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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

It has came out now that I am approaching level 50, I have no strategy or even like or desire for my team, only ‘this is what can be high enough level right now, so this is what I have’
Perhaps make target common cards more readily available and an easier or more flexible way to choose them so you can build your own team rather than ‘well I got 5 cards I hate, but since i have 5 they are the highest level cap so let me go with that’ (I’m looking at you bartholomew)

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Bug Report

I didnt receive a quest reward for stage 2.5.
I also didnt get my daily login today.
But my wagon is working, it seems, because I received the items I traded for.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

downladable offline version.