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Topic: Kongregate / New Split Test: Activity feeds *we're back!*

Like the majority of the users I also dislike this new feature.

Not that it will make any difference… ¬¬

Originally posted by AlisonClaire:

here’s a cat.

And here is a little baby. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / Do You Miss The Old Profile?

Originally posted by bjjdude:

Oh my god…
If you use this, you can shout on private users!! =D

You don’t need the .xhtml to send or see the shouts from a private profile, just press the private message button in the private profile and then in the shouts tab. :)

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Topic: Kongregate / .

Originally posted by iAmInvincible:

Okay, I didn’t mean I was going to sue Kongregate IN GENERAL I meant some of the users FOR in fact bullying WHICH IS a law. A very serious one to.

Actually if you got banned for trolling that means THEY can sue YOU, not the other way around. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate / .

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / "Chat log" Jun 09, 2012

I will just post a copy of the chat from the day(Jun 09, 2012) that Nival was talking to us, for anyone interested.

NivalPublishing: Hello everyone

maxoe: well apparently lvl 21 and 23 give legendaries

picuhmy: sorceror hat is bugged

commandertrent: Yay too bad I am already level 25 when the rewards were more sea wolves

No_Stress: Hello Nival.

Gamon666: 31 too

maxoe: you just need to keep your stack full then

picuhmy: oh nevermind its not


picuhmy: its only alchemicalr esistance. read it wrong

NivalPublishing: Please share you thoughts with us

AlenaIrma: who wanna try there 3 up are new may be some of them down work too

No_Stress: As you can see we are still have some problems at the forums Nival.

maxoe: Hello Nival, thanks for reducing costs and vials

picuhmy: have you finished recounting the berserker rewards for the tournament 2 weeks ago?

Gamon666: Nival, first thing first, do you want a wall of text, and if yes, in which forum post. cause i feel like most posts are being ignored atm.

Gamon666: Nival longs onto Kong forums for 10 minutes work day

NivalPublishing: we checked every topic and discuss it internally every week

maxoe: some more feedback would be nice though

Gamon666: yeah. like a ping thing, saying this or this was read, and is being considered/discussed

Gamon666: passing like a ghost collecting opinions without gving insight they were seen is hard on the players

No_Stress: Picu is still waiting for his response Nival...

maxoe: regarding the patch/update, no offense but the patch notes are horrible

maxoe: and a lot of rage/ frustration could have been prevented with better ones

NivalPublishing: Can you send me a link topic without answered?


Gamon666: of course we still want proper results from last week, and the week before that (berserker category in particular)

picuhmy: we are awaiting the recount for that topic

NivalPublishing: thanks, Ill check it

No_Stress: SergeyP2 will take care of the results for pvp contests now?

picuhmy: On a positive note for the game, the increased drop rate of rare materials is very helpful. And I guess I've gotten used to the high stamina costs.

commandertrent: I am just frustrated with the medal reward change as I was 2 medals away from getting 15, and now not only do I miss-out on the legendaries, I also miss out on the earlier rewards for completing the medals

picuhmy: It's actually not that bad for veterans, since I have enough stamina to finish all my dailies anyway

geekazoid64: no increase in stam at lvl 28....just leadership and 15 black unicorns...

picuhmy: I believe that newcomers to the game should get some sort of 'newbie' package, or anyone that hasn't completed the 8/15 medals reward.

picuhmy: Or else newcomers to this game will be incredibly disadvantaged and won't be able to acquire new units

maxoe: Is there any news on a compensation for medal rewards for players who have been close to them? I know a new and as I heard good system has been introduced, but still players who have been really close to those 15 medal rewards are kind of frustrated

NivalPublishing: about medals - we will return reward with tier 3 creatures in next update

Gamon666: thats going to be a nightmare

Gamon666: who gets it?

BrentD6: the stamina thing is not bad now. the cost reduction to create it helped so thanks there, Nival.

Gamon666: i mean...

No_Stress: care to explain?

maxoe: some players already finished the new medals, that would be a problem I guess

picuhmy: Alright, thats a great step in the right direction.

NivalPublishing: if you get all medals, you will get extra reward with tier 3 creatures.

Gamon666: i cant imagine how you can compensate players that completed 15 mdeals since the last patch, didnt get the legendaries, and now you can retroactively determine they didnt get them and award them?

Gamon666: No_stress just got screwed

picuhmy: Unfortunately, some players have completed the 15th reward with the reward not implemented

BrentD6: that might be a mess to straighten out, but it's better than nothing. a step in the right direction. gotta fix that part before you can address the issue of people who were screwed with the medal change

No_Stress: lol

picuhmy: Could you consider putting up a forum post, to have a direct intervention with these players?

No_Stress: I don't care anymore to be honest. xD

picuhmy: And manually allow them to receive their chosen legendary.

