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Topic: Dream World / Misanthrope Game Reviews: Dream World

I hardly ever comment in forums and this is a long-dead thread to boot, but I had to express my gratitude for this review and the resulting thread. This game is an insult on every level, but as a woman the ridiculous art, particularly of female anatomy, really pushed my nausea over the top. It’s like Rob Liefeld took a dump in my bra. What a horrible designed and exploitative game.

Here’s the thing: I make a point of donating kreds to games I think are superior or to promising developers who need some encouragement. It kills me to see beautifully made, intelligent, non-sexist RPGs (like the Mardek series) languish in relative obscurity while some vile bottom-feeding dreck like this is rewarded so lavishly. I don’t understand it, and I never will. I just thought a lot more highly of Kongregate than this.

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Topic: Technical Support / Can't get access to my points history

Same here, using Chrome. Message says an error occurred, that Kongregate’s notified, and to email if it continues, but I thought I’d try forums first.

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Topic: Kongregate / Some very special achievements

Greg, I went looking for this thread even though I usually do not participate in the forums here. I wanted to see if anyone else is raving about Mardek after reading a lot of truly depressing comments on its page about how some people hate having to actually read so much and how it’s a game for nerds (and that’s one of the kinder insults). I am so happy to find someone as impressed and inspired by this game as I am.

The dialog is inspired and hilarious, the graphics are impressive, the music superb (all original to the game — is there nothing Pseudolonewolf can’t do?) and the visual and textual shout-outs to old school gaming are weirdly heartwarming, but the thing I like best is Emela.

I’ve been playing the cliched female characters in your link my whole gaming life (which goes all the way back to being a grapefruit-breasted elf in D&D) and Emela was just a huge breath of fresh air. Mardek and Deugan both have a romantic interest in her but her focus is on helping people and her mysterious past. No grapefruits. She’s pretty but not distractingly so. Best of all, she’s far and away the game’s MVP. She has more skills than any other character and they are so effective that she levels up faster than any of them. She’s a hugely important character in this chapter and the ground’s obviously being sown for her backstory to become important in later ones. I know one of main reasons I got so absorbed by and lost in the game was because it was a rare privilege to play such a well defined and skillful female character.

All of which is to say thanks to you for recognizing how great this game is, and drawing more people to it by offering the badges and your praise here. It floors me that Pseudolonewolf created this all on his own, and relies on a donation system to keep going. I plan to donate to him to make sure that there are future chapters and hope that anyone else who loved the game will too, and that Kongregate will continue to support him any way you can. I haven’t been here long but I’ve never played a game here I loved more, and doubt I soon will. I also doubt I am the only one. Thanks again.