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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / SAS4 BUG REPORT.

I moved your thread to the game forum you were talking about.

When you load the game, there is a “game bug” icon below the game screen that you can click to send a message to the developer.

You can also check the loading screen to see if there’s a recommended way to contact support for the game there.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Today's game - feminist, or mentally ill? You decide! NSFW

I never saw her claim that she was doing this to spite men. Live tweets of anything should generally not be taken too seriously.

That would also be incorrect. If one could make sourdough bread from Candida Albicans, which you can’t, though I suspect her experiment will still work, people of any gender can get thrush infections. The throat would be easy enough to harvest from.
I did not see her say anything about doing this to “spite men”.

Both genders can get thrush, candida albicans, particularly in the throat, and I suppose they could try adding it a suitable host as the beginnings of a sourdough starter, but this is not the right sort of species or “yeast”.

Saccharamyces species are usually required for good bread. A variety of these are present in the air in most places, so the experiment will probably work, because she is leaving it out in the air for a few days—that’s how people make wild sourdough starter. If her addition makes any difference in the final product, I do not think it will be a positive one.

I consider myself a feminist, too, but my limited knowledge of microbiology leads me to the strong conclusion that vagina bread (or beer) would lose to beard bread.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Mod The User Above You!

Modded for…

it’s Adv0’s fault, really, blame Adv0

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#48] Entries and Discussion

I think it would be great if people tried to upload something even if unfinished. I’ve been sick this week, so sorry I have not been able to give feedback on the work in progress.

Actually, I’m going back to bed already, so I’ll have to chime in tomorrow. Good luck, everyone!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Beliefs About Sharia Among Muslims

A bit of explanation, I just now hid a thread with only one post after struggling a bit with whether to do so. Although I my participation as contributor on SD has been quite small, and I’ve been an inconsistent reader as well, it does go back a long way. I might have read the most when Phoenix modded the forum, and a bit after that, and I have especially high expectations for the first post in a thread and thread titles. Not anything that might provoke a discussion is ok. They should represent the user’s own point of view, be well researched or thought out, and avoid sensational language or inaccuracies. So, I thought that the person who attempted to start a recent thread on Sharia was actually trying to start a discussion, but after some thought, I didn’t think I could leave the OP and respond to that but will instead invite the user to respond to this thread.)

I find this article by the “Pew Research Center”: an interesting starting place for discussion, and it provides insight into the complexity of belief among religious people. When you ask most Muslims around the world if they believe whether sharia is the revealed word of God or a body of law developed by men, the majority will answer that it’s the revealed word of God. But what this study also showed is that Muslims differ on the precise application of Islamic law.

When it comes to the beliefs of religious people, unusual non-sequiturs develop, such as.

A. Most Muslims believe Sharia is the revealed word of God
B. Sharia calls for executing those who convert from Islam to another faith
C. Most Muslims believe in executing those who convert to Islam to another faith

It seems that A&B are true, but C is false. You will find that many anti-Islamic websites will take A, find something most westerners would find abhorrent to say that Islam is awful in all cases. Of course, we can do the same thing with Christians and the Bible, it’s just that more of us have grown up closely with counterexamples to see that the thinking is a bit extreme when you attempt to apply it to all cases.

I do think understanding Islam is important, but trying to paint it with an overly broad brush is both ridiculous and harmful. Grabbing something out of sharia law and saying “There are objectionable things there” is rather easy, and we can do the same with the bible.

If one wants to have a discussion about the ideology of ISIS or other terrorist organizations and how they are appealing to people and drawing in new converts, then I think that can certainly be an interesting and important topic of discussion. It just needs to be approached with some research, knowledge, and sensitivity, and it’s important to be clear what you are talking about.

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Topic: Kongregate / Crazy story(do believe me)

Sorry for the trouble. You should email from the email address you are referring to.

I’m locking this thread as that is the only way to get this fixed.

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Topic: Kongregate / To our French users, our French-speaking community, and those in or near Paris or with loved ones there

Know that our sympathies are with you, and that we care about what you are going through right now. There is not much that can be said at a time like this, but we want you to know that we are thinking of you.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD ideas for future prizes & #50

Thanks for the ideas in this thread. There are a lot of good ideas :-)

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#48] Theme Selection

Someone should make a Crazy Spam Vikings Flying Circus game with Terry Gilliam style art…..I think they should spend longer than 10 days on it, though :)

jmtb02 made a game with a spam mechanic…actually, I was thinking of the chat one, but he’s made lots of games with spam mechanics, if you interpret that broadly. Sorry for veering so far off-topic.

I’m looking forward to this one.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD ideas for future prizes & #50

I will bring these things up. I am working to get more admins to check out the entries and leave comments, and hopefully you’ll see more next month.

