’t have those snooty aethers or wild chaos things, so we’re it.”


RANGER: “So we’re ‘The Woods Folk’.”

DRUID: “…wait, fellow creatures of the forest… what about the animals? They aren’t folk…”

RANGER: “Woods creatures then. Woods beings. The tribe of woody things. Does the name matter?”


DRUID: “…. names are important, dude… it’s cosmic…”

RANGER: “All right! Let’s vote. Who likes ‘Woods Creatures’? Moss Golem?”


RANGER: Moss Golem?


RANGER: “One vote against! Dire wolf?”

DIRE WOLF growls.

RANGER: “Um, is that for or against? Druid? You speak with animals, right?”

DRUID: “.. oh, dude… they’re creatures. Animals is kind of … speciesist…”

RANGER: “No problem! Some of my best friends are anima—- creatures! I shoot them all the time!”

DIRE WOLF growls.

RANGER: “Wait. Didn’t you call them animals before?”

DRUID: “.. oh, no. D-dude, look…”

RUNE PANTHER is bloodily devouring the remains of FLYING SQUIRREL.

RANGER: “Uh oh. One less vote, I guess. We better hurry up or there won’t be much tribe left.”


WEREWORG: “I think that ‘Creatures of the Forest’ has a good, majestic sound. Not like the so-called Seafolk, with their meager two syllables.”

RANGER: "But we’re part-way through the vote for ‘Woods Creatures’ — all right. Calm down. Don’t get mad, wereworg. No moon in the sky, see? That’s right — voting on ‘Creatures of the Forest’ now. Moss Golem?


RANGER: “Moss Golem?”

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] Upgrading Heroes, New Factions, More Campaign, oh my!

Isn’t “Imbue” a new skill? I don’t remember seeing it described anywhere. I’m guessing it means that a random creature gets that skill that didn’t necessarily have that skill before? In which case “Imbue all Vengeance 1” would give all creatures vengeance 1, which sounds pretty good. If they already had vengeance, does it add to it?

Aria’s upgrade seems to involve gaining a foot of height and dying her hair purple.

I’m kind of disappointed that Ursurio didn’t really get a jetpack.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / [Dev] Upgrading Heroes, New Factions, More Campaign, oh my!

“Slugs are considered gastropods, not insects. Although both gastropods and insects are invertebrates, or animals lacking backbones, the two groups are not closely related. Slugs have more in common with clams and oysters than with insects, as both slugs and clams are mollusks.”

This game is contributing to poor science education among our youth!

“This means a slug is less related to a ladybug than a cat is to a shark.”

So the next faction will be CatSharks. With lasers on their heads. Luckily they will chase the laser pointer spots all over the place rather than attacking anything, or they’d be really deadly.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / A memo from SSHA

Maybe the bird has a little cat-flap kind of door behind it that you can’t see. But yeah their tech level probably isn’t good enough for pressurized cabins.

I really have wanted to terminate the bounty guy with extreme prejudice. It took me the longest time to stop seeing that exclamation point as meaning “bounty ready now”.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / What's the variety of delays you have?

I never use more than 2 delay 3’s. And no delay 4’s. And the delay 3’s have armor 5, vengeance 5, or at least some invis.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / A memo from SSHA

Spellstone Safety & Health Administration
Inspection #453,895: “Hero Airship”

Health & Safety Citations

Major / Critical:

#1: Steering wheel of airship is routinely unattended and swings back and forth so that ship is unguided. Was told by crew that “the ship will drift over wherever we’re going eventually”. Having an unguided airship is a CLASS I SAFETY HAZARD.

#2: Outer hull inspection hatch, which clearly opens onto the skin of the airship since there is no room for a hall of any kind behind it, has been labelled “Guild Hall” and, when opened, produces a powerful force from air rushing out of the pressurized cabin that tends to suck the door-opener outside so that they scream and fall to their death. The crew says that this “gets rid of quarrelsome passengers” and that “anyone smart knows that guild halls are forts on the ground.” This door is a CLASS I SAFETY HAZARD.


#3: Merchant in permanent residence in airship cabin has a bubbling flask of acid used to clean debris off of spellstones. This flask, if spilled, could eat through and weaken structural elements of the airship hull. Open flasks of acid on a flying vehicle are a CLASS II SAFETY HAZARD.

#4: “Bounty guy” routinely holds up a large sign with an exclamation point on it, indicating that he has bounties available, even when no actual bounties are available. This causes bounty hunters to rush over en masse and then angrily threaten violence when they realize that they have “clicked” on “Bounty guy” for nothing. Having an ongoing incitement to manslaughter and mob violence on a flying vehicle is a CLASS II HEALTH HAZARD.


#5: “Quest bird” has a hole cut into airship hull so it can fly in and out. Don’t cut holes in your airship, people! Holes in hull are a CLASS III SAFETY HAZARD.

