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Hey everyone

I’m currently a student at Shepherd University in West Virginia, and for my final project in my communication and new media class I’m writing a report on a career field I have an interest in. If you haven’t guessed since I’m posting in this forum, it’s a career in game design. One of the requirements of this is that I get an interview with someone who works as a designer, big or small time, and ask them questions relating to the career field and how technology and media have affected it.

If anyone would be willing to help me out, the interview can be done by email, and I won’t have many questions. The only other thing I will need is a picture and a short 150ish word bio about yourself/work as a designer.

If you’re interested you can email me at

Thanks for reading this and if you’re unable/don’t want to help then if you could bump this post I’d greatly appreciate it!