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Topic: Kongregate / Post Your Wins.

Originally posted by uzzbuzz:

So I was getting bored of having extremely easy badges to get, so I played this in the meantime. Super fun game, by the creator of Moneysieze. Doing this was harder than any Platformer imp that I’ve gotten on this site.



What’s the name of this game?

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Topic: Kongregate / [Contest] Win Steam Games for FREE! (Winners inside!)

My favourite indie game? I’m gonna say Spelunky. It’s great old-fashioned, a bit forgotten platform game. I’m talking about the original PC version which came out in 2008, not the new Xbox remake. Maybe the graphics isn’t super fresh, but the gameplay is very varied and keeps you entertained even after hundreds of deaths.

Overall it’s really fun and challenging production. I recommend it to every platform games lover.

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Topic: Legacy of a Thousand Suns / East Way to Get Medium Badge

Originally posted by blahmish:

There is usually a golden sun ship that comes along every four or five weeks or so

Nah, I’m not gonna wait few weeks. With the actual tempo I’ll get the medium in about a week (started two days ago). I have actually 27 GS. What’s the best way to spend it?

Honor is for alliance battles, right? Does fighting for your alliance give you experience? It would speed up leveling a bit.

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Topic: Kongregate / Broken badges

Looks like I have a bad luck with badges recently… The medium badge from Spectromancer: Gamer’s Pack is broken (some guys from the comments have that problem too).

Although description says “If you completed the campaign before badges were added, just load the save file for a campaign that was completed to earn the badge.”, reloading gives me this screen but no badge. I beat the campaign with Chronomancer on normal difficulty, but I don’t thing it matters.

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Topic: Kongregate / Broken badges

You Are The Road – Molyjam 2012 badge seems to be broken too. This game, BeGone… maybe the latest Unity update has messed something up.

Originally posted by StrangeCastle:

As for Begone Guerra, is there any way to prove you’ve met the requirements for the medium badge (100 kills total) ? You cannot see your all-time kills (not that I know of at least) and the kill counter in a match resets after each game.

I was taking a screenshot once after every 10 games and as a prove sent this I reported it today, so no response yet, but I think it’s enough. EDIT: Yes, it is. I awarded You Are The Road badge and both BeGone badges by reporting them.

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Topic: General Gaming / Badge Master changelog.

I have a few suggestions (most important first):

1. In the badge view there should be name of the developer somewhere. Firstly for informational issues, secondly it could be link to all badges in this developer’s games – just like you would search his name. Since the game already knows who are the developer of each game, I think it wouldn’t be very hard to do.

2. Is there a way to make this game “know” what are your favorite games? “My favorites” category would be very useful in browse tab.

3. I agree with florrat’s last idea – games browsing would be nice.

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Topic: Technical Support / 5th Anniversary Challenge Rules

I’ve just earned the badge in Insectonator from the Yo Dawg quest and in a “congratulation” there is a little bug (after playing Insectonator, oh the irony).

Screenshot here

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Topic: General Gaming / 3 Slices 2

Alright, I’m done with tweaking. I finally refined level 18 and achieved total score 1788 which I’m satisfied with. This isn’t the optimum as you can see in the highscores, but I hope that uzzbuzz will post here.

Thanks BobJanova, Thok and awein999! Without your suggestions I surely haven’t improved my 56% on level 15. Also it’s nice to see that someone (Gaz?) took care of the highscores and removed the cheater with 2000% score.

Originally posted by skyironsword:

2000%? Some levels are clearly impossible to get 100% on, even in 3 slice mode.

I was going to say “watch a walkthrough” and post a link to YouTube, but since I haven’t found any good guide for 2 slice mode I’m going to make one up. BTW I found awein999’s 3 slices video :P

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Topic: General Gaming / 3 Slices 2

You wasn’t luckier. You just did it better.

I’ll try to achieve your score. I improved level 20’s score by 1% which makes it 57% and 1750% overall.

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Topic: General Gaming / 3 Slices 2

This topic is dedicated to 3 Slices 2

Especially for the optimization of 1 slice mode (since getting 2000% in other modes is pretty easy). Here are my scores. I will try hard to improve my score on 18th level.

Post your scores below.

EDIT: My final results

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Topic: Technical Support / saved games randomly disappearing

Windows have a tool “disc cleaner” (or something like that, I don’t know how it’s called in english version). It erases the garbage from the computer, but it can also delete your cookies. Have you ever run this?

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Topic: Kongregate / Small bug on the site

I mean weird working of the icons in the “Recently Played Games” section. You can see it in the video:

This isn’t anything big but it happens for long time and it’s getting annoying, so it would be nice, if it would be fixed.
It occurs on Mozilla 12, 13 and IE 8 only if you are working on enlarged view. I haven’t checked Safari or Opera but Chrome seems to be resistant to it.

If I move the cursor over the icon it gets a bit bigger hence the problem. I think it’s very easy to fix.

I’m surprised that there is no sticked topic about bugs here. I don’t think that suggestion thread is the right place, so I had to create a special topic for this. If this topic should be in Technical Support – sorry, I haven’t posted there, because I don’t need a support really, just want to show a bug.

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Topic: General Gaming / Badge Master changelog.

You should add a searching option (by name) for badges and games with badges. Also some categories for saved badges. Also, it would be cool to have always a switch for display mode – first for badges display second for games. I usually don’t remember names or pictures of badges but I remember for example that I didn’t achieve the imposs. badge in Dolphin Olympic (yet :P). And displaying a games should be like in sidebar on Kong.

And of course: better interface, browsing other player’s earned badges, tooltip for many things (especially for displaying name of game and difficulty of the badge) and some background pictures/themes/songs(?) to choose in settings menu and “reactions” of the buttons

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Crush The Castle 2] In-game music

I’m looking for titles of music masterpieces used in this game. I love them, but the only thing I found is youtube upload:
Anyone knows the name of these songs?