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Topic: Kongregate / I cant stand hiding this anymore (the TRUTH about the lack of badges)

I thought it was more than that.

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Topic: Kongregate / I cant stand hiding this anymore (the TRUTH about the lack of badges)

Making claims like this Roller without evidence is insignificant and meaningless. If you’re unhappy about Kong + then make it clear you’re arguing that instead of making unsupported claims.

Kong + is expensive so there should be many and more benefits.

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Topic: Kongregate / Some questions

Don’t forget to add tags to any games that you find.

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Topic: Kongregate / Where are the donations buttons?

I remember many years ago, before this overhaul, three pictures of black money bags being somewhere on the right side of the page when a game is loaded (underneath chat). These had three different amounts of kreds that you could donate to the game developer? Where have these important donation links gone?

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Topic: Kongregate / Games in progress?

I recommend favouriting games which you want to come back to for achievements.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate WHAT happened....

Kongregate still has many great games that aren’t pay 2 win and grindfests. The simple issue is that Kongregate promotes these types of games because they make money for the site.

There are many games just like the ones you are looking for but you need to look where they aren’t being promoted, such as the “new” section.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate WHAT happened....

I remember Kongregate being a game only alternative to Newgrounds.

This is clearly not the case anymore. There is no communication and inspiration from Kongregate. It’s a site where I merely look for games and that’s it, it serves no other significant purpose. Don’t argue the forums and chat rooms serve as a community because they don’t, a community is where everybody gets together and has the same ideals and same motivations. Without larger chatrooms and without a leadership of ideals, Kongregate will never compete to inspire us to the level of Armor Games and Newgrounds.

I actually don’t totally blame gamestop for this. Although I think they misunderstood the community, I blame the original Kongregate staff for not communicating a long term strategy that focused on keeping regulars and encouraging new regulars.

And what upsets me most of all is that I don’t see enough games getting enough attention on Kongregate. Too many games slip by and are not heard from again, it isn’t rewarding hard working flash game makers and it could eventually stop altogether on this site.

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Topic: Kongregate / get rid of bad troll games!!!

A lot of games are being copied and modified. It’s getting extremely hard to recognise original content.

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Topic: Kongregate / Increase The Badge Limit For Games

Originally posted by Thok:
Originally posted by BoxBeat:

Because what the OP wants is totally 5 badges for every single game.

It’s unclear the OP has any specific games in mind, which is enough reason to reject it. Seriously, if you want five badges on games, you better be prepared to list the games you want additional badges on.

Kongregate has the potential to create more badges for games that deserve more badges.

We could follow Newgrounds’s example by making a badge for every achievement in the game, or more realistically include a badge for completing all achievements.

Examples of these could be notebook wars – there’s no reason to replay the levels for all the stars – it’s an straightforward badge.

Same principles apply to games…

IntoSpace – badge for all achievements.
Reactance 1 & 2 – all achievements.
Reachin Peachin – a a
Super Energy Apocolypse – All Campaign Cleared on Hard Mode
Pixelvader – all achievements
Enigmata – all achievements

The general principle of badges is that they reward users for completing a game 100%. Most medium achievement badges are completed naturally as you finish the game on a quick runthrough.

Simply put, my argument is that kongregate badges need to cover 100% of the game, otherwise why go exclusively with Kongregate when Newgrounds will make badges for every part of your game ( therefore taking longer to complete and getting more revenue per player ).

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Topic: Elements / Slot Machine Spin

In addition, matching any of the first two symbols will award a stackable five electrum bonus.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rage and Enrage.

I am raged.
I am enraged.

The difference now?

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Topic: Off-topic / Rage and Enrage.

What is the difference between the meanings of these two words?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Defining British

I’m British, however I am unsure what this means.

Does the definition of British simply mean being born within the perimeter of Britain’s international boarders, or does being British entail having specific genetics codes?

When I enrolled onto College many moons ago I ticked a box saying I was White British. What does that mean?

The main focus is determining whether the outside appearance determines your nationality, or alternatively your birthplace, or both.

If a white foreign citizen, who is 100% of that nationality with no other primary foreign genetics applied to live in the UK, then ten years later signs a census or enrollment form, would it be correct to fill in White British or White (Country of Birth)?

Because the exact same foreign person could have been born with the exact same genetics anywhere in the world, that is why western society is losing control over what their genetical nationality is.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Cell Phone Radiation.

Let’s discuss cell phone radiation. The dangers, the myths, etc. I have presented a piece from GQ that is well written for you to enjoy, then to come back and discuss. Cell Phone Radiation is a serious thing. Radiation is as well!

Since a lot of discussions have been made on the subject of mobile phones I would like to reintegrate this topic back into present focus.

How can we actually prove, scientifically, that radiation is the biological cause and effect of tumours, especially considering the huge variety of energy waves that one is always susceptible to? Are all these teenagers using phones in their school and are at risk of ‘serious’ illness directly from cell phone radiation? Or is it really the more common issues like diet, smoking, drugs or ethnicity that explains the real threats?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should cellphones be allowed in school?

This is a ridiculous question, or course it should be.

The option for communication is vital.

However they should consider banning “smart-phones” as they are used more as a multi-adaptive online entertainment system than a walkie talkie.

They should develop a system within phones that allows calls of a certain priority. Therefore the endless ringing of phones from random advertising companies or annoying ‘friends’ would cease, and only priority calls from close family members would be permitted.

