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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I was playing some games in “under judgement.” One game in particular had a good beginning, but needed some tweaking. I pointed out the areas in question and added some suggestions. Much to my dismay, I discovered that the “Comment” box was limited to 1000 spaces (?), which I assumed meant “keystrokes.”

I reduced the comments drastically, leaving out some of the suggestions. examples and a “smiley” comment. Again, I pressed the “Comment” box and again was met with the error message about it being too long.

I went back through the comments and reduced some sentences to meaningful phrases, deleted some punctuation being careful not to change the meaning, and deleted some suggestions but combining them in other suggestions. Again, I clicked “Comment” box and again was given the error message.

I couldn’t see what else to delete, so I counted the keystrokes in each line and every double space between areas of concern and suggestions, which was no easy task. I was well under the 1000 limit.

Suggestion: 1) If the comment space is to be limited, put a “keystroke” counter at the bottom.

2) When corrections are being made, have the error message (about the comment being too long) disappear or an “X” box to delete it and then reappear if it’s still too long or appear not at all if the limit hasn’t been reached.

We all like good games and the Dev’s, especially the ones in the Apprentice League, need our feedback. When I see comments like, “Good game” or “Loved it.” I ask myself “What was good about it? What did the player like about the game?” Then I see comments like “Hated it.” or “Failure.” I ask myself “Why?” Really, 1000 keystrokes aren’t very many when trying to help a Budding Dev do better.

What happened to my comment to the Dev of the above game? He/She never got it. I quit after almost an hour of scrutinizing it. I guess I could go back and say “Needs work” (as I have seen before) and leave it at that. But, in my opinion, that’s as bad as saying nothing at all.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] use old score /saved game

@ Taithyl…I don’t think it’s the game that fails, but rather some adjustments on your computer. Every evening before shutting down my computer I dump history and cache. Monthly, I dump all my cookies and all I ever find missing is some website log-ins. All I have to do is log back in to the site and I’m good for another month. I don’t lose any data at all from Kongregate, not even my log-in info.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] selling problem

In this game, you have but a few seconds to make upgrades (which takes up a lot of time if you have several towers to update), sell, chop out an area, place another tower, etc. whatever your strategy is. To use a separate button to sell a tower, you would have to click on the tower you want to sell, then hit the sell button. When in a hurry, this can, also lead to misclicks. Consider this: Have a “sell” icon in the toolbox (in this case the spell box). Click on the icon then drag to the tower you want to sell and click again. Poof!! Tower gone. If you accidently hit the wrong box you won’t see the icon being dragged and you know to make the correction. Personally, I don’t have that problem, but if others do, this might be an option to consider in the future, if another is made.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Maximum Level Towers Special Abilities

@sporkitude…I think your descriptions are a big help. Lets you know ahead of time what to expect from your towers. The big drawback of the Catapult Den is how slow it is. While it’s reloading and cocking back to fire again, the other towers already have their second shot in. So, it fires about every third shot.

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Topic: Kongregate / Exciting big time news! Kongregate's been acquired by GameStop!

Ok…I’m confused. My understanding is that Kongregate was purchased by Gamestop. So, what is it that Jim Greer is saying in the video? “Today I’m announcing what we think will be an exciting chapter for Kongregate. We’ve had an offer to buy the company from Gamestop and we’ve accepted that offer.” Who bought whom from who??

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Topic: General Gaming / does runescape suck?

This is an excerpt from Wikipedia (free on line encyclopedia): “The game (RuneScape) has approximately 10 million active accounts and is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the World’s most popular free MMORPG.” I suggest anyone who has not checked in on RuneScape since 2006, go to the Wikipedia and search RuneScape. You may be very well surprised the changes that have been made. Most for the good, some not very well accepted, at first. But this was brought on by dishonest players and is an effort by Jagex to protect the honest players. The ones who seem to complain the most are those who can no longer scam other players, use auto bots to train skills, or used real world money to buy items and large amounts of virtual money. All of which will promise a permanent ban from the game either by Character Name or by IP address. There were many, many improvements that were well received by the players.

In short, do your homework before you open your mouth. As the saying goes, “Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt.”

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Topic: General Gaming / does runescape suck?

I have been playing RuneScape since 2002 and I am totally addicted. Wildy never really bother me since I didn’t go there unless absolutely necessary. When I went, it was without armor, weapons or any other type of protection. That way, if I was killed all the other player got was some bones.

When I first became a member I realized that I needed to get some money to survive. I was able to get a job for a Mage collecting secondary ingredients for potions. He needed 1000 whiteberries and the only place to get them was in the Dragons Lair in Wildy. I was killed twice with a full load of whiteberries. I was paid very well for risking my life. Now you have the Reverants to deal with and they are a lot worse than another player. But, I understand, if you can kill one, there are some great drops to be had.

If you want to PK (player kill) there are several worlds and minigames that allow it. Some mini games are safe (you don’t lose anything if you die) but there are others that are not safe ( you will lose everything but 3 most expensive items). In the PK worlds, you are “skulled” as soon as you log in and will lose everything if killed. So, all of you PKers out there that quit playing RuneScape because of Wildy being taken away…How much are YOU willing to stake on a PKer world where the only safe places are the banks, within the walls of the Lumbridge Castle Courtyard, and the Grand Exchange?