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Topic: Forum Games / [Post-game discussion] True Insanity

I’ll sign up as a replacement.

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Topic: Forum Games / Mafia (dead thread)

Yeah. A day should be around three IRL-days.

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Topic: Forum Games / Mafia (dead thread)

I agree with Lebossle. There has only been one night phase. Statistically speaking, it’s pretty unlikely any of the scum are known to them at this time.

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Topic: Forum Games / Role Swap, the psychology! Round 2, Phase 2

Gonna be honest here, kinda need to find the warriors. BOTH, in fact. Pretty sure other people do too. So, give me the name of the Red Warrior and I’ll give you the name of the Blue Warrior. As well as the rest of my information.

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Topic: Forum Games / Role Swap, the psychology! Round 2, Phase 2

Single male Trumpeter, seeking names of warriors.
Will give reward.

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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)

Good news, everyone!


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Topic: Forum Games / Mafia (dead thread)

Honestly, it’s day 1, and day 1 there is nothing to really base accusations on.

HOWEVER, Zip really seems like a townie to me. Just one that’s doing a good job of convincing people otherwise.

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 2-JUDGING PERIOD)

Here you go.

The Foundering

Part I: The Lament of a Young Girl
There was a girl who lived in town
Of quiet and noble breeding.
Her wit and beauty of renown
Were anything but fleeting.

One hundred years she lay awake
Yet she did not age a day.
She waited for one her heart would take
And who would then take her away.

Men came from all corners of the world
With gifts of silk and gold and jade.
However, for none a smile curled
Yet her beauty did not fade.

One hundred years men fought and served
And hundreds more by went.
Until the day a young boy heard
Of this maidens sad lament.

She longed for a man who would give her
Beauty, strength, and a world that was free.
She longed for a man with a fiery liver
She longed, thus, for the sea.

Part II: The Ingenuity of a Young Boy
One day a boy whose tongue was sewn
Took a fancy to the lass.
He spotted a tree a hundred feet grown
And thus it came to pass.

All day and night the young boy chopped
And cut wood with his axe
When the wood was done his axe was dropped
And traded for his adze.

Legends passed of a boy from Rome
With a shipmap carved on glyphs
And the boy himself, quite far from home
Had faded into myths.

With his racing knife he marked the wood
And cut it into shape.
And dragged the wood where he knew he should
A nice, secluded cape.

And fifty years did come and go
And the young man grew old
And then one day it was finished, and Lo!
The ship shimmered like gold.

Part III: The Transportation of the Ship
The ship tower’d over the weak old man
As a man towers over a flea.
And he pondered and pondered and formed a plan
To transport the boat cross the sea.

The task would have been easy
Were he not old and tired.
The sky was clear and the air was breezy
And thus he felt inspired.

With all his strength he pulled and tugged
To move the towering vessel
He pushed and heaved and groaned and lugged
The boat straight off it’s trestle.

He lifted the boat and moved towards the wave
And felt the burning muscles in his hands
When suddenly, something gave
And he tripped, falling onto the sands.

And he knew as he fell that second
The boat crushing his frail heart
That the pearly gates of Heav’n beckoned
And it was his time to depart.

Part IV: The Rediscovering of the Boat
One day a boy whose greed was immense
Came across a boat.
And a man struggling under its weight intense
Was grabbing at his throat.

The man, it seems, was born a mute
And couldn’t speak a word.
But even if his words took root
His last pangs would go unheard.

The boy had fallen in love with a maiden
Whose beauty increased with age.
And now, he found a boat quite laden
With gold and jade and diamond and sage.

He ran to her home and banged on the door
And called for the maiden to follow .
She saw the boat, built by a boy poor
And found it all hard to swallow.

He claimed that he had built the boat:
He’d created it from the land.
He received for his lies (here let it be wrote):
He’d won the maidens hand.

Part V: Summation

There was a girl who lived in town
Of quiet and noble breeding.
Her wit and beauty of renown
Were anything but fleeting.

And she inspired in many men a swagger from the hips,
She would have married a gentlemen who would gather wood and make ships

One day a boy whose tongue was sewn
Took a fancy to the lass.
He spotted a tree a hundred feet grown
And thus it came to pass.

He built a ship of beauty, of Arachnean skillfullness sewn
And yet despite all the mastery, his legacy would be unknown

The ship tower’d over the weak old man
As a man towers over a flea.
And he pondered and pondered and formed a plan
To transport the boat cross the sea.

He found himself untimely killed by his very creation
But his endeavors would eventually lead to another mans jubilation

One day a boy whose greed was immense
Came across a boat.
And a man struggling under its weight intense
Was grabbing at his throat.

