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Topic: Off-topic / fucking google

I don’t get it either, but I started entering some of those of those things in search engines, didn’t get any of those suggestions, but I did get distracted and end up here and, like a completely different person said in the comments “Good grief. It’s like you have a creepy window into my brain.”

I liked it alot more than this thread…but thanks for getting me there.

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Topic: Off-topic / nothings changed

If you illustrated that (or got someone to) it could be really beautiful.

It reminds me of this song

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Topic: Kongregate / Trying to recall a game, help?

Elona Shooter?

It sounds just like what you are describing.

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Topic: Kongregate / Now that's what we call an open platform!

Not every facebook post, but today we are celebrating the news :-)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is Autism Speaks a hate group?

There could certainly be a discussion with a properly stated OP with carefully checked facts and specific examples about the statements and philosophy of Autism Speaks. This is not that thread, and I’m going to lock it.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Disrespectful Children

Threads complaining about specific users are not allowed in the forums. Please stick to reporting users from their profile in the manner that ImplosionOfDoom explained. If you report the user when the objectionable behavior occurred, a link to their public chatlogs is created, so there is not need to collect screenshots.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Definition of Forgiveness

@404WindStalker—Your situation seems like exactly the sort of situation in which the issue of “forgiveness” is the most complex. You realize that you can’t control others, but only yourself, and need to proceed in a way that respects your needs and your dignity in relationship to those who have harmed you. If your situation were different, you might choose a distant relationship until or unless your parents acknowledged how you’d been hurt and sought to begin an honest path to building a new relationship with you….but you live with them.

I do think that premature forgiveness is the wrong way to go, as is any pressure on the wronged party to forgive so that the person who did wrong can feel better or “move on”, especially if the one who did wrong (or the greater wrong) is in a position of authority. It’s never a victim’s job to make the other person feel better, and the pressure gets in the way of a more authentic forgiveness or restored relationship, should they ever want to go that route.

Another thing I used to like to say is that if someone walks all over you, and you choose to forgive them, that means you aren’t going to invite them over and lie in wait with a pipe to bash them over the head with it. It doesn’t mean you’ll invite them over, or even that you’ll unlock the door if they stop by unexpectedly to “pick up where you left off”, and I certainly wouldn’t advise lying down on the floor when they are walking around just to prove how thorough your forgiveness is—that’s not helping anyone.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Blue Bell Icecream

Sybil, saying it got “contaminated with raw sewage” is incorrect and misleading, they didn’t put anything into the ice cream and none of the articles say sewage got in. It’s more likely that the equipment got contaminated with a small amount of the bacteria, which is a very common bacteria. It is present in a lot of foods and can keep growing under refrigerated conditions. It also sounds like the contaminated ice cream was traced to one plant, but the company voluntarily recalled it’s full line of products even though they may not be contaminated. That’s not uncommon when there is a serious case of foodborne illness resulting in death.

Also keep in mind that many foods contain Listeria, and it’s effects are mild or unnoticeable except on vulnerable populations—the immunocompromised, elderly (especially those with in nursing homes who are likely to have multiple medical problems), and pregnant women (it’s dangerous to the fetus during early pregnancy). Unfortunately, contaminated ice cream was sent to a nursing home, and ice cream isn’t usually considered one of the common high risk foods nor is it one that can be cooked before serving (unpasteurized dairy products, soft cheeses, smoked salmon, hot dogs, and deli meats—many things stored under refrigeration and served cold are known to commonly carry listeria, so they would usually be cooked before serving in a nursing home).

ImplosionOfDoom, thanks for the links.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Definition of Forgiveness

I meant to respond to this a long time ago but just now got around to this. I am certain my ideas came from someone else, but they’ve been part of my thinking for so long that I don’t remember where I got these distinctions from.

Like Daryl said in (I believe) the second post, forgiveness, for me, is about letting go. I have three major categories of forgiveness.

1) The most basic level is a type of forgiveness I can do by myself and primarily for my own good. There are people in my life who have harmed me and or who I am angry at for some reason. I’ve decided that the anger is not really serving any purpose and is, in fact, harmful to me. Some part of me fantasized about someday seeing telling them off or seeing them suffer for what they’ve done. In some cases I actually talked with the person, but in other cases, I mostly realized that I didn’t to hope for their suffering any more and let go of that wish and the anger went with it.

This level of forgiveness does not mean that I trust the person or am willing or interested in restoring whatever relationship I had with them. I think it is possible to say “I forgive you. I wish no harm to come to you, but I do not trust you or wish to have a relationship with you (and no, I’m not letting you near my new boat.)”

At a very basic level, some types of pain and loss can never be made up for, no matter what another person does. At the same time, once we accept this, we no longer need whatever we thought we needed from other people to be able to move on.

2) At this level I don’t wish the person harm, and I’ve either realized that we were both at fault to a significant degree OR the person asking for forgiveness is willing to change and engage in working towards a different future. in this scenario, “forgiveness” is a type of work we are actively engaged in. It’s a complicated and difficult work, and not feeling pushed to “forgive” prematurely is an important part of rebuilding trust. It takes a lot of courage and maturity on both sides, but it can be worth doing if the relationship is worth working for.