We probably wouldn’t do many, if any, in chat notifications. People appreciate “The site is going down in 5 minutes”—everyone needs to know that. Almost anything else tends to make people mad. Some think they shouldn’t get them if they have Kong+, for example. We’ll discuss it and I’ll think about it, but my initial reaction is very…cautious :-) I do appreciate all ideas, though, so I’m not criticizing anyone for putting ideas out there.

With promotion on other sites, I think we’d have to really put some thought into that. We are different than other contests in some ways that I think are great—we are community run, people are on the honor system, people are in it largely for the community and learning experience. There was a previous contest where we did that and a new person entered a downloadable .exe, for example, and was upset that a number of people weren’t going to vote on that entry since they weren’t willing to download a .exe. I’m not opposed to promoting GiTD elsewhere, but we want to give some thought to audience. What is someone looking for “contests” expecting? Most may have an expectation of “fairness” that we wouldn’t meet without changing who we are, however, some people may get a lot out of an ongoing learning community, and that’s actually what I think GiTD is. GiTD also makes the most sense for people who are part of or plan to become part of Kongregate, so that should also be part of what we describe. I’m also kind of tossing out ideas at this point and need to do more research myself. But I could also use help from those of you more familiar with other game jams. Does it actually make sense for us to promote in those places? What expectations are people likely to come in with that we need to explain at the outset in order to prevent misunderstandings?

Perhaps what we could start doing is gathering information on what Kongregate has for learning developers looking for community, especially if they are willing to help build that community. This should include this and other forums, the Game Development Room, GiTD. We should be honest about limits, ups and downs in activity, but also present it optimistically. Then perhaps I could coordinate with a more knowledgeable admin with an interest in this and see what we’re might want to put out there. Also remember that bringing in new people takes some energy, although they eventually add theirs, we want to be willing to offer them attention at the start.

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Who will post next?

Yes, Axiss

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Who will post next?

Yes; Bluji

Edit….I was too slow, um,

No; Bluji

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#48] Theme Selection

Someone really should make a game with a Rube Goldberg contraption that includes a frisky cat, a dictionary, a Magic 8 ball….

Noun: Harvest
Mechanic: Growth over Time

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD ideas for future prizes & #50

Although I don’t want to make tons of Game in Ten Days threads, it would help me to have a separate thread for feedback on ideas for prizes and on what people had in mind for promoting GiTD, particularly #50.

What did people have in mind for GiTD #50 as far as mentioning it on the front page? Running something the day the contest starts? When the entries are in? Both? We definitely want more people to know about GiTD—it’s something way too few people know exists. We’d also love to draw in more people, both potential participants/developers and fans/followers. But a very, very small percentage of the people who would see whatever we put on the front page would actually be capable of entering. So one of the things I’m thinking about is “What are our goals here? How might we shape our very brief message differently to a broad audience than we do to people who found out about the contest through the Game Development Room or through forum browsing?”

I also wanted people to bring up alternative prize ideas here, so I am less likely to forget about them forever. Someone suggested something like a special Kongpanion for entrants, which I’m so confidant wouldn’t happen I don’t even want to bring it up. Other types of special profile shiny would be a bit of work, but I could look into it. I unfortunately suck at mailing things, and I telecommute, so Kong swag would be difficult for me to do regularly. I could possibly do Tshirts on occasion.

One idea DRK and I discussed was fun types of admin attention, such as seeing if some of the admins might be willing to play and leave a comment on a game of the winning dev’s choice?—I’m trying to think of some way to make allowance for the fact that the winning game might not be uploaded on Kong.

Feel free to give me other suggestions :-)

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Topic: Kongregate / [Protest/Petition] So sick of non-Halloween games

Haha, instead of making petitions, go make some games :-)

Edit: I should really read before posting :P

Although…I would love to play a Halloween game made by Heather.

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Voting

Congratulations to both of you! You made really cool games, and again, I’m super impressed at what you could put together in 10 days. stain88, I will be in touch with you soon about your prize! Watching you improve is one of the really exciting things for me in GiTD right now, so even though I voted for Crayon Cat before it was changed, I’m also pleased that you won.

I appreciated both entries. The DQ was definitely the right call, and I think CrayonCat made changes knowing the consequences. I hope you’ll continue to make spooky and not so spooky games for GiTD!

I got that Tyrano Visual novel programmer in the last humble bundle, so maybe I’ll make my dream of a Kongpanion (not) dating sim in a future month. Unfortunately, this would have been the perfect theme.

Thank you, DarkRainyKnight, for all your work in running this. The history thread and the mailing list make a huge difference for new people coming in as well as getting an admin to help out effectively. I know you did those things awhile ago, but they pay off every month. Worry less, though :) It’s all good here.

