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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Monkey vs Kaine

moshi, that’s assuming that after the event his items won’t get put into the normal chests

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Summer Carnival 2015!

Short term solution seems to be refreshing. atleast i found a bunch of energy after that happened and i refreshed.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Wikia seeking new minion

I’m writing the manual at the moment.

The amount of programming skill required isn’t much more then what playing the game requires.

Basic tasks would be:

  • Creating the raid page on wikia
  • Creating the card pages on wikia (here categories matter)
  • Getting information from the code on the new cards
  • Going through a folder of images to find and rename the correct ones before uploading them to the wikia
  • Adding the links to the cards/images in the right spots (front page gallery, card page)

Some of these things can be done before the raid starts (usually), some of them (mostly the images) need to be done during the raid.

Other tasks could be:

  • Updating the overview pages
  • Creating/updating the specific area pages
  • Keeping an eye on what other people are doing and making sure it doesn’t all go to hell in a handbasket.

These last few tasks are more of a “when you feel like it/have the time/want to” type of task.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Wikia seeking new minion

(Or master, you’re call)

While I stopped playing quite some time ago, I’ve continued to update the wikia. Call it professional pride, obsessive compulsiveness or being nice.

However, as my attention and time slowly dwindle, it’s high time to get us a new admin over at the wikia.

So the question is: Who wants the job?

While some basic intelligence is required, actual knowledge of wikia’s is not absolutely required (I knew nothing about it when I started messing with it). I’ll teach you some basic tricks, some sneaky hacks and the location of all the stuff that other people already hacked for us.

Anyhow, let me know if you are interested (in this thread or via kongregate PM).

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Quit ?

Someone got up on the grumpy side of the bed?

That said, loaners do kinda mean easy wins. Sort of sad… but at the same time, atleast you can say you actually earned what you achieved.

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Topic: Bush Whacker 2 / Add Me Thread V3

High time i found a new long term time waster, add me 2 :)

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

Originally posted by SirPent1:
Originally posted by ShadowNemo:

nope, practically nothing left :D 3 gold pieces and some daily rewards.

Sniff, sniff Gold.
Wait? Squids can sniff now?

Apperently… however, too little, too late. Halvspak got all 3 of my gold pieces (and a 99 rudy and a silver sword) as a consolation prize.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Games And Giveaways 4

yay, crappy legends :D

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Games And Giveaways 4


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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

nope, practically nothing left :D 3 gold pieces and some daily rewards.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

And thus my give-away comes to an end. Zbusterz and Halvspak were the main “non claimers”. Which makes Xorion, sirpent and vertigo very happy i’m sure :)

Sirpent put up a common for 800AC
Vertigo put up a common for 221BC

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

Time for a last warning, I guess…. When I login tomorrow, i’ll be handing out the unclaimed stuff (if you wanna claim your thing and I’m not online, just put up a common, I check the trade section atleast once per 24 hours)

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

Still 6 people that haven’t claimed their stuff… you have 2 more days… after that, i’ll randomly hand stuff out :)

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

All mistakes or not my fault, I blame you guys, just so you know.

Quote: because I either accidentally or due to glitch ate my nightwish, and i’ve been striving to get the best raiding legends since the start and received none. …I’m damn sexy…
Result: put up 2 commons, 1 for lioness and 1 for nightwish.

Quote: damm nemo i hate quitting … mhh maybe i should spend nomore money here well but i like to raid further so u have to give me that 99 brongo ( if he ever will be tradeable) if not i take the BO …. greedy? well i am not so thats all xD except noone wants ur stuff than i take all
Result: because the special charms have been so rude to you, a re-do. put up 1 common for 334 event charms.

Quote: i would love some of the UC’s; it is one of the most exiting moments in the game, opening ten uc… and yoou still got the feeling you earned it, when sth good comes out
Result: put up a common for 12 ucs (and you better tell me what came out of em!)

Quote: -99 Bo (Beside is good for raid, is one of the leg that I really like the art on it…and think is one of the ones that I have been asking more) I will feed him good bamboo (no that crappy cheap one, im talking about the good ones) o the 99 Belph (just for raid point of view, been honest.
- and if it possible the gold helmet (I will like to put it in my Ash).
That it, as always I say, if i get any, I will try to keep them (actually i keep all my giveaway cards) and return in case that person change his mind (no, the helment i will not give it back, it go directly to cover ash face).
Result: put up a common for a bo and a gold helmet (we’ll see which one it’ll be)

Quote: Ash because i need some fire to burn some ass
Result: put up a common for my precious ashura,

Quote: …so to remember you by, I’d ask for the Underworld Crawler.
But if you give me any of your legendaries, I swear I’ll treasure it and brand it as “Nemo’s or Shadow’s” Thanks for making me want to stay in this game as long as I have, and thanks for possibly making me stay much longer hehe
Result: put 1 common up for the underworld crawler.

