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Topic: Time World / Purple spirits announcements - please!

I like the banner for seeing who got a gold whatever and purple items from mall. But the time for announcing blue heroes and items is long gone, and purple spirits are just as common really.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

I’ve logged in many times, and restarted web browser entirely, but no new quests. Can’t even click the empty button to get anything.

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Topic: Time World / Galaxy Recruitment

Originally posted by Krazycat:
Originally posted by docauntry:

G12 is now recruiting!

We are looking for active players who have already obtained their MF’s (we don’t have good diplos for beginners, unfortunately). If you want to have some fun playing this game and get to meet some cool people, just apply to any of the vices.

You will not be shunned for tapping pillars until you have obtained your p6 (although we wouldn’t mind if you did real hits ;) ), and then the only rule that we have concerning pillars is: No tapping! If you’re there for a tap, you’re there for a hit.

Where do you apply?

You should send your application by email to

All others – as Xp says…

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Topic: Time World / official tw-kong selfie thread

Actual selfie for once.


Topic: Time World / official tw-kong selfie thread

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Topic: Time World / official tw-kong selfie thread

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Topic: Time World / Worse then flashy banners

jomaki, I advise you to go find a Mu planet with emp 25-35, and notice that it has 2 pairs of little frog eyes that blink repetitively. But the frogs aren’t on the emps above L24. And then see if you can sleep at night.

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Topic: Time World / The proper way of quitting TW

Could’ve at least dreamcrushed someone on a random skill book in auction with those 100M creds though…

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Topic: Time World / Weapon Stats and Other Info -

emp 39: 6,800,000 4,500,000 6,400,000 43,000,000
emp 38: 6,200,000 3,600,000 5,650,000 40,000,000

emp 33: 4,500,000 2,500,000 3,300,000 25,000,000

Italic values wrong, bold confirmed. emp 38 finished so can’t see the resources for it. Anyone know what these def values actually mean?

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Topic: Time World / Daily Spin

Missed a day last Jan, was well over 400. Now well over 450 again.

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Topic: Time World / is this a high score

To do this was the only reason I could ever see to allow kc into G12. Zewe – da man.

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Topic: Time World / What's with Nvils Butthurt?

Originally posted by Zewe:

one time someone invited me and sassy to the same metal gem raid
and he’s worthless shit so we kept losing on the boss
and after enough bitching at him he finally powered up
and i unreadied and went to 333
and loaded his solar system
and as soon as it ended

I did similar to G333…suggested chilly and Jen match someone easy in G2 for pillar. Just happened that was in my range…

I rarely bother putting fighters on, since I don’t find it changes my results vs anyone I get hit by, and I just lose a load of my shipyard to them. I got my first recent win vs hate’s MS setup today, was previously 0/2, while when he’s had fighters I’ve been something like 7/7.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Wondered where my MF went.
Nancy had a ch10 fort go missing.

While you’re at it, could you restore my ch 16 gift box that went missing at some stage?

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Topic: Time World / Resources

And mine at (just) at 390080
ore is 250000, energy 122160

Nielsen smashes these. 14 Apr numbers I had were 417400/359000/144200

I usually don’t sell ore, but it’s spiked up to 85M at the moment (no CCs building this week, basically)

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Topic: Time World / Most requested...

Originally posted by Zewe:

11) more dinos

I had meant to include that!

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Topic: Time World / Most requested...

PM said “We also gather a tentative list of popular and important suggestions from this thread”, in the Feedback and suggestions. But I figure maybe we should make it easy for them, and compile our own list.

Note that we’re looking for things that are popularly requested, not that you have your own personal quest to get changed. So we don’t care about the RNG used, B3B, and we certainly don’t care about you wanting coupons, krazycat.

So here’s my initial shortlist, others will be added and results compiled as warranted:

1) Auto sell green items from gem raids/chests. Ideally a toggle button somewhere in inventory.
2) easier switching between different army setups. Army profiles, maybe, just a remove ships button. Whatever, it needs work.
3) Some way of preventing pillar bunching
4) Hero power should evaluate hero skills
5) Remove 5 min speed up card or tie it to chapter level. Make it a 5% speed up card, maybe.
6) Remove password protection on galaxies nobody has been active in in more than a month
7) “All” button on the hero page assigning skill points to war…
8) Make it possible to easily switch MF/GF without dropping reinforce, and from army window.
9) Ability to turn off the “will reduce the number of ships your hero” message
10) and the “Assignment successful” and “Invite Sent!” ones, the latter could just be switched to a tickbox on the invite page.

cast your votes, offer up some other popular suggestions.

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Topic: Time World / Revolution of Technology

Right next to nvil in the red.

Originally posted by Gremmerz:Third row from top second pic from left = Mava
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Topic: Time World / Fallen Legends

dirtyer belongs on the list really, he’s not actually been playing properly in about 12 months.

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Topic: Time World / everybody hates tookie

Originally posted by Krazycat:

What’s wrong with him… I actually like tookie.

Can it get any more damning?

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Topic: Time World / Suggestion: Pillar raid slowdown

Yeah, I think I’d be in favour of your “open for 2 hours, do what you can” option. Still overly concentrates all the damage in the game into too small a space though, not much that can be done about that without changing the fundamental combat maths.

The snag here is that it would introduce more strategy in terms of budgeting AP for each pillar, which seems an undesirable aspect based on the way PM makes the rest of the game.

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Topic: Time World / Prices from auction

some people play on both servers, so don’t think you’ll be reputation free there.

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Topic: Time World / Missions

So all I need do is build a tavern 35 and I don’t have any more of those? I’ll do it in a couple of weeks, may as well get my SY41 first.

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Topic: Time World / Titles

Originally posted by stalliga888:

Mavalladan The Great

Modest to the end.

BrightSky The Clever

I think the ability to form a coherent sentence might fly in the face of this one. Or is it somewhat tongue in cheek?

Locass The Lethal

I don’t think anyone’s gonna argue with that…

But surely forgotten are:
KaRaal, The Fast
Waraxe, The Infiltrator
dirtyer, The Toker
Tookie, The OutKast
rainingred, The Drinker
hans, The Bloody Minded

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Topic: Time World / so uh

can somebody do a little text animation tumbleweed here?

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

you’re getting a good reward if you beat the next chapter. Royal box can be potentially worth far more than the energy/credits. Be thankful that you’re getting a box reward at all.

This…I didn’t have the box for getting P7 and finishing ch15. Did send PM a PM about it, but not acknowledged.