3) is when you reach the point where trust is actually restored with another person. You have forgiven to the point where the relationship is as strong as it was before the incident you needed to forgive occurred. This step can happen quickly if the slight was small or turned out to be a misunderstanding, or it can take years.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are some of your favorite games with somewhat low ratings and/or games without badges?

Awesome suggestions! I’ll try and make a compilation of links to the games here in one post sometime later this week. There are quite a few here that I’ve never played, despite the fact that I do play games without badges.

And that Llama game was pretty cool, but kind of drove me nuts. It’s definitely the type of game that would get a low ratings if it were made a badge of the day game. Clever platformers that take platforming skills are in my “I can appreciate that this game is challenging and clever and would be fun for many people. I, however, am not one of those people.” I’ll check out Abobo’s Big adventure next, but I’ve heard good things about Bushwacker 2 for awhile.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are some of your favorite games with somewhat low ratings and/or games without badges?

Oh, thanks for that. I love rpgs, and there are lot of great rpg’s on the site that many of us have never heard of. is definitely excellent, and such a labor of love. I remember when fairypoet first posted some of his art on the Collaborations forum (and I think he met damijin through his posts there, which was a big factor in the development of Wings of Genesis, for those of you who wonder if any actual games come out of the meetups in that forum).

I’ll have to check out TCT:RPG, I don’t think I have played that one.

I think rpgs and puzzles are some genres that are especially likely to have really good, less well-known games. They tend to take a long time to get to the good parts, and particularly if they are a labor of love by one person, the quality often suffers in one area or another.

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Topic: Kongregate / What are some of your favorite games with somewhat low ratings and/or games without badges?

I know this isn’t the first time we’ve had a thread like this (I remember this one for example) but I’d like to talk about some recent games without badges, particularly games that, in your opinion, are underrated for one reason or another.

I thought of this thread when my friend Daernet released his game A Shift in Time earlier this week (I know, I’m talking about a friend’s low rated game, so I’m admitting my obvious self-interest), but there are often games that get low ratings, but there’s a lot more too them than the the rating suggests.

“A Shift in Time” probably has low ratings because the beginning is confusing, the first level doesn’t look like much (it grows, trust me), and not everyone likes this type of puzzle game. It doesn’t make a great first impression. A whole lot of games fall in this category. Another puzzle game (by a different Kong friend) that I think is pretty awesome and underrated is Defuse and the even better journey into Escherspace

Many people only give high ratings to games that “have the whole package”—polish, good graphics, and that make a great first impression—you know exactly what to do at the start and it looks awesome in the first 5 seconds. This is a thread for sharing games that you think are worth giving a shot even if it takes a few minutes to get into, at least if “you like this kind of thing”. For example, if you don’t like puzzles and games that make you think, you probably won’t like what I just recommended. I’d like some recommendations for games with a lot of text and story, but they might get low ratings from people who were looking for a shooter and think “1/1 tl:dr” ;P

So, what are some of your underrated faves and why?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Turning something abusive into something positive.

I was trying to find some good but reasonably succinct resources on the topic of “Restorative Justice”, and didn’t find many that met both criteria. The idea behind it is that instead of focusing only “punishing” the person who has done harm, we look at how the person can, in some way, make things right with the person or people harmed by what they did.

Obviously, that’s easier when, say, the person stole someone’s money in minimally traumatizing way and can work to pay back the money.

It’s harder when the harm is something that can’t be fixed, but Restorative Justice listens to and involves the victims. At it’s most successful, the perpetrator develops a new relationship with with the community. That doesn’t mean that they suffer no consequences, losses, or limits to their freedom in the process of restoration, but they don’t experience punishment for the sake of punishment only.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Looks like this forum is dying

I am locking this thread. I see lots of potential for personal attacks and rather vague “it used to be so much better when…” that only some people can really speak to….and not a lot of potential for anything else. I made this call unilaterally, but will talk it out with stan (and don when he’s more active) but I don’t really see a need for the forum is dead threads.

I think we’d allow ones that included some significant research on healthy forum discussion communities and what ways we fit our don’t fit the criteria of one, but I think we’ll need more “SD worthy” OPs for threads on this topic.

That’s a challenge, by the way, I think someone actually could make an interesting thread on healthy forum communities of various types and the factors that contribute to their vitality.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Does everyone like my new alts and their styles?

That’s not an appropriate topic for serious discussion though, so locking the thread.

@DarylDixon101 I’ll look into your reports, please report if you haven’t done so already.

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Topic: Off-topic / This will be the day i'll be banned.

Daysilence, probably, unless I should take that as a user request?

If you’d like to request a ban, just send me a private message, then it’s less likely to turn into a permaban that won’t be reversed if you change your mind and can have lots of other consequences as well. I’m going to lock this thread as well.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Avatar Wall

I have a new avatar, mind adding it? Or replacing if I can only have one :-) Thanks!