#6: “Inventory chest” is off-center and would cause airship to tilt if it was filled with gold. Violation is minor since all gold is immediately used to buy spellstones and goes into Merchant’s personal storage, which is well balanced and takes up most of the airship. Therefore this chest is only a CLASS III SAFETY HAZARD.

Personal note / postscript: Bob, I may or may not have told a farmer that a ballista shot into the main exhaust of the engine would “Send the whole thing up like a firework” and that it would be “good riddance”. Judging by his reaction, the probability of this event appears non-zero. Let’s just keep that under wraps, OK?

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Incoming Update: Sneak Peek Part 2!

Spicy food!

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Topic: Card Hunter / Acquisitions Incorporated expands to Card Hunter!

Already got the “Here About the Job” disability (from a radioactive pulse) that gives all enemies invisibility duration 2 except that they can’t use magic or projectiles. Except if they’re melee attackers, you’re out of luck. Mass invisibility to all enemies through an unlucky radioactivity hit is far, far too powerful and means you can lose because of a single bad event.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Top 5 epic vaps

I don’t dust epics, but if we’re talking reward cards then I’m surprised no one has mentioned Soul of Ash. I have 4 of them and use Orgoth, and I realized that I’d never use it. Delay 2 4/16 with bolt 3 and scorch 2? It’s only worth using for the fervor elemental 3, which means a mostly elemental deck.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Top 5 epic vaps

If you vape squid, how are you ever going to get a 15 quad squid deck?

More seriously, I wouldn’t vape any epic until you run out of inventory space. Any epic could conceivably be useful in some future BGE (even non-tribed ones, if some future BGE favors large, slow creatures, like a dragon BGE that makes you build a huge creature deck) and the dust you get from them is marginal compared to the steady dust from vaping rares and commons.

That said squid and tusker are first to go. Elementalist and lunar elemental maybe might be useful if you even build an all-elemental deck. Locust might be worth using quadded in some decks.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Tasty!

It’s possible that my original comment was not entirely serious.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Too many whales at BR15

I’m at BR 15, approaching BR16 (14K out of 17K) and really, the only times that I lose are when I accidentally attack with my anti-Vulcanos deck. I’m f2p.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Tasty!

I see, with approval, that the frog feast in honor of Ol’Cedric featured an avian, no doubt an intelligent one with 5 children. All avians should be killed and eaten, because, of course, they taste like chicken. But the devs are missing out on making this into a whole new game mechanic: Tastiness.

Some tribes / factions / whatever are just naturally tasty. Avians, of course, but frogs are often eaten as well. Some aren’t. No one would eat the rotting flesh of an undead, and eating an elemental would give you a strange electrical taste in your mouth. Those creatures usually don’t like to eat, either, if you leave out zombies and braiiiiiinnns. Similarly, some tribes like to eat things — dragons, for instance — and probably angels would not turn up their nose at a good meal prepared according to the precepts of French cuisine.

So the tribes, and possibly most tribeless creatures, could be classified as one of the following: Tasty (frogs, avians), Not Tasty (undead, elementals), and Hungry (dragons, angels). In battle, you’d get to hear an exciting sound effect if a Hungry creature defeated a Tasty creature. “Oh no — don’t eat me — arrghhhh!” Plus there would be a natural healing effect of devouring a tasty, nutritious, recently living and fully intelligent and able to see its impending, dreadful fate creature.

Fun for everyone! I really think that the game should implement this.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / let rare cards be able to use runes.

This probably is coming up now because of Webfoot Marauder. It’s a quad rare that’s worth using if you’re f2p, at least within the frog BGE, and there’s no reason not to allow people to put a bolt +1 rune on it. I have so many bolt +1 runes that I’ve already put them on everything else that could use one.

The new players concern is not really a factor, I think. As people have said above, you don’t really get runes until BR 10. If people haven’t figured out by then how rares work, then they’re going to waste a whole lot of dust on standard rares anyways and they’ll have bigger problems than a rune or two.

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Topic: Card Hunter / coming back to game

Just to follow up on this (because why not, forums here are pretty inactive) I ended up spending $25 and getting both the basic package and the Sky Citadel maps. Plus I got the first three AoA adventures with the extra pizza from the basic package. So the only levels I can’t play are the last 3 AoA ones.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / What's in your card inventory?

I have 59 squid. Only one more to go for 15-odd quad squid solid “word of god” squad!

No, not really. That 15-odd quad squid solid “word of god” squad was a fraud.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Turtle Tamer

It’s a Kingdom of Loathing reference, and always makes me think of that game.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Keep Getting Beaten

Your deck is too slow — you have a lot of delay 3 cards. I’d lower it to only 2 delay 3’s. For “Wings of the Void”, the toughest Void area, I think you do best with no delay 3’s at all.