NivalPublishing: I don't think that is a good way.

picuhmy: alright

NivalPublishing: We'll do a script and reward players who already got all medals

No_Stress: But I'm sure I'm not the only one who got all medlas already,

picuhmy: That will work too

maxoe: when can we expect that update ? :)

BrentD6: hey that's great. if this is really Nival and not someone trolling us, this visit and the proposed fixes are appreciated

picuhmy: yes it is Nival

maxoe: by the way, good job on the graphics, its definetely an upgrade, performance seems better to me, some players have still problems though

NivalPublishing: ty

rurick: where do we find a re-cap of the things being discussed as far as updates, changes, etc?

NivalPublishing: yes, it's a real Nival

BrentD6: it has seemed faster to me today if it doesn't crash. crashing seems to be up for me, but I am on a Unity unfriendly Mac/Chrome combo

NivalPublishing: right now this is executive producer on this acc;)

BrentD6: thanks for the visit!

NivalPublishing: np, I prefer play on Kong, btw;)

maxoe: The new neutral structures are great, but just one thought here. A 1 square larger battlefield might be helpful, as if a wasp nest or lightning tower spawns right next to you, its a strong disadvantage in pvp

picuhmy: thats a good point

picuhmy: lightning towers are much too fast

NivalPublishing: if you guys wannt to real help the game - send request to us to be a helper

picuhmy: and if one spawns in front of you, your going to take some damage

NivalPublishing: you can collect all the meanings and share it with Nival every day

BrentD6: cool. send a PM through Kong?

NivalPublishing: the best way is to send mail to

BrentD6: ty

NivalPublishing: thank you, not me:)

NivalPublishing: I got you concerns about tournament and check it with a team

NivalPublishing: and also see how we can speed up the proccess with rewards for all medals

maxoe: a lot of new players ask about artifacts, rings and belts the question where to get those pops up quite often

NivalPublishing: there is no this items right now

geekazoid64: King's Bounty: Legions

maxoe: I know, just saying it can be confusing

commandertrent: We understand that they aren't in the game, but to a new player they think they are missing something very imporatnt

geekazoid64: King's Bounty: Legions

commandertrent: mabey have a tooltip explaining that these items do not exist at this time.

AlenaIrma: just some cosmetik question will be there a women caracters laeter or so?)

NivalPublishing: good point. we can add "not available' to this slots

maxoe: well, and thanks for those contests, most of us really like those

maxoe: but the scores tend to be mixed up every single time

NivalPublishing: Alena, sadly, but we can't do this on Kong

geekazoid64: King's Bounty: Legions

rurick: where do we go to find out about contests, and the latest on update news?

NivalPublishing: Kong is not share you gender

AlenaIrma: bad..

NivalPublishing: yes

DDRX: Are there any plans to expand the late game or is ~30 the planned ending?

NivalPublishing: we plan to do MORE deeply PvP

No_Stress: ?

NivalPublishing: adding async pvp and automatic PvP tournaments

DDRX: Because after the recent big patch, I actually lose money questing and can no longer upgrade my units.

NivalPublishing: you can win on PvP and earn money

No_Stress: so... no more "single player" content?

jaded_elder: I was wondering if u could add a function to allow the abandoning of a quest.

geekazoid64: that would be nice...

NivalPublishing: do you this this feature is really needed?

BrentD6: YES

Mambu: abandon not but choose quest yes

NivalPublishing: No_Stress - not in the closest patch, sorry. Maybe we add some quests, but not a lot

jaded_elder: I don't really PvP much. If I take a PvP quest and don't do it. I can do the other dailys in that loaction

BrentD6: I am on here a lot but never PVP. single player is getting repetivie

DDRX: I "can" win but overall I still lose gold every game mode. I relied on getting troops from the quests to help take the stress off my gold.

No_Stress: I will quit this then... sorry.

AlenaIrma: i think pvp is more loosing as winning u loose full army and to fill that up u need full enegy...

Mambu: ^^ pvp is good way to earn money

No_Stress: PvP stamina cost is just ridiculous.

BrentD6: and yes- the cost of pvp versus what you can earn in quests is far too imbalanced. even for paying players that would be rough considering gold is excessively expensive to but with gems

DDRX: I don't mind the extra energy costs, sure you want to slow the pace of the game down, I get that. But keeping the gold costs without giving the same troops is killing people who don't use the Ress trick.

maxoe: Well I enjoy Pvp, but the tradeoff sometimes is not that good, unless you got multiple stacks, reviving your units is very very stamina intense

NivalPublishing: the daily quest is redesigned in the way that you should first complete quest with bad reward, but 2nd quest give you more interesting reward, and so on

DDRX: Are there plans to bring back the old 15 medal rewards?

No_Stress: btw Nival DDRX is saying that because she don't have a full stack of Inquisitor, that means she "lose" the units that die in battle.

NivalPublishing: as I said before, we return the reward for collecting all current medals

jaded_elder: Yes but example is the Speciial Reinforcement quest in Eastern Fort. Its PvP. I suck and I probably never win the 5 for a long long time.

