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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Suggestions!

A buyable red coin counter, for blue coins. That way you can see how many red coins you have at current without checking.

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Topic: General Gaming / Kongregate Walkthrough Site

Any feedback at all would really help, long as it is constructive. But at this point “This site sucks” would be better then nothing.

EP also forgot to mention we’re looking for people to write guides.

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Topic: General Gaming / Hintbin - Looking for people to help write game walkthroughs

So, if any of you have been on kongregate for a long time, you’ll remember kongreguide. This is essentially the reincarnation of kongreguide on a broader scale. We’re looking to start building up a nice healthy dose of walkthroughs, and to celebrate this, i wrote my first text walkthrough in a while, for starwish. It’s still technically not complete, and has a lot of gramatical errors currently being fixed. If anyone could help by adding an achievements section and possibly a skills section, and images of things, that would help greatly and i would note the proper sources, if they managed to actually write the whole section.

Also anyone willing to submit walkthroughs in general would be helpful. People who are willing to discuss game strategies and talk about games, i would like to meet up with perhaps in a kongregate chatroom, so we can better write more accurate guides with better strategies.

Contact me somehow if you are interested, best way would be through kong chat if I’m on.


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Topic: Kongregate / A call to arms: The Vortex

So if anyone doesn’t know, Azurebalmung, our room owner, and a close friend of mine, has quit Kongregate. He said he was fed up with the room, and everyone in it. He said he had no faith that any of the regulars could be anywhere near mod status ever, while some regulars would disagree, i sort of agree with him. Since he left, the room has transcended into the depths of its roots and has returned to the state that it was before mods ever even showed up there. Roleplay often gets overused, people come through, spam and curse as much as they want, and people trying to seize power over the rest of the regulars.

It is because of all this, that i formally ask, that any mod who would like to help get the room back on its feet, please visit The Vortex as often as you can. We would certainly love it if another mod could adapt to our environment, but i know that would be asking far too much, to uproot yourself from your existing homes and migrate to somewhere you’ve never even heard of. But as i said before, any time you can contribute while we hopefully find some way to restructure ourselves, would be extremely helpful.

Thanks again, from JTtheGhost, of The Vortex

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Topic: Off-topic / So, my cousin won this disney competion...

Congrats to my cousin David and his friends for winning this national contest after all the hours of hard work they put into it.

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Just checking :D

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Topic: General Gaming / BoxClever Levels

So i figured since it recently got a release on kongregate, i’d share my awesome custom levels. Anyone else feel free to do the same, as this game has an awesome amount of potential!

The Wall





The Bunker

Push and Run

The End

The Trash Compacter

Kannons Klaim

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Topic: Kongregate / Beta testers needed for Battalion: Arena (edit: first 77 pages given access)

sign me up

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Topic: Kongregate / Personality Profiles: Now Featuring Ljrules95


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Topic: Kongregate / Inconspicuous Cardboard Box Committee: Voice Your Oppinion!


Vortexians have an opposite view of what you do, we like our place evil, not welcoming, and troll filled.

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Topic: Kongregate / How many people do you have muted?

Originally posted by JudeMaverick:

If someone’s annoying you, mute ’em; no need to put up with it.

Rarely has the question ever been asked: is our children learning?

Mostly because i do believe it is: Are our children learning?
Proper grammar goes a long way.

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Topic: Kongregate / How many people do you have muted?

Originally posted by AioriaRox:
Originally posted by Deathreape98:
Originally posted by AioriaRox:
Originally posted by Deathreape98:

I’ve only muted 21 very annoying users.

I dislike muting, because it destroys conversations. You mute user A. User B talks to user A. You are confused and haven’t a clue as to what’s going on.

Mute user B and everything’s fine.

And if user B is a good friend of yours?

If user B is making you get confused he’s not your friend. O:

If i don’t know them and they are talking to themselvs: muted
If i am friends with them and they are talking to themselves: WARNING I WILL MUTE YOU IF YOU CONTINUE
If someone passes a message on from someone who is muted: MUTED

simplistic mentality.

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Topic: Kongregate / This Is Urgent!

Originally posted by Orzo:

I wish being stupid on the internet was lethal…

I wish being stupid in real life was lethal GOD WHY THE HELL CANT PEOPLE DRIVE WELL IN NEW JERSEY

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Topic: Kongregate / How many people do you have muted?

