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Topic: Off-topic / Nova 6 Gas - Real or Fake?

In the form the Nazis developed, Nova appears as a greenish gas. Upon inhalation, it causes vomiting, violent coughing, muscle convulsions, and blackening of the skin (necrosis), followed by an agonizing death in 20-30 seconds.
In the more refined Russian form, Nova is an orange color with a much more instantaneous effect. Death happens before the body can even hit the ground. Once inhaled, the victim will cough and choke viciously, blood will pour from the eyes, with the skin appearing severely burnt. These effects last mere seconds, as the victim dies very quickly.
It’s usage in a real life scenario would be severely questioned, as it is easily noticeable and can be avoided by using gas masks, but its extreme potency and the lack of an available antidote still makes it an extremely horrific weapon when used against a civilian target.

Nova 6 might be another form of VX nerve agents or could be based off of it.

Idk alot of people are saying Nova 6 is fake and alot are saying its real.