NivalPublishing: btw, Inquisitor and it's possibility to ressurect all army before ending battle - it's a BUG. we will fix it i nthe next update

DDRX: Alright, because otherwise PvP would be completely unfair for anyone to start the game late without paying money.

No_Stress: how so?

maxoe: Are there any plans to introduce a complete new set of units ? I think more diversity in troops would be a huge profit

jaded_elder: that means the dailys there is locked away from me. even if I want to do the early ones only

DDRX: Hehe, I've been waiting for that since I started this game.

NivalPublishing: you can ressurect units just a limited times

rurick: it takes forever though

Mambu: wrong way with downgrade inq abilities

No_Stress: ^

No_Stress: agreed.

No_Stress: this will rage users, trust me.

tparrelly: NivalPublishing: you can ressurect units just a limited times / so now we will have to use more stam? awesome, what a stupid idea

NivalPublishing: there is not interesting play to "skip" turns 100 times

DDRX: Without saving the gold, it'll make it impossible to make gold late game especially without giving the common troops anymore.

rurick: i've known i could do that but choose not to because not worth the time

Mambu: no one play 100 turns

tparrelly: its not interesting to have to burn stam

picuhmy: it'll be like the original game

Mambu: 30 is enough :)

NivalPublishing: Mambu, I have statistics, you don't

DDRX: At the minimum, the revival costs for commons should be lowered.

picuhmy: inquisitors used to only have 1 charge

DDRX: People play hundreds of turns, I can confirm that.

No_Stress: I agree also, maybe create a a skip all turns button, for PvE only ofc.

NivalPublishing: DDRX - good point

picuhmy: this will make the game harder

picuhmy: but

picuhmy: idgaf about inquisitors honestly

picuhmy: i hope their defences will be buffed for pvp then htough

maxoe: Nival, then the problem will be the lack of gold, if I lose a stack of mortals in a fight, its costs me around 8k, for griffons 13k

picuhmy: or actually no, that'd be OP

maxoe: the battle gives me 4k

NivalPublishing: trust me - INQ ability - it's a bug. lack of gold on high level - this is a bug too

picuhmy: ah

picuhmy: fights are suppose to give mroe?>

DDRX: You're making us pay 100x to get the troop to begin with, THEN pay full price to recover it, ignoring that you aren't giving full stacks as rewards is too much.

NivalPublishing: we fixed them both, so you don't need to "play skip turns" in future

rurick: anywhere we can follow this ongoing debate and results?

DDRX: Ooh, a small bug, for the units on sale, if you have 0, the cost to "Open" is 0. If you click on it, it gives you a unit and takes your Gems.

jaded_elder: If you don't complete a quest does it mean that all the earlier daily will never be available to you till you clear that quest?

NivalPublishing: as I said before - the best way to see what will be - is to be helper in the game

DDRX: I lost 15 Gems to an Artic Wolf a couple days ago.

Mambu: this "deleting BUG" cause battles much more costly

DDRX: *Polar Bear.

DDRX: Same difference.

NivalPublishing: right now Open is cost money

fantasymaker: King's Bounty: Legions


DDRX: But it displays 0 when the unit is on sale.

No_Stress: I don't have any Polar bears and I see them at 15 gems to open DD.

NivalPublishing: DDRX - please send us a bug next time.

maxoe: I dont know if it is a bug, but if you buy auras right now, they activate immediately, and there is no question any longer if you want to activate it or not

DDRX: Weird, it showed 0 for me and someone else had the same problem.

No_Stress: but I do saw some people complaining about this too at the forum.

CloudStrifes: they fixed it it now shows to open, but i remember being at 0, also with gold cost(fixed after 1hr), still i got one thinking it was gold some crazy chance=P

No_Stress: here:

maxoe: Maybe another interesting questen, what were your thoughts on introducing waiting time on battles ?

fantasymaker: King's Bounty: Legions

NivalPublishing: sorry, didnt catch it

NivalPublishing: what is it - waiting time?

maxoe: waiting time on usual 5 stamina fights

Mambu: btw magical seed are not working, also items made before patch have less stats like Assassins Dagger

No_Stress: ah, the cooldown.

maxoe: why was that introduced, what was your purpuse behind that

No_Stress: for battles.

jaded_elder: after every normal battle u have to wait 45 mins to do that battle again

NivalPublishing: i c

No_Stress: 2 hours at the last town... ¬¬

jaded_elder: questionis what purpose does that serve?

picuhmy: prevent farming? lol

No_Stress: ^

picuhmy: its okay stamina will stp that

NivalPublishing: we add this because we want people to explore the world

NivalPublishing: not grinding

picuhmy: hard to explore with stamina cost =[

DDRX: What about when grinding is all that's left in the game?

geekazoid64: lol, make the world bigger then...

picuhmy: its very high to travel

maxoe: well, but with those huge material costs ppl want to/need to grind, and travelling is kind of expensive :o

NivalPublishing: what do you suggest/

NivalPublishing: give all players unlimited stamina?:)

DDRX: That'd be dumb.


