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Topic: Time World / Fallen Legends

dirtyer belongs on the list really, he’s not actually been playing properly in about 12 months.

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Topic: Time World / everybody hates tookie

Originally posted by Krazycat:

What’s wrong with him… I actually like tookie.

Can it get any more damning?

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Topic: Time World / Suggestion: Pillar raid slowdown

Yeah, I think I’d be in favour of your “open for 2 hours, do what you can” option. Still overly concentrates all the damage in the game into too small a space though, not much that can be done about that without changing the fundamental combat maths.

The snag here is that it would introduce more strategy in terms of budgeting AP for each pillar, which seems an undesirable aspect based on the way PM makes the rest of the game.

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Topic: Time World / Prices from auction

some people play on both servers, so don’t think you’ll be reputation free there.

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Topic: Time World / Missions

So all I need do is build a tavern 35 and I don’t have any more of those? I’ll do it in a couple of weeks, may as well get my SY41 first.

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Topic: Time World / Titles

Originally posted by stalliga888:

Mavalladan The Great

Modest to the end.

BrightSky The Clever

I think the ability to form a coherent sentence might fly in the face of this one. Or is it somewhat tongue in cheek?

Locass The Lethal

I don’t think anyone’s gonna argue with that…

But surely forgotten are:
KaRaal, The Fast
Waraxe, The Infiltrator
dirtyer, The Toker
Tookie, The OutKast
rainingred, The Drinker
hans, The Bloody Minded

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Topic: Time World / so uh

can somebody do a little text animation tumbleweed here?

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

you’re getting a good reward if you beat the next chapter. Royal box can be potentially worth far more than the energy/credits. Be thankful that you’re getting a box reward at all.

This…I didn’t have the box for getting P7 and finishing ch15. Did send PM a PM about it, but not acknowledged.

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Topic: Time World / Weapon Stats and Other Info -

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

You don’t have the production rates for 35 or 37?

ore mine costs aren’t predicted right. production numbers look OK, at least to 38

37 is 6336/ hour, 35 is 5104, if you really want them.

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Topic: Time World / Ch 8.5 collect..

ch1 took me well over 150AP. It was great. These xp wells run dry eventually…

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Topic: Time World / Ironic?

Originally posted by AlbertoV05:

Smoking makes your bird not work.

Maybe if it was just regular tobacco.

i’ve never noticed that

I bet you’ve occasionally felt the munchies…

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Topic: Time World / Weapon Stats and Other Info -

ore mine costs aren’t predicted right. production numbers look OK, at least to 38. PP production numbers don’t quite agree too.

35 6M creds 3M ore
37 6.8M/3.4M. Sure about this, and seems slightly anomalous.

35 makes 2320 costs 4.6M/4.6M
36 makes 2540 costs 4.9M/4.9M
37 makes 2880
38 makes 3190 costs 5.7M/5.7M

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Topic: Time World / Want to know what "Dodge" really mean?

donteric is reporting the same results, all misses each attempt on 7.2.
Guess this ought to go in bugs and glitches really.

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Topic: Time World / Ch 15 reinforce

Cooper, from experience i can tell that if you are up for a biggger bet, actually reinforcements should have misisle def/ laser def/ armor / defense AND you shouldn´t use MF, you should use 5 fighter fleets to kill as much as u can on first and second turn, then MF’s will take care of the rest. The reason u dont suppose biochem or carrotdefense is because by that time, you should already have destroyed more than half of enemy army.

Also, using this strategy will shoot the reinforcements first ofc.

Interestingly I’d tried this already. Well, 5 fighter stacks I can’t get to 125M, but had 3 or 4, no fort, 1 gimp. I noticed the AI was targeting the gimp before the reinforce forts, which wasn’t ideal. But there’s definitely reason behind your suggestion. I’m disappointed my best fighter hero can’t triple down one of his GFs alone, takes 4 hits to do it.

Does your MF always take all hits before your reins take any? If so I guess I could see laser def instead of missle def. Honestly, as long as you can convince your reinforcements to build a L25 carrot MF instead of a L40 missle/bio/laser, that’s more than enough help. :P

It’s my impression that roughly everyone who’s up to the task of reinforcing understands that carrot fort is the way to go. By and large, yes, my fort does take all first round hits, although sometimes I haven’t sufficiently softened up the 400MS stacks and dodge and repair fail to proc (repair is OK vs the missiles in round 1, unless they crit, with def up and armour too) and it dies before firing.

