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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

While I like the basic idea of your suggestion (though i’ve heard rumours – months ago – of a different stle of cave of trials), the numbers are horribly off. With those listed endurances even the most powerfull units, with a strong element, with a gold relic and the perfect attack would still do less then 100 damage per hit.

While at the same time each and every attack would be a 1-hit kill.

But the idea of fighting a single highly challenge boss (on your own, so not raid style) does sound like fun puzzling.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Corrupt-A-Wish

You get another /50 bo and /50 bdx, unfortunatly they elope with the ones you already have and you are left with neither.

I wish i had a green balloon.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Corrupt-A-Wish

you get a delorean, parked on your head, driving in from 10 stories up.

I wish i could steal anyones legends

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Game Rules & FAQ

When the character levels, does that speed up the process of getting turns faster? == Yes and no. The overall speed (and max amount) are always the same. However, when you level up your energy and action get filled to their maximum (40 and 5 respectively)

but the trades should allow all items to be traded (herbs, potions, energy/action refills, etc.) == While in theory I fully agree with you, the reason this is mostlikely not allowed is the risks of multi’s and other abuse where people cheat to get massive amounts of (especially) action potions and rule the raids.

There is a slight problem: sometimes it takes 2-3 energy points to move the slider. Is anyone else having that problem? == If the slider only moves 1 slot, then yes. More likely you ran into a (number of) empty spots and automatically took the next step (and thus spent another E).

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Game Rules & FAQ

zankymania – The only way I know of how to do a “hard reset” would be to contact the people of the game (account/chatname: artlogicgames). However, they’ve been relatively absent lately. Also, I’ve only heard it being done with people that haven’t progressed that far into the game yet (no trading away alot of stuff and then reseting).

cctech220 – The only thing that will be lost is the experience, stones and relics on your main hero. The main benifits are: possibly changing to another hero (if you don’t like your old one anymore) and leveling up again (your action and energy points get refilled each time you level up, so you can farm/pvp/raid faster).

FixG – Sorry, I don’t speak that language.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Game Rules & FAQ

So far it’s been done to a few people, generally those who made bad choices early on in the game. (Aka: before level 40, so they haven’t affected the rest of the game through trade just yet).

Talk to Art in chat or send him a private message via kong.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Game Rules & FAQ

they enhance the stats of the unit you place them on. Specifics can be found on the wiki:

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Game Rules & FAQ

Silver relics can be purchased from the shop with real money.

Gold relics can only be won (top 5 in a raid) at this time.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

How to handle the current downtime?

As most of us have seen by now, the servers seem to be down. While that in itself is annoying, the fact that it is down mid-raid is even more so. (It went down while the boss was at 9% and people were all about to go in)

Now I know what I post here is not necessarily going to have any impact on the actual handling of this downtime, I feel like writing it out anyway… Maybe inspire the people that do make those decisions.

Basically the fact that the game is down, in and of itself requires no action (besides getting it back up again/preventing it from happening again). It’s a pain, but it’s a pain spread evenly as we all suffer as much. Some small compensation would be nice, but is not really necessary. (Word is that there have been a lot of DDOS attacks in the states, so this might be part, so no fault of artlogicgames… but placating the grumbling masses is always a good idea)

The main problem lies with the raid.

If it gets fixed shortly, I suppose the raid could continue as is, but it would be somewhat unfair to the euros/americans that will only find out it was fixed when they get back tomorrow morning.

If it gets fixed late tomorrow, those that are on-line at that moment will have massive benefits. An easy fix would be adding an extra day to the raid. The downside of this is the mess it’ll make of people’s planning, sleep deprivation and the fact that quite a few people will suddenly have 2 days where work gets in the way.

If it gets fixed after the raid is supposed to end, it could be argued that the pre-crash rankings could be considered final. While this is relatively fair, it would annoy those that planned to do a lot of raiding on Sunday (I’d been planning on this myself due to a lack of other things to do and having a strong anti wind team).

Possible fix: Increase the reward brackets so that people that were almost top 40, can’t complain that they’d make top 40 by the end.

Original brackets: 1-5, 6-15, 16-40, 41-200, 201-500, 501-2000, 2000+
Suggested brackets (small increase): 1-10, 11-20, 21-50, 51-250, 251-600, 601-2000, 2000+
Suggested brackets (large increase): 1-10, 11-30, 31-80, 81-400, 401-1000, 1001+ (so one less bracket in total)

This fix should be easy to implement (only change the rank/reward limits in the raids code before bringing the game fully online again).

Of course, what we really want is the game to start working again so we can all happily raid again.

My personal preferences: Fix now/fast, change nothing > Increase the brackets (if the fix takes to long) > End raid as it was before server broke > longer raid (no preference at all to be honest)

PS: for those that would argue that I’m trying to skew things in my favor, the increased brackets would leave me in the same bracket I’m currently in in both cases. Also some of the reasoning against raid lengthening is less my own, more things I’ve read in chat,

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Bug Report

Just so that everyone can see:

The server seems to be down at this moment and is not loading for anyone.