DDRX: But the handicap to stamina was pretty harsh.

jan310510: plz hlep

NivalPublishing: delete cost of traveling?L)

maxoe: I actually like it, because I am not a friend of farming, but are there any plans to introduce a marketplace to trade rare materials ?

picuhmy: return cost of traveling to the pre-patch cost

AlenaIrma: it would be nice to have some alternative to get stamina

picuhmy: the recent patch

DDRX: Delete cost of traveling would make 45 min wait a cool idea.

picuhmy: doubled the cost at certain regions

No_Stress: put a limit of 5 staminas to traveling would be nice.

No_Stress: a limit of max*

picuhmy: for example, scouts camp to ancient temple now costs 2

NivalPublishing: hm

NivalPublishing: interesting

AlenaIrma: because some players may be wanna play often but because of stamina they go just off..

NivalPublishing: No_Stress - I will think about it

Crookedtophat: I just love how there's finally a flash game just like Heroes of Might and Magic. It's been YEARS

DDRX: I think keep the 45 min wait but delete stamina for travel would get people to move happily.

No_Stress: ty.

DDRX: But at the same time 0 could be abused.

DDRX: Wait... I like Stress' idea haha.

No_Stress: and please don't set a 2 hours cooldown on normal battles!

NivalPublishing: what time do you think is OK?

DDRX: Also, what was the logic on raising costs for revival of troops and battles?

NivalPublishing: 10 min, 20 min?

No_Stress: imho 20 max.

Mambu: cooldown is a BUG for me

Mambu: no need any

DDRX: 20 is fine, you can do 2 battles in that time.

tparrelly: or leave the timer and remove stam cost for traveling altogether

NivalPublishing: :)

No_Stress: no need more than 20 min. foa a normal battle cooldown imo.

NivalPublishing: and give unlimited stamina?:)

DDRX: It'll force you to at least do both in the area.


jan310510: any one can help?

maxoe: well, cooldown is good for me, does not matter if its 20 or 40 minutes, but with that cooldown you basically have no chance to get those rare materials

NivalPublishing: I see you point

maxoe: would be great to trade those and I think alot of players would actually agree

NivalPublishing: we can add some extra creature to all nodes

Mambu: and that why i said its bug

Mambu: when i need farm rare material its horrible

NivalPublishing: well, rare material is always rare

NivalPublishing: that's the idea, isn't it?

Mambu: and much rare thx to cooldown

hyperion27: needing help wit friends, plz add

jaded_elder: Pls look into the abandon quest option too.

DDRX: Late game there's nothing to do *but* grind.

NivalPublishing: DDRX - you right

maxoe: Could you give us some hint on the dropchances of rare materials ? I mean do they drop more often if you are higher lvl, or do they drop often depending on the difficulty of the battle

No_Stress: also, Emerald Dragon is suppose to drop a Magic Hide?

No_Stress: no new mat?

NivalPublishing: but isn't we should ADD some feature for late game, but do not kill game expirience for all other players?

NivalPublishing: what do you tink?

DDRX: And for us, a timer just upsets players who want to keep farming for the nigh impossible items to make.

DDRX: Maybe an extra reward for completing x/all quests?

NivalPublishing: maxoe - sorry, without comments

NivalPublishing: we do not share ingame formulas

DDRX: We concluded between 10%-15% for rare drops.

maxoe: dont worry about it, was not asking about the formula, just a hint :)

DDRX: Personally I think 10%, but that's a pretty solid range.

NivalPublishing: it's very depends on many things

NivalPublishing: location, level

Mambu: i can tell u Maxoe if u battle pve army with low str compared to your army drop rate is dramatical reduced

NivalPublishing: and so on

No_Stress: can we talk about more serious problem now?

No_Stress: Forum contests issues.

jaded_elder: talking about percentages. Are the drop rates of the Wanteds as stated in the trophy?

NivalPublishing: You told me about that already

NivalPublishing: I'll ask to check Wanted quests our QA team

unknownaz: hey developers, how about ability to sell spells? i have lots of unuseful spells like healing or slowdown, and maybe just for 50 to 200 gold pieces i could sell them...

NivalPublishing: after review, if any bugs, we do a hotfix

jaded_elder: From our experience the percentages feel like 50% each.

NivalPublishing: for "green" reward you mean?

DDRX: If you're pushing us all towards pvp, that should be a priority. As it is currently, I do not do pvp because I lose more gold than I gain and do not see a real benefit.

jaded_elder: for both. The low and the high drop rate troop

NivalPublishing: we will check it

tparrelly: yeah, the cost benefit of pvp is definately geared to much towards cost

maxoe: Well thanks alot and I got one other points, I and some others might be concerned about. I like this game, no secret here, but if I spend money for it to support it, its kind of very expensive. At my lvl I am supposed to spend around 200 bucks for 1…

unknownaz: or just unlock more space for spells. it may increase consumptions of spells

jaggeur: is there a page where i can see daily quest and their rewards??

maxoe: stack of dryads, maybe pricing should be reconsidered ?

