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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

It may well have been suggested before, but reading through 630 pages of suggestions isn’t really going to happen.

Please, remove this “Invites you to play” nonsense. I’ve been on Kong for years, this is nothing but spam. People I don’t know, or probably want to know, sending messages repeatedly inviting me to play games I’ve already tried or have no intention of trying. It renders the activity feed useless and I simply don’t check any messages any more as it’s simply spam. It was nice to try, but it is just an annoyance abused by users for some reason. Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM! for example is a prime suspect, and I suspect it drives it in some way to achieve this level of spam. Not a game I’ll ever play for this reason alone.

So, kick out the spammers, Kong. Kill this terrible ‘feature’.

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Topic: Kongregate / So, why is the 'game history' gone from the front page?

I don’t post often, but came here to ask this same thing.

Personally I find an activity feed of zero use whatsoever, it’s just an eyesore to be honest. The last played games was very useful.

Please don’t turn Kongregate into Kongbook, I’d have to go elsewhere to play games, and I kinda like it here…

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Topic: General Gaming / My Pet Protector 2 Infos

Does anyone know how to unlock the underground cavern? I’ve completed the Shipyard dungeon, have maxed most skills, stats ~40, completed most dungeons I have available but that one still has not appears. I can’t seem to get 20 dungeons for the badge without it (played two times, still can’t open it).


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Topic: Dream World / New Invasion Ideas

Awesome idea. Here’s hoping it is implemented.