Quote: The card I’m looking for is the Red Slayer, simply because I like the art of it! Of course being a legendary card with bad arse stats helps too, but the art is awesome, and I always liked ninja/assassin style.
now to entertain you lol :
A British, an American and a sumo decided to jump of a highest building in the world for their country. The 1st was the British, and while jumping he screamed God save the queen! The American jumped and screamed God bless America!,and lastly the sumo jumped and screamed may the God bless the person I’m gonna land on! Bwahahha!
Result:put 1 common up for red slayer.

Quote: Reasons I want them: Because not only can I touch my tongue to my nose, but I can touch my tongue into my nose, serious talent like that deserves serious legends. :) Enough gold to reset until August. And really, how can you resist this pleading face Pic edited out – for reasons of being too cute (Kid’s mine so don’t need to sign a pic release).
Because my sister closed the door on my car with her butt too hard and left a perfect butt impression in it. And because I managed a practical joke getting 54 homeless men to give my boss a hug throughout the day.
Reasons to give: Because I look like Emerald in real life. Better than bat frog I guess. And I will be your protegee and take on the wiki.
Result: put up 1 common, for a belphegor. You’ll get the 99 brongos aswell, assuming it ever becomes tradable. (Also, vesp borrowed the 3mil i had set aside for you, please keep bugging him till he pays it back)

Quote: the armors, so i can make my left-line even more evil. (4x ID and an ockto will be left in line…. something good enough i can still quest/pvp/raid/tourny if i somehow decide to come back…. previously, i planned on silver armors. if i get your gold armors, two ID’s can be even more badass.)
Result: put up 1 common for 2 gold armours and 250 basic charms

Quote: You would help me with my 2 ambitions in this game: to get all obtainable units and finish all quests. I hope I convinced you to give me all I asked, or at least a part of it :)
Result: put up 2 commons. 1 for shadow slayer and 2 gold rings, and 1 for william. (and enjoy the khobit i gave earlier)

Quote: so i will only ask for the red slayer as my wind units suck horribly , and he’s the only one your not using right now. which gets me to the next part of this request, if it is at all possible i could really use him now as he blows away my birdie which is the best wind unit i have.
however if not picked for slayer i’d like to ask for one of those beautiful healers of yours , and maybe like a cool million in gold . both of those would also help me greatly in future raids, as i plan on staying till they shut the game down.
Result: put up a common for a granny and 1mil gold. (and enjoy the garuda – almost red slayer – you already got)

Quote: well what i’d like is all of them, but i’m more of a realist than that so i know i won’t get them all :P. BU the two legs i want most is the /50 elite leg and wormy. /50 leg i want because i have one already and want to finish mine
Why should you give them too me? Because you love me, right? :) lol. i know that i would take care of them if i had them and make sure that nothing happened to either . . .and also make sure they see plenty of use
Result: I guess it’ll be the long game for you and we wait till that /50 brongos becomes tradable. Oops, traded it for a 99 garuda… want that one instead?

Quote: I made my first legend, destroyer,with your help ;) So what ask. Something strong for the raid since I’m losing a top ally?
Result: put up a common for a lioness.

Quote: Zeg homey, doe mij alles maar en dan vooral die nieuwe raid legend^^ (roughly translated: I’ll take it all, but especially that new raid legend)
Result: put up a common for megadeath and 8 silver helms, 1 common for 7 silver rings and 10 BC and 1 common for 3 silver boots and 10 AC, and finally a common for 7 silver armours and 10 EC.

Quote: Greedy: Bo o Kitty o Belph
Why-me: Well, raiding leg. Also I would like something to keep as a momento.
Result: put up a common for a bo.

Quote: hi shadow. please give me the reaper so ican examine him if he is truly “birdie” in disguise :)
Result: put up a common for the doom reaper

Quote: 2 – I’m just trying to get one leg of each element, and have the others covered (other than void)
Result: unfortunately I’m out of wind legends, have 2 wind units instead. put 2 commons up, 1 for harpy princess and one for a shadow slayer.

Quote: I would say all of it… but that’d be crazy. So semi-realistic wishlist is […] why? For the same reason I want anything in this game I don’t have it. XD A mil or 2 in gold couldn’t hurt as well..
Result: put up a common. for a king kong and 1mil. when it becomes tradable you’ll get a rudolf aswell.

Quote: Because I am as much a cat lover as Vasht, if not more. Once I bought a phanter just to have a kitty in my wagon…
As for why giving it to me… […]. Besides that, I am an “old Lady”
Result: old cat ladies deserve cats… i spose… put up a common for a hellcat.

Quote: And then, there is Shadow Slayer, Khobit, KongZilla and the new Elites which my collectors heart is longing for.
Result: put up 2 commons. 1 for a shadow slayer and gold boots. 1 for a kongzilla and 300 AC. Assuming it ever becomes tradable, i’ll have a /75 elite epic for you aswell.

Quote: All this text I typed was just to say “Please, give me a Legend!”… Man, I’m an idiot!
Result: Put up a common for a thunder god.

