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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Totally not a hate thread

I’m sure there are other ways to report this than to start a thread about the player :-) locking thread

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Auto-hidden forum messages

I think I’ve got a fix for you, AEONFLX

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Topic: Kongregate / I hae ran into a promblem

For anything purchase related you should email

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Topic: Kongregate / [Live Event] Kongregate Live with Tony Lavelle! (date updated: 3/6/15)

The Live Event will be today! There’s still time to post questions here, or you can show up at the event by clicking the link in the first post!

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Topic: Technical Support / hacker

Locking thread as this doesn’t belong here. Most large, multiplayer games have forums with stickied threads that explain how to contact their support team and what to do if you suspect someone is cheating in a game.

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Topic: Off-topic / Take Your Canvas Bags to the Supermarket.

Aww, you reminded me of billyfred :-)

Many people have stick figure avatars, but I imagine billyfred as a stick figure in real life, and probably always will.

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Topic: The Arts / Represent Yourself! [multimedia self portrait thread]

Originally posted by donseptico:

Ok… so here’s something a little metaphorical:

edit: i’m getting annoyed with dropbox :/

Sorry you’re having trouble there—try uploading to an image site, maybe? I’m not quite sure what you’re trying to upload.

On the other hand, what I got to by clicking that link is pretty cool idea for an ironic self-portrait….“404 — We can’t find what you’re looking for” Yeah, that’s me, too.

And pete, I’ve always liked that picture. Seeing the snapshot and learning the story behind it is great. Thanks for that.

And I know I should have posted something by now…I was going to do a stick figure and set the bar comfortably low, but I haven’t even managed that yet.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The future of Kong's forums?

Sorry for losing track of things around here.

don is defintely sharing these ideas with us, and though we don’t give him the timely feedback that would be most helpful, we will definitely look at it in time. If any particularly worthy ideas arise, we’ll point them out to them.

And using alts to cause disruption or confusion that you might not be able to cause if people knew who you were will get lots of posts hidden and often get some of your accounts banned.

And I think most of us realize that when someone says “Yes, I’m calling you an asshole, I’m an asshole, too.” it can be taken many ways, and the person who it applies to can decide how strongly they feel about it and flag the post if they object. I personally don’t mind if someone insults me mildly and adds “and I say the same thing about myself.” At any rate, I think don or I would tell people to stop letting the personal argument derail the topic even if karma were here participating, and it’s even sillier to do so when they aren’t.

On the question “how do we prevent casual conversations from turning personal?”…

I think that’s a major problem in forums like this. People in a forum like this have a personal history with each other, and it’s a complicated one. One person may still have pretty strong feelings about something 2 or 3 other people wrote last summer. They may still feel misunderstood. The outlet we have for working these things out is through pm’s, but that doesn’t always satisfy, especially when the strong feelings are about things that have happened in a thread that involved numerous people. Unfortunately, what I have seen happen here and in other forums is that people bring up these things in the middle of other discussions, and it becomes the new topic. I’m not sure I have a good answer for this tension.

It really does make discussion more challenging, especially for newer people who weren’t there last fall’s blowup over some issue, which was partly about the issue and partly about an argument that happened the summer before that and the accusation that User A is always unnecessarily condescending (according to users B, C, & D), which claim is greeted with “See, this is what B & C always do, first you two ramble on in some free association mishmash of whatever pops into your head after reading another post, without any research or actually knowledge to back up your idea nor even one well articulated thought in your two pages of barely coherent text, and when someone points out that you haven’t actually said anything significant, you cry out that you are being insulted or harassed. Stop being such idiots all the time, and you won’t get insulted as much. And by the way, punctuation is a thing. Use it.”

At this point, the topic has become “Which user makes the forums suck the more.” There’s no sign of the original topic and the thread becomes too much work to try and moderate.

I think that basically, the users who want to improve the forum experience need to consider the effect of their posts on a particular thread and on the forum in general. A major question to ask is whether you are actually posting in response to the topic of the thread. If you aren’t, or if you kind of are talking about the topic, but you’re also throwing a few digs based on past history in, then edit before posting or don’t post yet. At that point can be useful to take some time to think of whether you have something to say that would be useful to say in some other place, like a separate thread in which you articulate it in a way anyone can understand and that focuses on the principle that’s important to you, not the particular thing that annoys you about one other person. Other times, a satisfactory resolution to your frustration is unlikely (especially if you’ve been over this with the other person many times), and realizing this and finding a way to deal with it on your own.