Elementalist plus elementals is a synergy with elemental BGE that’s basically not worth using, but you’re stuck with it since you have a quad elementalist. But Crescent, solo Chaos Storm, and Shadow of Ash are not very good cards. Try to put at least one more angel in. Put in Heroic Frog because of Freeze. Put in Garganotos because it’s a great offensive card.

I don’t know why you’re using Rayne as your hero, but again elemental synergy isn’t worth it. You want offensive kill power. Groc or, if you keep a reasonable number of bolters / dual strikers / frostbreathers, Orgoth.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / playing for months and not a single runeshell

I flipped 5 coins in a row, and they all came up heads. Clearly someone must be fooling me with trick coins! The odds of that happening must be 1 in a million, or one in 32 or something like that.

And, you know, 50 people all flipped 5 coins, and I was the only one who got 5 heads in a row. Clearly the coin devs must have it in for me.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Meet the Heroes

Frog dude and water woman may or may not be good heroes in actual play (well, not), but the reason they weren’t here was first, any hero whose name is already a pun you can’t really do anything with (Decim = Decimate, Rayne = Rain) and some heroes just aren’t funny because they’re already supposed to be kind of funny but aren’t really (owl mystic? old frog dude? sorry.) Generic monk guy was just too generic.

I love overexplaining things. Ask me more!

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Strange fight

You should be able to upgrade arcane deposits, and then fuse them into a quad arcane deposit. What would that be? Well, a gem, and in this game a gem is a spellstone. So a quad fully upgraded arcane deposit should become a spellstone that turns into an arcane dustling.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / Meet the Heroes

Who has time to read all of the backstory that has been written about the Spellstone heroes? There’s so much of it that one person after another has chatted to me “rpxx, I’ve read through Chapter 23 of the three-volume series of novels based on Spellstone heroes, but I’m running out of steam. Can you write up a short summary?” So here it is.

Elost the Ranger

Elost has lived a simple life on the edge of civilization since early childhood, when she set out for the neighborhood store and ended up never being able to find her way back home. Since then her incredibly poor sense of direction has left her always ready for adventure, since she never manages to navigate back to where she slept the last night.

Elost probably has some kind of hero power, but no one can remember what it is since she wanders off and they move on to better heroes shortly after starting the game.

Aria the Hero

Aria uses fire magic to burn her foes alive, raises the dead, summon monstrous minions to do her bidding, and blames any of her actions that people might find upsetting on mind control. This is why she is definitively a hero, because that is simply what the word “hero” means. Look it up.

Aria’s powers involve hex and weaken magic, which again is pretty much what all heroes do.

Sammy L.

Sammy is a farmer (the “L.” stands for Lem) who has bored generations to tears with his long, rambling stories that seem like they are going to come to some point but never do. Don’t ask him about the difference between bird feed and angel feed — he will go on for hours about the differences between millet and thistle and the “pelleting” process.

Sammy’s powers involve weakening his foes with jokes that he forgets the punchlines to, being too thick to understand when people are attacking him, and inspiring dreams of vengeance.

Tarian the Lichen Lord

Wrapped in the cold winds of death, Tarian sits, as a skeleton, on a throne at the center of the Chaos. He’s been sitting there for so long that lichen has grown on him. He’s well respected and well feared because he’s a skeleton that may one day actually move and show evidence of undead life.

Tarian’s powers are supposed to involve incredible bolting and poisoning and siphoning of foes, and they will be really impressive if he ever does move.


An ancient being of living guacamole, Guac wanders the wilderness in order to avoid his dreaded nemesis, the Tortilla Chip Beast. He wouldn’t want you to be between him and a hard place, because you’d just eat him. So he stands well back.

Since Guac can’t close with foes he prefers to empower others to charge forwards and, if need be, hide.

Org Goth

Disrespected by everyone else in the Salt Waste tribes because of his corny fake skull belt and plastic glow necklace, Org Goth calls himself “a creasture of the night” and refuses to go out in daylight, spending most of his time in his basement. If he tries to give you a handshake, you should probably decline, because he’ll smear white face paint and black eyeliner all over your fingers.

Org Goth’s powers involve making everyone who sees him feel uncomfortable and kind of embarrassed and sad.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / f2p shard spending advice

I think that people undervalue buying chance pack cards for new players. Sure, it’s not good long term because you’ll never get to dual them, but it’s quite good short and even medium term. (I have a deck of all dual and quad epics except that I’m still using my Bomb Spirit and Honeycomb Dragon solo). Saying that someone should play for the long term assumes that there is going to be a long term. But if someone gets bored with the game early and quits, there is no long term. Getting a couple of good cards early on makes it less likely that people will quit early.

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Topic: Spellstone: General / A child's garden of Spellstone (2)

Manatees don’t have any particular grudge against the airship — yet — so that one was a bit hard to work in.

Of course it’s likely that the heroes will later on discover and “help” the Manatees, causing untold ecological devastation. So that last line can be changed.