The man expired by his own folly, not by Father Time or the Sword

And the man who stole his work, awaited his last Reward.

Epilogue: The Thiefs Last Reward

A year had passed, and the boy was thinking
About where his life had led.
He had a good wife, good home, but was drinking
To stave off the feeling of dread.

The maiden had loved him and cherished the boat
The present another had bred.
And it was this guilt that caused a lump in his throat
And left him sweating in bed.

And as he looked at his wall to a musket, a queer thought entered his head.
He picked up the musket, and with a brief pause, fired one shot into his head.

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Topic: Forum Games / Mafia (dead thread)

Walfordking has kind of a point, I guess? I mean, there really isn’t much of a point to vote on Day 1, aside from giving Town an advantage to even out the fact that the Mafia naturally have the advantage. Vote piiiing, so that the game doesn’t die.

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Topic: Forum Games / Role Swap, the psychology! Round 2, Phase 2

I told Zzzip information about the Citizen role, he asked me about it to confirm my Citizenship. HOWEVER, he did correctly state the bonus role.

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Topic: Forum Games / Role Swap, the psychology! Round 2, Phase 2

Er…what if we discussed our objectives? After all, we’ll succeed more as a group than we would as individuals.

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Topic: Forum Games / Mafia (dead thread)

Role confirm.

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Topic: Forum Games / Role Swap, the psychology! Round 2, Phase 2

Role Confirm.

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 2-JUDGING PERIOD)

Originally posted by MysteriousPanzer:

If you want, I’ll post the scores anyways.

Sure, why not?

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Topic: Forum Games / Role Swap, the psychology! Round 2, Phase 2


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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)

I think I joined the FGF around June of 2010. Checking back, the only person in my first game who I’ve seen lately is walfordking.

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Topic: Forum Games / Master Thread

Originally posted by TwistedCakez:

To lazy to search through and delete my post: but my birthday is April 21st…

My birthday is also on the 21st! Whoa.

Additionally, Sabin7 Presents: Majora’s Mask Mafia is now in sign-up phase.

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Topic: Forum Games / Attamaris (disrepecting this will be seen as terrorism)

Name: Reginald Asquith Dunberry
Appearance: Throughly British. And quite posh.
Background: One day, Reginald made a pact with the supernatural entities of this reality for the sake of metrosexuality. He didn’t care much for dealing with the nether guardians or anything like that. He just enjoyed looking fancier than God.
Elements: Tea, Clothing, Music
6x Fashion Sense
4x Musical Theatre/Dance (PhD)
3x Dorian Gray
2x Earl Gray (Tea)

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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)

All the roles ARE written out, and as more people sign I will reveal more and more about what each role does. After all, 32 is quite a large number.

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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)

List of Players!
1. occooa
3. Hyped
4. SuperCaliFragil
5. thenewampkit
6. sebba
7. hamuka
8. Zzzip50
9. T1M3_15_1337
10. thelolofdeath
11. thijsel
12. Lebossle
13. walfordking
14. helltank
15. coolo2011
16. TheIdiocyWizard

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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)


The Heros of Time
Link – Link, the Hero of Time, is on a quest to stop Majora! Link knows his allies well, and they protect him. He starts out with 100% invulnerability to night attacks, but his shields drop as each ally perishes.

Deku Mask – The Deku Mask is meek, and lacks presence. It has the ability to investigate one individual per night.

Goron Mask – The Goron Mask is fierce, and powerful. All effects used upon it will be rendered ineffective, and the effectors will be rendered unable to act during the next night.

Zora Mask -

Giant’s Mask – The Giant’s Mask is enormous in strength but requires great energy to continue, and may perform two nightkills on every odd night.

Fierce Deity – At the beginning of the game, this mask will do nothing. However, for each of its allies that perishes, it gains the ability of the ally as well as the ability to perform an additional nightkill.

The Neutral Masks

All Night Mask – This mask helps one stay up far later than is practical. Each night, the mask may watch two people, seeing who they acted on and who they were acted upon by.

Blast Mask – This mask is a functional bomb! If this mask is acted upon by another, it will explode, destroying both it and its effector.

Bremen Mask -

Bunny Mask -This mask allows one to move rapidly, like a rabbit. All actions towards this mask will not take effect until the next night phase.

Captain’s Hat -

Circus Leader’s Mask

Couple’s Mask -

Don Gero’s Mask

Garo’s Mask

Gibdo Mask

Great Fairy Mask

Kafei’s Mask – A mask given to the investigator searching for a particular missing child, at night the mask may investigate one person, and discover its’ identity.