EDIT: now up again

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Topic: Epic War CCG / New Players help topic !!!

Health = HP amount of hit points a unit has.
Strength = Attack power, used for most basic attacks and a good amount of special attacks.
Magic = Alternate attack power, used for some basic attacks, some special attacks and all healing moves.
Endurance = Defense, determines amount of damage taken (formulas not clear, magic attacks seem to ignore some of it).
Agility = Speed, determines when a unit attacks and also is the stat used for some attacks (mostly by wind units).

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Game Rules & FAQ

You report it (bug report/pm artlogicgames) and don’t abuse it. Rules are against willfull abuse.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Corrupt-A-Wish

You get a multi-taste candy, unfortunately it’s also extremely poisonous.

I wish (intelligent and friendly) dragons were real.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / I cant sell some cards

Check the “Card” page on the wiki:

All cards that are tradable are currently marked with (T).

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

Due to massive amounts of resets during the last raid, we (the people in chat) are seeing a significant drop in the amount of available gold in the game. As this gold is also spent on absorbing and facilitating easier trade, this is not a good thing.

So here are a number of suggestions to improve the game.

Direction 1: Make reset less “necessary”, or otherwise less of a drain on the gold total in the game.

A) Have the basic reset cost 500k – 5k per level of your hero. Thus seriously reducing the price of the reset and thus the amount of gold leaving the game.

B) Make the basic reset available for free (maybe once per X, week?) to level 99 characters.

C) Give a level 99 character “virtual level ups”. For every 2k exp they gather their energy and actions points get filled up as if they leveled.

My personal preference goes out to option C (maybe in combination with A).

Direction 2: Introduce more gold into the game

A) Have the chests actually drop the 200 to 1000 gold, instead of always giving 200.

B) Add a small amount of gold to the daily rewards.

C) Have the raid rewards include some gold (also, progress the raid rewards beyond 50k raid points?)

D) Have the raid rank rewards (at the end of the raid) give some gold (25k for each who participated). This way it doesn’t immediatly get funneled into resets during the raid.

E) Have the sell option in “Formation” give slightly better amounts of gold. (Make it account for level, level cap and rarity) This would allow players to trade the least desirable cards into gold to fuel the economy.

My personal preference goes out to A, B, D and E.

Other suggestions: stuff that have been floating around the chat.

This was another discussion on the chat. Maybe add some sort of “daily spin/chest” to the daily reward to add some fun/extra gains to them. This can be rewards from small items (energy, ac, herbs) to cards and/or charms.

The nice thing about such a daily spin/chest is that you could increase certain chances for the people that login on concecutive days.

Anyhow, I hope I made sence with some of these aspects.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

Add to that other options, such as offering gold for cards (instead of always having to offer cards).

And maybe a search by “person offering the deal” and “card requested”.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Trade needs to be improved!

I’d like to see the option to offer relics and coins, as well as cards (currently you can only ask for those).

Beyond that an option to switch between and/or mode (in AND mode, all mentioned cards/relics/coins are needed, in OR mode only one of them)

EDIT: oh, and being able to go to page 108 without clicking the richt arrow 107 times would be nice (type in the desired page number? or add “go to last” or “skip 20” or something like that)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / 2013 Daily challenges

during the Halloween update a number of new vaults were unlocked… unfortunately, the Halloween update hasn’t been spotted yet here at Kongregate.

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Topic: Heroes of the Realm / Battle quests?

From my experience, you get the “complete at rank S” quest after beating the level for the first time.

If you beat it that first time with an S rank, it doesn’t count, so just beat the level (at the right difficulty) with an S rank or better again.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / temple of the monkey god combos!

Originally posted by SmiLeYs_SniPeR:
Originally posted by EyeOnAiman:

I don’t think its a good idea to have only 14 forum posts.
Then make a forum.

The amount of posts shouldn’t have anything to do with someone’s opinion.

agreed, however, this one is kinda without content… so… content:

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / I am back at the beginning!!!!

generally speaking refreshing will help. Check to see if the “floppy disc” logo is green in the top right corner (thats when it retrieves, and saves, data).

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Save File Location?

the game is saved on the ninja kiwi server (or kongregate’s, not sure).

so unless they up and die, you information is safe (and if they up and die, the game will be gone anyhow)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / What Towers Do You Use Most?

Monkey Engineer is a monkey tower in Bloons Tower Defense 5 Deluxe, Bloons Tower Defense Battles iOS and Bloons Tower Defense 5 iOS.

Not available here.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / $250 Special Buildings Field?

Annoying isn’t it, when you don’t notice the 2012 part at the announcement :)

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD5 event.

first off, wrong thread.

secondly, the word is within the week.

thirdly… invasnox… i want my kreds ;P