It’s true that we can’t rely on everyone in the forum to do this. Some people like things dramatic and will consciously or unconsciously seek to bring out the inner hotheaded ranting maniac that exists within many of us. But I also believe that if you refuse to contribute to those personal disputes that derail threads, they simply don’t get as far. In fact, if people instead go back to what was being discussed before it got personal, that can bring everyone back to the ideas involved instead of the attacks.

And don, I’m still thinking about a lot of your ideas. Since I’m an admin, I’m reluctant to make statements on it that I’m not pretty confidant about, because they often get taken more seriously than they should be and continue to get quoted as “what the admins think” long after I realized that my initial response was kind of stupid or more frequently, it was an honest reaction but something we would never do for reasons I didn’t know about at the time (very often this translates as "that would take a whole lot of site developer/programming time that we can’t spare any time in the foreseeable future).

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Topic: Technical Support / Delete My User ID. Cancel My membership

To have your Kongregate account permanently banned, email your request to or use the “contact us” link at the bottom of any Kongregate page.

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Topic: Off-topic / pokerpos mlg mooseum inb4thelock

If people offer their photos to be used, you can use them. If they haven’t offered them, or if it’s known that they don’t welcome this use of their photos, then you shouldn’t be posting them. I will hide such photos when flagged (or I notice them) in any forum.

I do like the thread overall, and I believe Fancy Pants man is generally a pretty laid back guy who isn’t likely to object to this treatment.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is using an Autoclicker cheating?

That’s a pretty cool way to go about it, Fritz_b :-)

You might also find that an idle build suits your needs pretty well once you get to a certain point.

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics: Guilds / Kongregate guild

I’ll be moving this thread to the single Lionheart Tactics Forum. You should make clear in your post that this is a guild on Lionheart Tactics Web to prevent confusion. Good luck with your guild!

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Topic: Lionheart Tactics Web / This Forum will soon be closed. Post in Lionheart Tactics instead.

We’ll be closing this forum soon, so please don’t post here, post

We’ll be moving some threads over from here to there after this forum closes.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Topic: Curio Quest / Official Referral Code Thread


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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / New Game Better then tdp4

I think the points that explain why I’m locking this have been made in the thread. I’ll also add that we’re even stricter in specific game forums. There are many places you can talk about the game you’ve uploaded to Kongregate, for example, but promoting it the thread for another game would not be one of them :-)

This forum is for discussing TDP4 and for building the TDP4 community not for trying to move users to a game by different developers.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Metadiscussion On "Serious Discussion": A Comprehensive Analysis of Its Components and Purpose

@Nokkenbuer—I apologize if I wasn’t clear enough in my first response that I really appreciate your post and this thread. My comments about you criticizing me and the other mods and disagreeing with many of your conclusions is actually my opinion, but I made the comment in a tongue in cheek way. My first response was a more formal way of saying, “OMG, I think you just called me a reactionary bitch who inhibits free discussion and you did it so well that I loved every moment of it!”—-So, seriously, I always thought it was great. I read the conclusion as something like “Is this really worth doing at all? No!” which I would disagree with, however, you got at some actual truths in each paragraph.

In addition, I think most of us appreciate intelligent humor, which was well exhibited there. And even though the ability think about things seriously and argue critically with others are positive traits, most of us who possess them would do well to laugh at ourselves more often.

Want to add a paragraph that takes on the tendency of some good threads to turn into the last couple of pages of this thread? ;-P

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Topic: Kongregate / Cuteness Overload quest! link not work

@Gastone—I looked at your awards, and you got the “Kongpanion Catcher” shiny, which means you already earned all the Kongpanions from our first year. Congratulations! As Dragu89 said, you can’t choose one because you already have earned all the available ones.

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Topic: Off-topic / Count until a mod locks

Sorry, but an admin is locking before a mod could get here.