Kamaro’s Mask – This mask is shaped like the face of one who perfected a dance. At night, this mask may distract another mask by dancing for it.

Keaton Mask – This mask bears the visage of a character popular in the kingdom of Hyrule! During the day, the masks vote for the lynchee holds twice as much weight as the vote of any other mask.

Mask of Scents – This mask can investigate a corpse, and discover the identity of all who acted upon it.

Mask of Truth – This mask sees the truth.

Postman’s Hat – The hat of the postman allows one to tamper with mail, switching two recipients’ mail with each others.

Romani Mask -

Stone Mask – The Stone Mask is quite innocuous. Quite. In fact, it is innocuous to the point that no actions during the night can affect it whatsoever.


Odolwa – Odolwa is a masked jungle warrior that resides in Woodfall Temple. If the Deku Mask is defeated, Odolwa has the ability to make an independent nightkill.

Goht – Goht is a masked mechanical goat that resides in Snowhead Temple. If the Goron Mask is defeared, Goht gains the ability to make an independent nightkill.

Gyorg – Gyorg is a masked fish that resides in Great Bay Temple. If the Zora Mask is defeated, Gyorg gains the ability to make an independent nightkill.

Twinmold – Twinmold is a masked insect that resides in Stone Tower Temple. If the Giant’s Mask is defeated, Twinmold gains the ability to make an independent nightkill.

Skull Kid – Skull Kid has the ability to either hinder one’s progress, or investigate them to find out their identity. Should Majora, who is controlling the Skull Kid, perish, the Skull Kid shall join with Link.

Majora -Majora’s Mask has the ability to make one nightkill per night.

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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)

In the land of Hyrule, there
echoes a legend. A legend held
dearly by the Royal Family that
tells of a boy…

A boy who,
after battling evil and saving
Hyrule, crept away from the land
that had made him a legend…

Done with the battles he once
waged across time, he embarked
on a journey. A secret and
personal journey…

A journey in search of a
beloved and invaluable friend…

A friend with whom he parted
ways when he finally fulfilled his
heroic destiny and took his place
among legends…

And after a great deal of time
he found that his previous battle,
long ago though it may seem…

Was merely the prelude
to an adventure fighting the evil
that lurks behind the masks
that all wear.

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Topic: Forum Games / Sabin7 Presents: Majora's Mask Mafia (Sign-Ups)


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Topic: Forum Games / Majora's Mask Mafia INTEREST CHECK

As the creator, I shall state my interest in the game. After all, just because you’re interested in it is no obligation to play it, correct?

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Topic: Forum Games / Storyteller Idol (ROUND 2-JUDGING PERIOD)

Anyway, here is my short story, entitled “The Dreamer”.

London, Ohio, despite sharing its name with a fairly reputable city in Europe, was under normal circumstances a fairly calm town. The people of the town rose with the morning sun, and were often in bed by the time the moon shone at night. However, today was special. A hush was over the town like a black veil. It seemed as if aside from the rustling of trees in the wind, the whole town was completely silent. It was the end of the summer season, and just as the children were prepared to go off to school once more and bid lazy summer afternoons goodbye, one of their own was taken from them.

The name of the student in question was Jacob Feathers, a would-be junior who had recently died in a tragic accident. Among the mourners were five of his classmates whom he often spoke with in the months prior to his death; Sybil Starkly, Colin Braddock, Rosco Weiss, Olivia Wilheim, and Taylor Herietza.

Some of them had considered Jacob to be a good friend of theirs for years; Some only a few weeks. However, the one thing all these people have in common is that they all spoke to Jacob near the time of his death. As the funeral procession marched onward, it began to dawn on the five of them that Jacob was gone, and would not be coming back.

“Jacob was a good man and a wonderful friend. It’s a shame that he was taken from us far before his time.”
“What happened to Jacob should not have happened. But, it did. We must move on. He…he would have wanted that, I think.”
“Jacob was…unique. He always carried himself with pride and dignity, and it seemed as if he was constantly pushing himself to new horizons.”
“I won’t lie; I didn’t know Jacob as well as everyone else here, but I can safely confirm that all these statements are true. ”
“Jacob is-he WAS-that is to say that…”

Taylor went on like this, sputtering like a dying engine. Olivia, Rosco, Colin, and Sybil escorted her outside, away from the atmosphere of the room. Away from her pain. Away from Jacob.

It was the first Saturday in June. School had just gotten out, and as such a throng of teenagers with too much time on their hands was released upon the town. For the seniors graduating this meant the end of an era as they moved on to college. For everyone else, this meant an engraved invitation to Rosco Weiss’s annual end-of-year party.