DDRX: Outside of contests (where you can't stand a chance without using an aura) I have no drive for pvp.

NivalPublishing: jaggeur - you can find it on wikia

jaggeur: tnx

No_Stress: not anumore Nival.

No_Stress: anymore*

NivalPublishing: DDRX - you can create aura

NivalPublishing: No_Stress - why?

DDRX: And you need a rare drop for that. And 3 hours doesn't help much for a 3 day contest.

No_Stress: You guys changed so much the game after the update that the wikia is noe almost useless.

No_Stress: now*

DDRX: Thus *at least* a need for grinding.

NivalPublishing: you can help and rewrite it?:)

No_Stress: I'm sorry, but I wont. ;)

NivalPublishing: well)

NivalPublishing: someone did it)

NivalPublishing: i think

DDRX: You can't make Commander's Aura w/o pvp.

DDRX: It's backwards logic.

NivalPublishing: I see you point

Gamon666: Nival, can you confirm that the 2 weeks old contest and the one from last week (that just got posted) are going to be reviewed?

NivalPublishing: How many times I need to say that?

DDRX: I'm okay with paying money for some features, I have. But you do not have a chance in a contest without an Aura and cannot get an Aura without pvp.

NivalPublishing: Guys, I know that this patch have a much concerns. The last update is really change many thing. We see you feedback and discuss it internally.

jaded_elder: PvP to get the Chevron, but 1 aura uses more Chevrons to make than u get in 3 hrs, if you not that good.

No_Stress: wow, Davidpichu is here too? Nice. ^^

NivalPublishing: The best way you can help us, if you want, is to create a topic with all this concerns and you ideas to fix that

Gamon666: touchy subject? sorry to make you repeat yourself, but a simple "yes" is fine. no need to get all crancked up on repeating for someone who just joined

BrentD6: i agree about paying some. i would be happy to pay (and did pay pre update) $10 USD or so a week. now i would have to pay $50 or more for the same benefit which is not gonna happen

NivalPublishing: Gamon, yes, sorry;)

PanRouge: Damn... I must have missed a good conversation

NivalPublishing: :)

No_Stress: lol Pan.

jaggeur: i actually stopped playing just to read this

jaded_elder: most of us did.

BrentD6: haha, yeah you did. the quick rundown- Nival is listening and addressing stuff. a lot of things seem like nice compromises or bugs being addressed. some of it, we'll have to wait and see

No_Stress: anything will be changed with the reward links?

NivalPublishing: oops... I get people NOT to play... it's horrible)

jaded_elder: we can play later :P

geekazoid64: King's Bounty: Legions

No_Stress: looks like they just give a really small reward now, since units cost a lot of more gold after the update.

DDRX: This is a very good sign that you're actually taking with us about some of these issues for once.

PanRouge: meh, tbh I didn't find the update to be all that horrid

NivalPublishing: Yes, and sorry for my English, btw;)

BrentD6: I've been playing right along and actually beat a Russian for once. lol. one in twenty

Mambu: King's Bounty: Legions

maxoe: Are there any plans for a future market or auction hall system, ingame ? Just curious :)

commandertrent: small bug in the reward shop the weeklong mercenary's aura has a caption indicating that it provides "100% Gold for the battle" when it really only provides 50

commandertrent: I mean royal shop

No_Stress: Don't worry Nival, English is not the first language of many of us.(including me)

NivalPublishing: yes, I know. we will fix that

jaded_elder: Do the Daily quests reset if you don't coplete one of the quests? Or does it stay on your quest list forever and all earler and later dailys become inaccessable in that node?

geekazoid64: your english is better then my russian...xD

No_Stress: lol

NivalPublishing: haha)

NivalPublishing: about market

NivalPublishing: that's really HARD feature. It's not in the closest patch plan, to be honest

No_Stress: damn, russian is even hard to understand using the goolge translate.

DDRX: Honestly I think a market would be too easy to abuse.

NivalPublishing: No_Stress, trust me, chinese is more hardly;)

No_Stress: I believe. ^^

maxoe: Ok, thanks, just good to know :) when can we expect the *closest update" ?

No_Stress: Agreed DD.

jaded_elder: ok seems I'm being ignored. I'll go back to playing the game.

DDRX: It's stays on your list.

PanRouge: I do have a few issues, though 1-Stamina refresh takes too long now that battles cost more. 2-it's difficult to get a hold of some aoe spells. 3-you should think of making objects drop things (rarely)

NivalPublishing: sory jaded

No_Stress: jaded, it stays.

unknownaz: Hey Nival, i'll try again to ask you if there are any chances on ability to sell spells?

jaded_elder: that's why I was asking about an abandon quest option.

NivalPublishing: unknownaz - good idea, can I ask you to write topic about that?