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Topic: Time World / Ch 15 reinforce

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

Carrots, Defense, Armor, Dodge, Missle Defense

I think you’ve misunderstood. That’s pretty much what I have on my fort, but I’m talking about the forts I’m borrowing from others that don’t get shot at first.

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Topic: Time World / Ch 15 reinforce

Now that I’m working on it, word seems to have gone round as to how to build a ch15 reinforce fort. Apparently you have to include basically all weapon specific defences. I want to get through the chapter with minimal grief, and I don’t think that’s the most effective. You don’t want me (and others) begging for your fabulous reinforce for the next couple of months either, so let’s pool some thinking.

By and large, my fort is tough (this hopefully applies to anyone attempting ch15), and always gets targeted first (at the usual 70% level). So I expect it to take roughly all the first round (all missiles) hits. So I wouldn’t bother with missile def on reinforce (naturally my fort has it). That said, it’s pretty rare for it to be alive after the second laser hit or so (I don’t usually bother with lasdef on my fort, since surviving missiles is rare, and I want armour and defence on it to try to ensure I do). So laser def is still useful on my reinforce. By the time we get to the 3rd round (biochem) I reckon I’m better off if you’ve already done 35% more damage to him## with att up, but the slot really depends on whether it’s worth you running dodge.

Delving further into the reasoning – why no missile def? If my fort dies to the first hit – well, it’s probable I’m not gonna win that time. Nobody expects 100% win rates here, do they@@? If there’s a big multi or two that hits your fort too, well probably not gonna win without most of my army that died to it either. So the normal 70% rule of he shot at my fort, and it has miss def, means you don’t need bother.

tl, dr? Here’s a suggested optimised reinforce build:
Attack up
Laser defence

and then either Biochem Defence or Dodge depending on whether you have hide or not

##PM game, so in all likelyhood it’s her
@@If you do, you should click Zewe’s links more often, apparently they often contain all sorts of bonus goodies. And I can sell you a skyhook if you like.

My thanks to everyone I’m going to borrow a fort from in the near future for reading.

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Topic: Time World / Official Policy on Alts

End of the line….money talks. PM is a business, and doesn’t shy away from it being known. How can you be surprised when we have action based on such events as this, or mutall bitching someone else was in line to beat him arena because they got more help from their galaxy than he did, or dirtyer denouncing the upgrade books as a sham unless there was a solid cap on them, being resolved in the direction of those that spend money?

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Topic: Time World / T7 in the house

I think the next few weeks will yield a number more, but right now, that’s a long time that Cleaner has been all alone with one. Well done Shoe for getting there.

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Topic: Time World / Progress Mission

tavern 35. Really want Drakken to reply.

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Topic: Time World / [removed]

Originally posted by Kushrenada:

I’ll explain zewe :).

1) I attack and win: … My Opponent loses an extra amount (not sure how this works but it varies around 5k to 30-40ish depending on how high is the army).

Losses are something like 1 hour’s production from all planets. No idea if this is modified by the usual modifiers .

2) I attack and lose : I get 50% oof the res of my ships destroyed back, my opponent gets 100% of his ships destroyed back + 50% of my ships destroyed as extra. No bonus gains, which means 0 ships lost on my side = all res stay the same.

Slightly unclear that defenders ships have no bearing on resource change here, as they are 100% repaired. Just confusing when you mention it in the same sentence with the resources for the attackers ships.

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Topic: Time World / TW as a smoking cessation aid

Originally posted by Upgrayeddd:

I wish I could do that with the money I spend on alcohol, but that is going towards summer classes.

I’m thinking I might be able to justify spending all the money I don’t spend on TW already on beer instead. I’m pretty sure my quality of life would definitely benefit.

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Topic: Time World / So I just left g1 for g1171

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

-1 farm :(

^ this

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Topic: Time World / predictions on new content

Originally posted by EvilGM:

I don’t quite follow your logic that by introducing new content he will make older content more difficult…

Don’t feed the troll.

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Topic: Time World / Prices from auction

Skill books are fairly volatile, but typical I’d say are:
Engineer – 1.5-4M
Scientist – 1-4M
Repair – ~12M
Triple – 60M+
Multi – 65M+
Dodge – 40M+
Speed – 2-4M
Hit – 1.5-3M

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Topic: Time World / Daily quest "Playing with friends"

Shanks is pretty familiar with this, you could ask him…