I’ve…locked worse threads today, as have the mods, but this isn’t really a topic :-)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Metadiscussion On "Serious Discussion": A Comprehensive Analysis of Its Components and Purpose

Nokkenbuer, you’ve mischaracterized and insulted me and some hardworking colleagues and friends. I disagree, at least in part, with many of your conclusions.

I also haven’t enjoyed a forum post this much in quite awhile. I admire your eloquence. And, unlike too many of our long forums posts with lots of big words, a google search on a random paragraph did not yield any results. Good job.

This despotic SJW admin isn’t wearing a fedora to tip, but I raise my coffee mug to you.

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Topic: The Arts / Singing/Songwriting

Thanks for the update. I’m off to play a game, but I’ll have a listen tomorrow.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What are the risks-benefits involved w/ online exposure of one's own personal-professional life?

I completely agree with the degree of exposure that one is comfortable with/can responsibly allow depends on many factors. I remember as a Girls Scout leader that a girl in my troop who was a foster child was not allowed to be in any photos because her birth family was not supposed to know where she was living. In Girl Scouts photo releases for the GSA website and newsletters are given out at the beginning of each year, so the assumption is that every registered scout will have a signed photo release on file. It was something her mother or I would have to quietly tell any organizers and picture takers at any large event we attended.

For those comfortable with revealing more, I do think there can certainly be benefits to having fewer secrets. For some people, part of the appeal of targeting someone online is proving they can find out all the information in the first place, and being able to say “Yep, not exactly rocket science to find out my info.” can make you a little less fun for them to mess with.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What are the risks-benefits involved w/ online exposure of one's own personal-professional life?

Reminder or clarification—although even though I’m an admin, I’m not the boss of any of you ;p

@petesahooligan—vikaTae has said pretty clearly that she didn’t give out a ton of personal info., and that she was very upset by the impact that someone targeting her online had on some other people. Please don’t blame her or anyone else for the things they’ve experienced.

@those responding to pete—Please don’t be condescending towards him on this subject. He’s obviously a mature adult who has given some thought to these things. He can and will deal with the results of this. We also shouldn’t make assumptions about what people people close to him might think or feel about this.

@everyone Let’s all do whatever is in our power to not greatest energy in the forum be centered around things we don’t want to encourage, because negative attention and obvious drama can be very rewarding to some.

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Topic: Technical Support / Poszukuje polskiego admina

Hello, Bananamama is one of our Polish moderators, by the way.

Hopefully one of the Polish speakers can translate this into Polish for me.

@NIEMIEC69—Unless a English/Polish bilingual chat mod happens to play your game and gets modded for that game, we don’t usually have game chat mods who speak languages other than English.

If you have a question for a Polish speaking Kongregate Mod, you can change to one of the Polish regular chat rooms:
PL Kosciuszko or
PL Pulaski

If you have a question for an admin, you can email, and we’ll translate your question as best we can.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What are the risks-benefits involved w/ online exposure of one's own personal-professional life?

I think there are some interesting topics of discussion here. One challenge when a topic is both a cause of forum drama that has affected various people in different ways and a general topic of discussion is that it’s easy to wander back and forth from the “what I’ve chosen to do” territory to “what I think most people should do” to the very risky “what I think you should do/should have done”

Try and be really careful about which territory you are in, and on a topic like this one, I highly recommend avoiding the third. Assume until proven otherwise that you are talking to someone who cares about their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others and wants to be a responsible citizen in the world. Also keep in mind that with a subject of why we make the decisions we do about online privacy, many of us probably can’t or shouldn’t reveal the specifics of what leads us to feel more secure or what makes us more concerned that our ability to protect certain people is limited.

In particular, don’t call someone’s mental health into question because they are making a different choice than you—the majority of people who carefully separate their online identity from their real life identity and majority of those who are entirely public about the same and deal with problems if and when they come are not psychotic. Both can be reasonable choices. They can both be responsible, as well.

If you truly feel that someone’s personal decisions are overly risky or irresponsible or that they may not have considered a possibility and you are concerned about them or their families, then such concern would probably better received privately.

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Topic: Off-topic / Whats your profile picture and how did you get it?

My current one is my first drawing on a tablet. It’s a drawing of my daughter when she was about 4 pulling the fuzz off of a cattail.