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Topic: General Gaming / What is the best RPG of all time?

FF4 is my third place. That was another epic story, although idk if the DS version really gives it the feel it needs. The hi-res intro was breathtaking, but the actual graphics were lame looking. It ruins the storytelling when all the characters look like little dolls. It was also annoying how little Voice Acting there actually was. If you’re going to bother with a remake, you can bother to do it justice.

Anyway, I guess I should research Xenosaga if it’s so good.

Edit: Dang, PS2. No luck finding that then.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is it possible to give your revenue to another user via kongregate?

It would be nice if you could just be paid in Kreds. Would probably save the hassle for some people.

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Topic: Kongregate / What Could Kongregate Points Be Used For

I like the idea of there being a level limit for certain contests. Like these ticket contests can only be done by people over level 10, or having some of the weekly challenges only for people above level 20. I remember how hard I tried to level up back when the Kongai game was for people above level 15 (I finally got in about a day before it went live. I felt so cheated).

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Topic: Kongregate / badges

Originally posted by greg:
Originally posted by Marh:
Originally posted by ParalysisTerror:

If not, may I suggest DRAGON AGE

Any game published by EA is going straight to the trash.

So you buy games and then throw them away?


Apparently that’s not a good game…

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Topic: General Gaming / What is the best RPG of all time?

The World Ends With You has one of the most amazing stories ever (I counted about 20 plot twists. You don’t want to read anything about that game’s story). The gameplay was really innovative and made great use of the DS’s screens.

Super Mario RPG is the best oldie one though. I’ve been playing that game since I was 6, so Mallow and Geno hold a special place in my heart. I still can’t believe a good sequel hasn’t been made yet. Or at least an epic 3d remake. That game deserves it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Dear God... I have lost all faith in gaming...

I really hate the whole idea of “next-gen” consoles. I mean, really, except for Nintendo there’s nothing new between the PS2 or the PS3, the Xbox or the Xbox 360, it’s like just some hardware improvements and a way to make people shell out hundreds of dollars to play more games.

I was really excited about the Wii when I heard about it though. The whole “motion control” had/has so much potential. It still irritates me how Nintendo ran it into the ground while at the same time keeping it on top. There’s hundreds of “shovel-ware” titles clogging up game shelves while the true gems of the console are written off as “another stupid game”. Even the first-party titles have their flaws. Brawl is amazing, but has idiotic online capabilities (friend codes? Really Nintendo? It’s the 21st century you know.). Super Mario Galaxy is a lame attempt at doing something different in the 3d platforming genre, and it doesn’t even attempt to improve on the voice acting of Sunshine, instead doing away with it completely. Mario Kart gives you a new way to conrol, the wii wheel, without making the game any easier, forcing you to go back to a gamecube controller to be able to compete. Wii Fit warrants no explanation on its stupidity. Wii Music somehow failed even in an audience that doesn’t understand what a good game is.

I’m still waiting for a good story-driven wii game. Maybe the Wii version of The World Ends With You will be what I’m looking for, if it is actually made.

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Topic: General Gaming / Rack 'n' Roll Pool - Isn't this game STOLEN???

Originally posted by 11TMT11:

Are threads lockable? If so, lock this thread.

No, the threads with locks next to them are just threads the mods especially like.

Here’s your sign…

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Topic: General Gaming / Rack 'n' Roll Pool - Isn't this game STOLEN???

It’s really hilarious how they say it’s a great game when it’s no longer on Kongregate. They must think this is the comment thread. How utterly hilarious.

If we give them typewriters and an infinate amount of time, do you think they could write Shakespere?

Probably not…

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Topic: General Gaming / What's Your Favorite Video Game Hero?

I have a few…

1. Beat from TWEWY
2.Roxas from KH
3. Rydia from FF4
4. Sonic (I hate the games though. The actual character is good though.)
5. Edgeworth from Ace Attorney
6. Mallow from SMRPG (Geno is awesome too, but I just really like Mallow better.)
7. Bowser (The one in the RPG’s, not the annoyingly evil mainstream one.)
8. Caboose from RvB (not actually a videogame, but close enough)

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Topic: Kongregate / Top 10 Games you wish had badges.

1. Boomshine
2. How to raise a dragon
3. Gray
4. Bars of Black and White
5. Hunted Forever

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Topic: General Gaming / Best MMORPG online

Hellgate: London.

You think I’m joking?

…ok you’re right, the only reason I ever liked it was because it was food for Mythos. Too bad Mythos still died…


Yeah, I’m just going to go with Runic Games’ new MMO. Even though it doesn’t even have a name yet, I am 100% confident that it is better than everything else. Ever.

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Topic: Kongregate / AddictingGamer ban from Kongregate

His dumb games that don’t break laws can’t be deleted from the site, but the games using trademarked and copyrighted content (Avatar, 300, LoTR, etc.) should be flagged, along with the games he stole.

Seeing the number of games that break the rules, however, he should be banned. Idk how he has so many games that are blatantly against Kong TOS. And then he even defends himself! “Oh, I can post James the Christmas Zebra because it was under ‘games for your site’.”

I remember why I stopped coming here…

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Mom calls the cops on her 6 year old daughter...

When she said “It was a sin” I was ready for an extremist christen mother, but was pleasantly surprised when she seemed normal about it. I’m not really sure the girl knew any better, but I guess she sure does now.

A very nice story. That’s a good mom.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / don't even TRY to glitch

Are you trying it on Sonny 1 or two? It was fixed for 2, but on 1 it works.