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / Pyckue

It seems like this is a guild recruitment post, or a discussion about creating a Russian guild, so I’ve moved it to the correct subforum. If the thread is in the wrong subforum, posts are more likely to get flagged and then hidden (we have gotten a lot of ad spam in Russian in the past, so that might be a reason this happened—eventually a human comes along and checks the computer hidden posts, though :-) ) Insults, like the one I took out (we don’t need the Putin insults on the forum, particularly with the term you used—there’s enough of that on youtube). Even you calling me and Kongbot “churka”, it makes your posts more likely to get flagged by users and to get hidden when they are flagged.

So, if my translator gave me enough sense of the discussion, there is already a Russian guild, it is worth checking out. And if you wonder why your posts are getting hidden, try to be patient, and also be sure that you aren’t insulting anyone or using language that’s not appropriate for the forums.

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Topic: The Arts / Kingdom of Bunnehs (aka Gallery)

Wow, I found “Bluntness” really powerful, Bunneh, and I’ve told you this before, but I absolutely love it when you draw “recipe comics”. As I told you after a Bunneh recipe you posted elsewhere, I think a collection of these could make a cool type of art book.

Also, how does your numbering work on your comics? Your numbers are more static from the right than from the left, it seems?

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Topic: The Arts / Gabidou's Pac Man Ghost Dump

These are fun! The galaxy and rainbow ones are prettiest, but the orange, hairy one is like the tribble of Pacman ghosts, so it’s my favorite. If it’s a tribble, we could be seeing a lot of them soon….

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Avatar Wall

Would you add my avatar as well, please?

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Topic: General Gaming / New Forum Mod[s] for General Gaming--Welcome Precarious and Uzzbuzz!

I just asked Precarious, our new Kongregate Forum moderator, if he’d be willing to take on this forum as well.

[edited to add—Uzzbuzz is also being modded for General Gaming]

Dealing with spam posts has been an increasing need here, and adding a volunteer forum mod will help them be seen and processed at additional times of the day. Some members of this forum have been quite good and flagging the spam posts, by the way, which is very appreciated :-)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / LIEberals to stop reading to their children because it gives them an "unfair advantage"

I believe this article gives a somewhat more contextual understanding of what Swift was saying.

Note that he is clear that while he would be willing to restrict the ability of some economic groups to provide elite private school educations for their kids when other children do not have access to a similar quality of education, he is clear that we should not take away reading at bedtime even though it contributes to social inequality:

From the linked article, a quote from Swift: "‘Private schooling cannot be justified by appeal to these familial relationship goods,’ he says. ‘It’s just not the case that in order for a family to realise these intimate, loving, authoritative, affectionate, love-based relationships you need to be able to send your child to an elite private school.’

In contrast, reading stories at bedtime, argues Swift, gives rise to acceptable familial relationship goods, even though this also bestows advantage."

He is against unequal access to educational opportunity based on parental wealth, which is controversial enough, no need to stretch his statements to say that he is claiming parents should stop reading to their children when he isn’t. Remember that the more extreme claims of the article in the OP were Rush Limbaugh saying what the poorly researched summary article was about.

When a philosopher starts a sentence with, “From a purely instrumental perspective, we could argue that we should do X…” the philosopher actually doesn’t think that we should do X.

The actual work the philosophers are trying to do is more complex and interesting than reactionary summary articles show. Here are some of the points they are looking at.

If we believe that increased equality of opportunity is a goal, then we need to look at the sources of inequality. Some sources of inequality can be addressed with some type of services, programming, or restructuring. Some sources of inequality are deeply rooted in family experiences that would be hard to equalize without taking away something valuable from the families who are able to provide more positive intrafamily experiences. While that doesn’t mean that we should tell families doing good things with their kids to stop doing those things, but we should be honestly aware of the impact of this.

“Honest awareness” does not have to equal “being constantly consumed with guilt over this”—finding that balance isn’t easy as a parent. The more useful question is how to support more families in being able to provide these experiences. I would say that the low income families in my neighborhood fall into two types employment wise—unemployed (or seriously underemployed or irregularly employed) parents and parents who work long, inflexible hours—if two parents are working, often one parent works nights and the other days because otherwise managing things like school pickup, Dr. appointments, etc. would be unmanageable. Many of them still read bedtime stories, but it is a whole lot harder to manage when the one parent at home managing all the bedtime stuff just spent 9 1/2 hours on work (including commute time) and rushed to help get everyone fed before the parent who works nights had to leave for work. I often seen way too little between the extremes for families.

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Topic: Off-topic / I'm butthurt.

I wonder if this book might help solve all your problems.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Please Welcome Serious Discussion's New Forum Mod

Yes, moderators can definitely still post! They can even have opinions and respectfully and intelligently disagree with nearly everyone in the forum on a particular topic.

stanwise does have good history in SD though, and I had plenty of posts I could review both from last November and more recently.