No_Stress: actually I want the ability to buy more spells. ¬¬


unknownaz: i'll try!

unknownaz: :)

PanRouge: yeah, I wouldn't mind buying fireball and chain lightening

No_Stress: I want to be able to buy Chain Lighting and Fireball again. T_T

unknownaz: and one more thing. how about recovering stamina while in combat?

DDRX: It was a surprising move to remove our ability to buy fireball and CL.

PanRouge: lightning*

DDRX: Dang, I was slow with that!.

unknownaz: me too on fireballs and CL

picuhmy: idgaf

picuhmy: i hate those 2 spells

picuhmy: id rather see less of them

DDRX: It's very important in late game pve.

unknownaz: they make the pve easy, but pvp unfair

DDRX: They damage caps make them acceptable in pvp.

picuhmy: pve is easy enough

No_Stress: even for pvp is fine actually.

picuhmy: oh hell no

DDRX: Stronger, yes, but not broken.

NivalPublishing: not for new players

picuhmy: they are not at all

picuhmy: acceptable in PvP

picuhmy: if you are against someone using CL

picuhmy: and u arn't using it

picuhmy: you lose

NivalPublishing: I start the game from the start after this update

No_Stress: they got nefed on pvp anyway.

picuhmy: same thing with ressurect

DDRX: Have them available in late game towns like they used to be.

geekazoid64: don't bring a knife to a gunfight then...

NivalPublishing: and want to say that it's really enjoyable right now)

No_Stress: - 50% damage.

picuhmy: their original damage is 1.5k

tparrelly: how about putting a feature in pvp to click a button to have it be no spells

picuhmy: thats more than a full archmage stack

DDRX: How far are you Nival?

picuhmy: at level 31.

NivalPublishing: at middle)

maxoe: well I actually like it that they are not that common now, still one could reconsider removing there rare mats to build those items

DDRX: You're going to have a seriously hard time getting Legendaries.

DDRX: Which mid-late game is required.

No_Stress: he can always use gems! ;)

NivalPublishing: )

tparrelly: which is what they really want!

NivalPublishing: I am a paid user, actually)

DDRX: Maybe have a quest that gives 2-3 options of a legendary so you can realistically use them and then keep the lowered rates.

AlenaIrma: Nival yes that would be nice for some players too... to start again...

DDRX: Of course it'll be easy for a paid user haha.

BrentD6: Yeah, about $300 USD for a stack of legendaries.... maybe there are people that actually will pay that much, I don't know....

NivalPublishing: it's not easy, DDRX

DDRX: $60 late game for 1 stack.

NivalPublishing: it's interesting)

No_Stress: people pay that much, trust me.

No_Stress: even more.

DDRX: Have you tried farming a stack of units via wanted?

BrentD6: that just blows my mind, but hey, if someone can make money off that, good for them

DDRX: Even before the patch.

BrentD6: just make it so us poor guys can at least keep up :)

NivalPublishing: DDRX - yes

DDRX: Unless I'm mistaken, the drop rates have been lowered with the patch, correct?

No_Stress: wanted is so fun now, I have used 10 wanted invites + 10 staminas on the False Inq wanted and I got only 1 sea wolf! Yay?

DDRX: It took me (playing nonstop ~10+ hours a day) several days to get a full stack of Assassins.

NivalPublishing: DDRX, yes. But it's seems that we overdone

DDRX: And that was when the drop rate was 100%.

DDRX: Overdone?

PanRouge: they overdid it

NivalPublishing: yes, sorry

NivalPublishing: ok, guys, I am sorry, but it's a very late right now. My wife kill me)

PanRouge: heh, good luck

DDRX: This is why I propose a midgame option similar to 8/15 medals for like either Assassins or Paladins to take a strain off that original farming.

No_Stress: No problem.

DDRX: And leave the lower rates.

NivalPublishing: to sum up:

No_Stress: Good to see you in coing this often.hat, I hope you start d

NivalPublishing: 1. we will check tournaments results

DDRX: Would you agree that it's nigh impossible to play late game without a legendary?

No_Stress: see you in chat*

Gamon666: thx.

picuhmy: yes

picuhmy: you cant play late without a legendary

unknownaz: it was nice chating with and i'm glad that developers listen to us - simple players :)

picuhmy: unless you want to play like 1-2 fights every full stamina reset

DDRX: Not even.

DDRX: You won't win the battles.

No_Stress: err let me put this again... Good to see you in chat, I hope you do this more often*

NivalPublishing: 2. We will add extra reward for players who got all medals

NivalPublishing: Including players who already got this medals

DDRX: All medals or new medals?

NivalPublishing: all new medals

picuhmy: ffs

picuhmy: i just enterched a pvp mat

picuhmy: and theres a lightning rod

picuhmy: right in front of my archmage

picuhmy: what in the actual hell

No_Stress: ouch.

NivalPublishing: 3. We will check rates on Wanted quest

PanRouge: haha

picuhmy: oh hey, its gamon

DDRX: Sometimes it'll appear infront of their archmage.

picuhmy: haha

Gamon666: hey

No_Stress: haha.