Quote: I will use them to build houses for the poor and to assist frat dudes engaging in ritualized homoerotic explorations, but more realistically, I just want to them to get a chance to have a crazy uber team for a little while before I, too, pass them on to others.
(And that is by far the least awesome part of his message, but the rest was long… soo long… damned :p)
Result: Put up a common for a (/50) Belphegor

Quote: I will honor the Slayer as a memeory of you. I know I won’t get the card, and yes, I know People have much better reasons than I have to get Red Slayer, but will you please take my request into consideration?
Result: Unfortunately the slayer is already on its way out… instead, put up a common for 300 AC

Quote: Why I want it (be honest or at the very least funny) – Well thats gonna be longer :D My favourite game is Heroes 3 and this unit looks like a creature from there (The Royal Griffin) and Garuda is like armored version of him, its awesome, ill take a good care for him :P
Result: another “unfortunately its already gone”, you also get to put up a common for charms, 500 BC this time.

Quote: What would i like ; well i would like a lionless ;D i think thats the leasts i ask ,
why i want it? :cause we are friends ;D and i didnot give you mine when you wanted ;D idk
Result: Put up 3 commons. 1 for an azure and 18 bronze helmets. 1 for a domus and 22 iron rings. and 1 for a chimera and 1 silver boot.

Quote: dear mister nemo, i am a lazy sucker so i keep it short. give me all your gold when you quit or i hate u forever. i want to experience the feeling of beeing rich as nemo.
Result: put up a common for 3.1mil and 250 adv charms.

Quote: Not sure how much these messages can hold so lastly a joke. How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just Juan. And you thought it may be racist.
Result: put up 2 commons. 1 for 200bc and 1 for 800ac

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Corrupt-A-Wish

There is a new server, unfortunatly it only hosts the Armour Games version of the game.

I wish the game recieved a massive update.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

so far only 1 raid request, which would now be fullfilled (having hit level 40), however, since he’s currently offline. We’ll get to it soon.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Something vaguely interesting

Yea, vague topic title I know…

Anyhow, simply put, I’ll be quiting (playing, not chatting/wikia-ing) after this raid. As most of you’ll know, I have quite a bit of interesting stuff… Which now will need a new home.

Anyhow, Let’s start with an overview of what I have.


Note that 1 of the belphegor’s and 1 of the new elite legends are only /50. Also note that most have silver relics. Final note, the garuda, 1 bo and the hellcat have gold swords.


Note: not much to note here.


Note: got at least 20 more rares, but only my fancy 99 healer collection really matters, now doesn’t it?


Note: I’ll probably use 2 silver rings on the elite epics before give away time.


Note: Should add some more event charms before give away time.


Note: might change before then, but it gives a general (and nice) impression doesn’t it?

My plan is as follows. Each person gets to send me a single kong message ( Message me ) stating the following:
What they’d like (be as greedy as you like)
Why they want it (be honest or at the very least funny)
Why I should give it to them (be clear and convincing – honesty/logic/whatever need not apply… or maybe it does…)

Everyone gets to send a single message, I get to pick who gets what and why… and I reserve the right to ignore my own rules/ideas/games at any point :D

Enjoy and have fun… and more importantly, make sure you entertain me :D

Minor extra detail:
In general i’ll be accepting messages till this sunday (the 29th) before making up my mind after the raid… but if you want something for this raid… well… it never hurts to try does it? I’ll update this thread with who gets what.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Ponari For Sale!

hmmm… assuming i’ll have fun this raid (and thus not quit) i guess i might make an offer… be afraid… be very afraid ;)

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Games and Giveaways.


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Topic: Epic War CCG / Corrupt-A-Wish

You finish your dissertation, unfortunatly the topic is no longer relevant and you get to start over again with a new topic.

I wish my foot would stop hurting.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / New Players help topic !!!

So far the following charms can be found:
Basic and advanced (among other things from quests, daily rewards and pvp rewards)
Ultimate charms (occasionally from tournament and from some quests, usually -4 or -8 at 35-50k points)
Event charms (from fighting the raid boss, while it dies)
Special charms (bought using real money in the store)

All other charms are not yet in the game.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / New Players help topic !!!

Both. Units in your back row gain experience, even if they don’t fight (even dead units gain experience at the same rate).

Early on, high level units beat low level units (even if the low level unit is much better).

But except for certain pvp situations, having less then 10 units is not adviced (nor needed) ever.

So if you have multiples of a unit, absorb them, if you don’t, put em in the back row to gain exp (which they continue to do even when they’ve hit their level cap) untill you find another one of it.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Dates for Raids

According to talk (by Art) in chat, next raid should be next week, so 5th to 8th of Feb

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Suggestions

While I like the basic idea of your suggestion (though i’ve heard rumours – months ago – of a different stle of cave of trials), the numbers are horribly off. With those listed endurances even the most powerfull units, with a strong element, with a gold relic and the perfect attack would still do less then 100 damage per hit.

While at the same time each and every attack would be a 1-hit kill.

But the idea of fighting a single highly challenge boss (on your own, so not raid style) does sound like fun puzzling.

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Topic: Epic War CCG / Corrupt-A-Wish

You get another /50 bo and /50 bdx, unfortunatly they elope with the ones you already have and you are left with neither.

I wish i had a green balloon.