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Topic: Kongregate / Get Rid of Roblox!


Nobody intelligent is dissing Roblox. All they’re saying is that the immature whiny impatient little children and/or adults (I hope not) are all spamming game comments and the forums with ads for the game in an attempt to get money, and that something needs to be done to stop the spamming and the advertising for good.

This isn’t new however. There’s been many, many instances of spamming before. Remember My Mini City? Remember Seeds of Time Online?

Nothing is going to be done about it. Kong has never acted in a timely manner about referral spamming, and considering how Roblox is an advertiser, I would be greatly surprised if anything was done about this issue at all.

Best case scenario is that the kids get tired of making alts and stop. That’s what’s happened with every other “attack”.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] What we want!

Finish the story. I mean, Sonny 1 ended with no climax at all, Sonny 2 ended with a giant cliff-hanger making it seem like the game should only be half over, if Sonny 3 doesn’t end the story then just don’t bother. The story is really amazing, but over two games it hasn’t gone that far, and it just keeps putting more things in and not explaining them. Sure, the whole ZPCI conflict was actually explained, but only right at the very end of the Sonny 2, and then the characters and who they are haven’t been explained at all except for Roald. I mean, it took me forever to figure out Veradux was actually a zombie (not a spoiler, he is actually red in Sonny 1, so he is a zombie. Nobody ever tells you though). Then Sonny 2 introduces Felacity or whatever her name is, and gives her some dialogue and action and a bunch of questions and doesn’t even make an attempt to answer them.


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Topic: Sonny 2 / don't even TRY to glitch

You just keep passing. I guess the bug must be that it’s trying to send you back to before the beginning but it can’t so it just starts going crazy.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / don't even TRY to glitch

Lol, actually I tried one that really did work, which is really sad because the glitch gives you the badges too. I felt bad and then beat the whole game anyway.

Anyway, you have to lose the first battle, so then when you reload it’ll just randomly scroll through the zones. In my case I clicked the red portal in the canyon and it took me to a blank battle screen. Then when I passed my turn the screen went dark and returned to the scrolling maps, and I got all the badges.

So yeah, it’s not a bunch of noobs going “hey try this glitch!” There’s actually a serious bug in the game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kreds Discussion

1/5 for no mute button doesn’t make much sense either, so I don’t really care what confuses you Carados.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kreds Discussion

[quote] I am against Kreds. You can’t fully enjoy 98% of the sites without paying. Now, this great site, with innovative ideas and a good community, has commited selfdestruct by adding itself to the mass. I’m very, very disappointed.[/quote]
This is actually just the explosion. The self-destruct started when they added Runescape.

[quote] Boo to Kreds. No one should be able to buy advantages in games. That’s ridiculous. The tip system is awesome. The ‘virtual items’ is horrible. You’re paying for pixels. Pretty much the definition of inane.[/quote]

You just said that about 1-2 million kids and moms are insane. *cough*Neopets*cough*

Anyway, I can’t say this surprises me. I mean, I kinda feel like they were trying to do a little smoke and mirror trick, knowing how volatile the forum community is. They’re like YOU CAN TIP DEVS! YAY DEVS! WE LOVE DEVS! WEEEE! (oh, and also, you can buy cards too. And virtual things to give you an advantage. Yay rich noobs!).

Another thing. How the hell have they had time to implent micro-transactions, yet they haven’t had the time to redo the forums and make a better way to quote (like 500 posts and I have not figured out how to quote.)?

Oh well, It is slighty entertaining watching this site eat itself. Maybe Greg could find a QA spot at Runic Games or something after this is all over.

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Topic: Kongregate / "loot challenges"

I just feel like this is another turn that I don’t like. First they put Runescape on the site (and even made a special deal with Jagex), and now they’re being a little raffle puppet for Fallout 3. Is there a financial problem there not telling use about, or are they just becoming more about money and less about games? They could’ve at least picked a better game.

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Topic: Kongregate / Are "tickets" to become regular on Kongregate?

You have got to be kidding me. Runescape is bad enough, but if Kong is having a raffle to win Fallout 3, I think there’s something going on. Is Kong having financial issues or something? Or do they really want to be faceless corporation?

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Topic: General Gaming / should wow be on kongregate?

If we don’t have to pay for it sure. Get right on that. I think that monthly prize will cover the development costs of converting it into flash.

Get on that. You’d be a pretty popular user.


I think there might be about as many WoW haters as Runescape haters.

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Topic: General Gaming / why runescape shouldn't be here!

There is one lone logical reason why Runescape should be removed (well, at least taken off the Hot New Games list). Because of Runescape being on the front page, that means that a new game with a higher rating is not. This means that that game is recieving less plays because it’s not on the front page (might I add that most games that aren’t hidden on the site have a higher rating than runescape? If it was a normal game, it wouldn’t be visible on the site except if you searched for it). Because the new game is not on the front page, it recieves less plays, and therefore, less votes. So then it does not make it into the top weekly games, because a lot of people haven’t played it and voted fairly on it (because, frankly, I doubt I’m the only one that 1-star spams all the latest games for some quick points).

So basically, Runescape is stealing money from developers that can make better games. And that is why is should be taken off the front page.

Edit: I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading through the “I hate Jabor” thread that was posted on the second page. Thanks a lot Jabor!

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Topic: Off-topic / Control a car in austrillia.

That would make a fun demo derby game if the lag wasn’t so bad. Heh, ramming advanced technology into rocks is fun.