Rosco Weiss was a good student, but that wasn’t the main reason everyone knew him. Everyone knew him due to his reputation for throwing amazing parties. However, one had to have a certain reputation to earn an invitation to a party. These wasn’t a single person on the guest list who wasn’t involved with multiple groups within the school. The athletes, intellectuals, actors, singers, and class officers would attend the party. The loners, boozehounds and troublemakers would not. The first party Rosco held, though a success, was a huge failure by the standards of his later extravaganzas. Two-thirds of the school was invited for a party at Fairbanks Park. The net result of the party was a broken ankle, a couple hundred guests who were so drunk as to be incapacitated, and three black eyes. There was a prevented fourth black eye as well; An incident which introduced Rosco to his current girlfriend, Sybil Starkly. It was the results of this first party that led to Rosco being more selective of his guests.

Tonight, the party would be held at Canterville. Canterville was a local hotel that had a large ballroom, and a popular location for wedding receptions. Rosco received a tip-off from an anonymous Senior Class Officer that Canterville was the yet-to-be-announced location of next years prom. Always enjoying a practical joke, he borrowed small sums of cash from several friends so that he could afford the ballroom for this evenings party.

Jacob Feathers was putting the finishing touches on his choice of outfit for the night. He decided to go with something a bit flashy for this particular night; All white. An ivory ensemble that by comparison made it seem like he had spent a month in the sun preparing his skin for the party. After checking in the mirror making absolutely sure there wasn’t so much as a stray piece of dust on his blazer, he grabbed his car keys and walked out the door. His mother told him to be back before the sun rose. Even though Rosco rarely set an end time for his parties past midnight, the parties always seemed only to falter when the night did.

When Jacob arrived at Canterville, it was only 6:50. The party started at 7:00. He still strode in through the ebony doorway, because anyone that knows Rosco knows that he starts his parties nearly half an hour earlier than when he says they start. Coming just slightly early would be considered fashionably late. As he walked in, the first person greetings him was none other than Colin Braddock. Colin was a close friend, since he and Jacob were both involved in nearly every activity together. Choir, check. Student Government, check. Drama, check. Check, check, check.

“Jacob, it’s about time you arrived! Your date is waiting inside!”
“My date? So, it’s official then?”

The date Colin was referring to was Olivia Wilhelm, a sophomore. She was involved in numerous activities and would have immediately received an invitation, but when Rosco sent out the original guest list he forgot to include everyone with last names from W-Z. Even though he quickly rectified the error, the mere that he invited Olivia would, in the long run, cause Jacobs death. It was a fact which escaped the minds of everyone. Well, everyone except Rosco.

That evening would be fraught with worry. At the party, Taylor Herietza broke up with her boyfriend. She went to Jacob for consolation, as Jacob had held an unusually strong affection for her during the past year. Unfortunately, Jacob was busy with his date, Olivia. Instead, Taylor left miserable and alone, feeling betrayed by him. He called her from the bathroom after he noticed she had gone. He attempted to console her, but after an hour of listening to her weep and moan he had the sense that he had only worsened the issue.

Two months later. Drunk. Dreadful headache. Darkness. Nothingness. Calm. Rest. Relaxation. Wait, no. Warm. Hot. But, comfortable. Bright lights surrounded by darkness. Loud music. A party. Lots of people. Mostly people he recognizes. The party is outdoors. A pool is in the middle. He stands near the pool, chatting. During a lull in conversation, he sees Taylor. All alone. Angry? She points at him, fire in her eyes. Runs towards him, trying to knock him into the pool. He steps to the side, and she falls in headfirst. He takes off jacket and jumps in after her. Everyone else follows, without even changing into swimming clothes. It isn’t very deep. His toes touch the ground, but he’s barely in above his chest. She comes near him. Whispers in his ear. He hears her and her words, but he can’t understand them. What is she saying? What is she saying? Can’t understand her at all. Everything slows down. Music fades, light fades, even friends fade away. Into the darkness. The party is over now. He heads home. He passes over a bridge. The bridge is made of wood, and creaks as he walks across. Suddenly, a voice. Taylor. Calm. Composed. Not angry anymore. Walks towards him, briskly, brightly. She smiles at him. He smiles back. She starts to frown. She pushes him, gently, into the wooden siding of the bridge. He holds on to it, and lean back. He smiles. He hears a bending noise, a tearing noise. The wooden siding falls back. The ground is rushing up to meet him, and he isn’t smiling. Taylor is smiling. You can see her smiling. Snap. She looks sad. He can’t see her at this point, but he feels sad. He wanted her to be happy. Happy. Calm. Wet. Damp. Tired. Sleep. Sleep.