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Topic: Backyard Monsters / Game not starting properly

I start the game up and have to reload about 6-10 times before I can actually do anything with my yard. I’ve also got damage protection on and I’ve come back after it ‘broke’ and have 23 damaged buildings that weren’t damaged 2mins ago when I was actually able to do things. Does anyone else have these problems?

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Topic: Backyard Monsters / Game Hacking Detection

Just had it happen to me after I reloaded. I have to reload the game every time I complete a quest as well. So many bugs in this game and this just seems to be one of many unfortunately.

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Topic: General Gaming / Foolproof DTD 1.5 Guide - Medium

For some reason I’ve only just seen this guide and the day I go to use it the game is taken off Kong. How typical is that?