I’m very excited about the next contest and enjoyed following this one more closely. I will be talking to the front page people about the 50th GiTD, and DRK and I have been talking about some non-traditional, but fun prizes for future contests (like asking certain admins to play and leave a comment on one of the winning dev(s)’ games).

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Topic: Game Programming / How to make Flash games

Originally posted by xXZombieMasterXx:

What About Scratch, well you probably Have To Convert it .swf

I believe you would, but I also think they’ve made that conversion to a .swf much easier than it used to be a number of years ago.

If you have worked with Scratch, you would probably find Stencyl very familiar.

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Topic: The Arts / The 2015 NaNoWriMo Support Group.

Yet another “Probably not this year” here, but I’m really glad you started the thread!

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Topic: Game Design / Feedback/Ideas for Game

Sorry about that—please don’t flag this post, it’s entirely appropriate to share games in progress in a browser swf here.

If you don’t get responses here, soon, see if there’s a relevant thread in Game Programming that you could post in and perhaps point people to this post. “Screenshot what you’re working on” (with a relevant screenshot) might be appropriate.

I’ll try and take a look soon!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is treating everyone equally actually right?

Staggering, in Serious Discussion you should at least take the time to read to OP before responding. Very often, guidelines for the discussion are set out in the first post.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Avenues to Reduce Gun Violence

Karma, especially, but for everyone to whom this applies, please stick to the topics in this thread. Stop with the snarky comments and personal attacks. Karma, there was nothing aimed at you in the early posts, in particular, so no reason to claim that pete was going to “kill” the thread. I also think it’s legitimate to ask you to stick more to the topic at this point, as you are pretty all over the place. We do have an expectation that we not just toss everything into the discussion. Also, please don’t post things that aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

The thread is about “Avenues to Reduce Gun Violence/deaths from guns the most of us would agree should not have occurred” Your comment about your newspaper’s Opinion Line helps me see why the issues are related in your mind, but it doesn’t automatically make the issue germane to this thread. Saying “We shouldn’t both talking this problem until we talk about all the things that are even bigger problems, like X” would potentially derail every thread on Serious Discussion. Unless we all agreed that X was the biggest problem and managed to solve it, which would admittedly, be pretty amazing.

It doesn’t need to be an AX thread to ask that we stick to the topic of gun violence. You are welcome to start a thread about how to reduce deaths from drunk driving.

Now, I have a meeting to get to, but I’ll try and get back and respond to the topic as well. Something I would like to find are success stories—what communities/countries have reduced gun violence intentionally and what were the key factors in them making a change?

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Topic: Game Programming / GiTD [#47] Voting

Kongregate is sponsoring the prizes— CrayonCat, I’ll pm you rather than awarding you what kreds you would have gotten and we’ll discuss how to best put them towards future GiTD’s.

To everyone—be sure to play Crayon Cat with the sound on :-) It’s much less confusing that way.

My votes:

1st Place: Crayon Cat (even if disqualified)
2nd Place: Battle Cats

Crayon Cat—I liked the music and the narration—it was just a really short but sweet entry. Crayon cat was really well done.

Battle Cats—You’re skills are coming along nicely. This looks really good and you are clearly learning new things. I think the biggest thing the game is missing is the classic “Battleship” mechanic of having to group some of your “cats” in a row of a certain length. Otherwise, it’s fairly random guessing. 2 player mode also doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you could play with a person at another computer, as you would both see the screen (I think?)…or else I didn’t understand it. I still enjoyed it, though, and your time was really limited, so I’m still impressed.

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Topic: Technical Support / Bug with guild forum posts

Ed, when did you notice this change? What position do you hold in the guild? Has that position changed?

Also, which game and guild is this for? I see two active guilds for you.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

At the request of the thread’s originator, I am locking this thread. I think there’s a lot of room for discussion here, though (obviously) but I suggest restarting with one of the many topics raised in the thread and making the topic a bit more focused at the outset.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun issues updates

Hid lots of posts from the same permabanned alt.

Others of you know how the forums work, please tone down the insults—there’s enough content in some other flagged posts that I don’t want to go hiding them or picking through the insults to edit out a bit here and a bit there, but really, there’s no need to call someone a troll or question their reading comprehension, nor should you characterize their point of view as “sanctimonious bullshit”, be more specific about the points you disagree with. And please, none of the “See, this is what X always does in ever thread….” stick to what you disagree with in this thread, please.

As far as reading comprehension goes, I think there are few of us who have never been guilty of giving our own posts more time and energy than we give everyone else’s. If you misunderstood or were misunderstood, try and explain again, it’s all useful learning, or has the potential to be.