Gamon666: popped the aura did we?

picuhmy: yeah

picuhmy: althoguh that was hardly a good start

Itsatrap: hi guys, is nival actually on chat?!?!

No_Stress: yep.

AlenaIrma: he go now)

NivalPublishing: 4. We will see what we can do with Commanders Aura in craring

Itsatrap: did hell freeze over?

No_Stress: =)

DDRX: No, hell might be thawing.

picuhmy: ew CL

NivalPublishing: and 5. Players, who really want to help us to make this game - please, be a helper;)

maxoe: thank you for the catch up by the way

DDRX: We try!

maxoe: and dont take too long with those changes :)

DDRX: Wait, or do I have do do more to be a helper?

No_Stress: Nival honestly?

PanRouge: I'm telling ya Nival, make walls and such drop items

No_Stress: you don't need a helper in here.

Itsatrap: now can someone catch me up to what happened before i got in here just now?

No_Stress: Just use the forums and we will help you.


PanRouge: make stamina timer continue during battle

NivalPublishing: let me rephrase

No_Stress: This is not facebook, we are a gaming community.

DDRX: A helper can speed the process up as long as Nival remains active.

geekazoid64: @panrouge...excellent ideas...

NivalPublishing: we have a special group of players

Gamon666: **** ouch

NivalPublishing: we called them Helpers

No_Stress: Just be active in forums and everithing will be fine.

No_Stress: I know that Nival.

picuhmy: that CL hurt a lot more

DDRX: Like Hotshot2k4, right?

NivalPublishing: yes

picuhmy: i havnt seen hotshot in a while

No_Stress: But trust me, use the forums wisely, it would be much better.

DDRX: I think he quit.

PanRouge: Not hotshotgg from League of Legends, I hope

No_Stress: ^

picuhmy: no

picuhmy: that guy is a douche

DDRX: but a good one!

geekazoid64: he was a little too much of a fanboy, but seemed decent enough...

NivalPublishing: If someone want to be helper - he can write to

DDRX: Well, thank you for your time Nival, we all hope to see you again more regularly and there's plenty more to discuss.

No_Stress: this^

maxoe: Yes thank you

NivalPublishing: I'll try to return to you guys on the next week

DDRX: If you show you are really trying to help, I'll become one.

BrentD6: ty, nival

DDRX: I wanna make sure it'll be worth the investment :)

Itsatrap: k, so i missed #1 and #2 of what nival said

NivalPublishing: can someone add a topic with you concerns and ideas?

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Post Patch Gameplay/Concerns - Possible Improvements

Originally posted by Gamon666:

Somebody proposed to put a limit in stamina cost on travel. Maybe at 5.

I don’t think this is a good idea.

Me? >.>

They wont remove the stamina cost for traveling, you can be sure of that.

Imho, a max of 5 staminas is fine (the same amount a vial of life can give you), as long as they make some changes along the way, like you said, sometimes to travel to a close town it costs 2 staminas, this must be changed, it should be only 1 stamina for every traveling from town to town(close towns, with no other town in between), no more than that.

Other changes should go also along, imo, 1 stamina to resurrect mortal/common units, 3 staminas to resurrect immortal/special units and 5 staminas to resurrect legendary units, no need more than that.

The reduce of stamina to fight as well, normal battles should be 3 staminas, quest and side quest battles should be 5 staminas and wanted battles should have a minimal of 5 staminas and a max of 10 staminas, WITH A GUARANTEED DROP CHANCE OF A LEGENDARY UNIT!

It’s just not fun to waste 10 wanted requests and 10 staminas to get just a Sea Wolf from a False Inquisition wanted.

The cooldown for normal battles should also be changed(or removed), to a max. of 20 min., there is no need to have a normal battle with a cooldown of 2 hours!

-No Stress.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Medal of honor changes

I agreed with Gamon, it’s just better to be on the safe side.

There is no reason to get all medals now since they don’t give a reward for getting them all, so just be on the safe side and leave one medal “open” and wait for the next “update”.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Farewell guys.

You guys can add one more user to the “log and see” list.

I will try to keep log in everyday for the daily reward, send gifts and accept wanted requests, but I wont be playing this game no longer, I quit.

This was indeed a great game, but after the “update” I see no reason for me to keep playing it, is just not fun anymore.

I really tried to not quit this, but like I said, is no longer fun for me, and since the developer already said that they will mainly focus on PvP and will no longer add more “single player” content, at least not in a large scale, probably just a very few things, I just don’t see why I should keep playing it.

Like Stauss said, If they really update this game I might come back, otherwise, no.

I will miss you guys a LOT, this game had a really great community, the game chat was always a good place to be.

I will miss the community, but I wont miss this game, at least not the current version of this game.

Take care guys, I will be probably checking the forums regularly, and like I said I will try to log in everyday, so you guys wont get rid of me so easily. =P

And Nival, I will still going to keep my eye on you. ;)

-No Stress.

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Topic: Kongregate / Do You Miss The Old Profile?