Originally posted by AioriaRox:

WHy does everybody have 0 muted (excluding mods)? I think Carados and I are the only ones that actually know how to mute someone. o.o

. and me, who started the thread, thanks for forgetting me, MUTED.

Also, when people are muted they don’t exist, so i just tell people to stop talking to themselves when i don’t understand whack the ferret is going on.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate NEEDS more mods!

the increase in moderators lately has been more then i can count, all of a sudden i’ve seen like hundreds of mods i never knew existed. Also, AC and Ducklette do a very good job i hear to look through all the potential candidates and pick the ones they think would do well in a moderators situation of being instantly thrown into a power position, and being able to handle the long term affects of being a moderator. But yes, lately there has been some ungodly number of idiots, so many that people in the vortex have started following my example of muting level 1’s and idiots. Its been a huge wear on the whole set of regulars…

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Party Kegger: Head Count

I kinda wish i lived on the other side of the us and got an invitation, but meh, i’m not the talkative type in real life anyway.

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Topic: Kongregate / How many people do you have muted?

I was wondering how many other people actually use the mute feature. I find it very handy and tend to mute over 15 people a day. I’m up to like over 500 mutes or something, it really helps to avoid frustration, and tends to annoy the hell out of the other person too.

If you have 0 people muted and are a mod, thats pretty obvious, so i would try to avoid useless posts such as that, unless they are postively affecting my views of course.

Yes i’m a douche.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is Cheating for Badges/Highscores Really Wrong?

If you can move your save files from one place on your computer to another, because they are on your computer, then why can’t you modify your save files, which happen to be on your computer too? If you believe in moving save files, then you pretty much can’t really say anything about that, because they consider doing it the same reason you would consider moving your files, as they ARE your files.

However, on the hex editor side, it is local data that is stored on your computer for your entertainment, and there are people who use hex editors for a living.

If you are going to use something, it can be used for a “good” purpose, or can be used for a bad one.

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Topic: Kongregate / This Is Urgent!

Originally posted by Yishan:

Do not trust anyone online.

This is like saying, don’t trust anyone at all. In real life or in person, you can get tricked just as easily, the only difference is you can’t see the actual person, or their behavioral patterns, things that might set alarms off in real life. However, there are people that have also learned to control those, and do rip people off in real life every day.

When you trust anyone, online or in real life, you must always be ready for them to stab you in the back.

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Topic: Kongregate / StarFall: 2312 preview video

AMD phenom 9950, 2.8Ghz quadcore, 3.25 GB of 1066 RAM. My machine is a bit high end, i’ll check what sort of frame rates i get on a 1.6 single core later and edit up the results.

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Topic: Kongregate / StarFall: 2312 preview video

This is a preview of the new game from the creators of Pyro, Arkatufus and Damijin, StarFall: 2312. After getting permission from Damijin about doing this, i worked about 10 long hours on making it as good as possible. I really hope that you will enjoy this preview of the game as much as i enjoy this new 3d-based shooter with amazing effects.

As an explanation of the video, there are four distinct sections to the video:

#1: The shop for your ship parts
#2: The launch sequence
#3: The actual game preview
#4: Mode7 preview

The music is “Seeking Heat” a remix of a song from Super Mario RPG from, by Sine, i picked it out myself because i was listening to it at the time and thought it would go great with the game.

(Edit: Fixed link!)

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Topic: Kongregate / KongreGuide Update

We will be putting any existing guides up manually ourselves, after we completely work out how we intend to do it. After recieving tasselfoot’s note, we realized how much our traffic has dropped, and to get it back we plan on doing a few things. Those things made us realize we should make the layout a bit cleaner for the general public. One of the new features will being able to see how many hits each guide has. The major change here is making a full page layout(don’t worry, we’ll make sidebar version as well). We are recoding everything from scratch, as well as doing new graphics, layout etc.

How long this will take, depends on how long it takes for me to get off my ass and start coding some of it myself since so far i’ve just been trying to work out how the layout is supposed to look and how the site will operate.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zening] Beta Testers Wanted

i think i signed up in the alpha, but i forgot, so to make sure, i’m totally in.

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Topic: Kongregate / kongregate is turning into a dating and swearing website.

The room i regular in is full of trolls and people who swear and flame, and i think its perfectly fine. It keeps the people who take offense easily out, and people who are more easy going and/or trollish in. Best idea ever imo.

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Topic: General Gaming / Dinowaurs Challenges

needs more fire and chickens. also, i too would like to verse monkies05 just to drive him into the ground