And texting should be disallowed, it causes the same level of personal distraction as passing notes around the room.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Porn, negative or positive?

Originally posted by Revi_M_Fadli:

How do you think about porn?Is it good?Is it bad?Post your reason why

The biological effects of ‘porn’ can help alleviate stress and loneliness.

But I would be absolutely fascinated for their to be a cross cultural study on this. Porn is a serious part of many cultures, especially in Japan, where it has become a real market for animated developments and fiction. Religion often strictly forbids porn and is one of the underlying connections to some of the most unfounded sexist perspectives in religious worship.

Also most pornography seems to be male streamed. If you were to commit yourself to an online web search, nearly all the results promote females as the sexual targets.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / David Cameron

I’m more interested in the liberal democrats at the moment. They’ve sort of given their party away to the leadership of David Cameron, and if they start causing political dispute then it will be their fault for any premature elections.

David Cameron also appears to look slightly lightweight sometimes. I’m convinced that, like Tony Blair, he may become susceptible to the pressures emitted by his own party. I’m also concerned that he will continue to waste resources in refusing to withdraw British troops from Iraq and I doubt he can maintain an independent stand against Obama.

What do you think David Cameron could bring to us?

Cuts will be necessary, but can he target those cuts to where ‘real gains’ can be made to pay back the huge deficit without ‘real risks’.

Things like obesity, fraud, immigration… by actually investing money effectively into tackling these issues you would get a massive return over a long period.

It’s all been words, but I hope we’ll remember him for being a superb prime minster.

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Moderator Topic

It’s impossible to define or measure the categories for evaluating moderators.

The best moderator could be the one with the most silences/bans, but who are to say that they have the highest ‘fair bans’ ratio?

If you are referring to the actual social understanding of the moderator, then that separates into each individual’s perspective.

I suppose the only method of choosing the best moderator is to look at when they received their moderator status and how active they are.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Serious Discussion I: Cutting Down Trees

You’re asking questions that require significant scientific exploration and measurement. However I am assuming that cutting down rain forests is in fact having a major effect on the world. Trees are the most ordinary source of Co2 absorption and they produce oxygen which replaces it.

Naturally we can produce as much Co2 as we want, provided that there is a way for the diffused atoms to be reabsorbed in a useful way.

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Topic: Kongregate / Demotivation and Negativity.

I’ve been a Kongregate user for nearly a year now. One thing I love about this site is that there are small games tailored to whatever mood I am in, whether that be for mindless sophisticated violence or calming elegant strategy.

I also dedicate a lot of my time, out of enjoyment, criticising users and encouraging them to improve their work with maximum positivity.

However over the last few months I’m noticing a huge amount of negativity coming from all users in regards to comments on a variety of high scoring games.

Most of these comments seem to ignore the actual key aspects of the game, and instead persist in ranting on about kreds and unlockable content.

It also annoys me that very few users seem to acknowledge the necessity for some of these companies to charge for additional content. Likewise it frustrates me that there is a huge lack of gratefulness in regards to what has been produced free.

Take the current Prince of Persia challenge as an example. There is literally no positivity what so ever in the leading comments which is hugely surprising, especially considering they were composed by moderators. Just because we don’t like the game, or find small glitches or flaws doesn’t mean we can ignore playability, functionality and enjoyment of what is present in the game.

However I do not want to mindlessly ramble on about what I think. As a reviewer of over one hundred art pieces and over thirty games I want your opinions as to what exactly you expect from authors and, more importantly, how can Kongregate users help authors like you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Free Editable Encyclopedia

I find Wikipedia quite useful but never one hundred percent reliable. The thing is that it looks “cool” to post accurate information, so there is nothing “cool” to be gained from vandalism.

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Topic: Kongregate / (Stats/Leaderboard) How many Fans/Cards do you have?

It’s interesting that you’ve brought this up, however I fail to see how we can separate the real fans from the fame lusted fans. Are we going to take into account exposure, or account status?

Of course mods and kong staff are going to get fans, but most don’t even introduce themselves or return the add because they know that it doesn’t really matter. Also I reckon that users that become their fan conform to the norm and add without knowing a single bit of personal detail about them.

Moreover the one with the most fans does not mean that he/she is the most popular User, it just means that the user has received, probably indiscriminately, the most friend invites.

In terms of cards this is more sensible. The User with the most cards clearly is committed to the site and, provided he/she spends a sensible amount of time on it, deserves accreditation. With new cards that are sure to be winnable from challenges they will have to keep in touch in order to keep their place.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version - Messaging Edition (CR 2010.04.21)

I have to open the comments on a DIFFERENT tab to see what people are saying about it.

I’ve seen them update at regular intervals. I’ve given some comments a plus mark and now “4 Differences” and “Platform Racing 2” have top comments on the game page. Also “Elements” and “Sonny 2” should be updating now.

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Topic: Kongregate / A Request to All Users.

Yes there will be many people who will abuse the system.

What is important is to focus on the real comments, and the real Users who genuinely comment well {review and explain their opinions fully}, and remembering to give them a plus – even if we don’t agree with their views.

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Topic: Kongregate / A Request to All Users.

…posts that basically say the game is poor even though there is plenty advice in there.

It’s important to be positive, however comments that do offer significant negative criticism – with suggestions for improvement – should certainly be given a plus.