Thank you so much OP!
I miss my old profile page so much… T_T

Originally posted by Fricknmaniac:

Now if only I could get it so that anyone else who checks my profile automatically go to that link instead, I could make my profile public again.

Just add this link to your “about me”. ^^

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / NivalPublishing has left us no choice

First of all, here is the link for the Pick the Units for sale thread:

Originally posted by NivalPublishing:

This time Facebook and “Odnoklassniki” users hold the majority.
They’ve chosen the Emerald Dragon and Polar Bear.

Nival, may I suggest you a site? Here:

We got 60 votes on Lake Draconid and 61 votes on Brontaurs.(I’m not even considering iridanou post since he posted twice in the thread).

Let’s see how many votes the users from Facebook and “Odnoklassniki” got?

The most voted unit on Facebook was the Emerald Dragon with 20 votes!

Click here to see the full image
The most voted units on the official forums(the russian part of the forums – Odnoklassniki users) was the Emerald Dragon and the Polar Bear, both with 21 votes!

So we got more votes than both, FB and the russian server combined.

But that’s ok, I know you are not that stupid, you knew what we were trying to do.

But the point is not why we voted like that, it doesn’t matter if we voted like that as a protest, the point is, you have asked us to vote on the units of the week and we voted, you gave us the opportunity to vote on mortal/common units, and we did, and you still ignored us once again, the Kongregate users(also, I saw that the Russians users are not so happy with you either).

Just be honest and say why you didn’t counted our votes. Don’t worry, we already know. ;)
But you should say it anyway.

Well, at least I hope you got the message.

And Nival, It even looks like you want us, the old players(the veterans) to quit this game, looks like you are almost asking us to quit, maybe that’s exactly what you want, right?

Maybe you have screwed this game so much with the update, that the only way to fix the unbalance between the old and the new player is to force the old player to quit.

But maybe I’m wrong, well at least I hope I’m wrong, otherwise you would be more incompetent that I think you already is.

Nival, you are doing a horrible job, honestly, you are doing a really horrible job!

No Stress.


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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Patch notes OBT: v1.2.30

Originally posted by Gamon666:

Lastly for now : what is to be expected as rare drop from the Emerald dragon? no new rare mats are needed for the recipies. Are we to understand that the emerald doesnt drop rare mats, or that it drops a random one? A chevron?


I just got a Magic Hide from the Emerald Dragon, so looks like we have now 2 Legendary units that give us the same rare drop. =/

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Essay contest “Why do I play King’s Bounty: Legions?”

1st place: moopit

Originally posted by moopit:

I used to play this game because I enjoyed it. No longer…..

2nd place: none
3rd place: none

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Pick the units of the week (06/05/2012)

1. Brontaur and 3. Lake Draconid!

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Farewell guys.

I agreed with you Strausss, this was a downgrade and not an update.

I’m really trying to not quit this game, but to be honest I just don’t see myself playing this game for much longer.

I was always saying in chat that this game was indeed needing an update, how regret I am for saying that, no update would be better than this update, seriously.

I see that A LOT of people here at Kongregate are quitting and I can also imagine how many FB users are quitting too, so I hope you Nival, can see how bad this “update” IS, and can do something about it to make this game once more a good game.

A fair warning, if you lose all your regular players consider your game in here dead.

Once again, I’m trying not to quit, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to keep playing this.

- No Stress.

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Topic: Kongregate / any cool MMO games

Originally posted by Mojo9027:

i dont have the right requirements for Kings bounty legions and i HATE tower defence

What do you mean by not having the right requirements?
PC requirements? This game is not that heavy, don’t worry.
If it is because the game is requiring the Unity Web Player, once again, don’t worry, you can download that for free.

Also, this game is not a Tower Defense game, is a strategic game.
You can check in this video how the game play is:

Edit: I’m sorry but I will need to take it back what I said, the new update just completely screwed up this game, so I don’t recommend this game to anyone anymore, sorry.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Attention: 3-day PvP Contest! Prizes: Emerald Dragons and Gems!

Originally posted by NivalPublishing:

Here are the 3-day PvP Contest results:

1st place: Premier13 – 36 points (100 Gems + 3 Emerald Dragons)
2nd place: Aurablades – 33 points (75 Gems)
3rd place: Exhibition2 – 30 points (50 Gems)

The users Aurablades and Exhibition2 also belongs to the user Totheheaven, actually all these accounts belong to him(alternative accounts) exhibition2, eminent2, evaluate2, eluding, distinct2, delight2, desperate, diagnosis2, diversity2, conversely, criticizes, consequence2, contributes, coollay, brushe, boltbolt, blessings, aurablades, tothelight2, tothelight, totheheaven.(maybe even more)

You can check the IPs if you want, or just confirm this with a Kong. Adm.(Maybe davidpchiu can help you with this).

Also Nival, I saw at the EULA that you do have access to the users IP, right?

IP Addresses: We do monitor and store information about the IP addresses from which you access our Services. In general, these log files are used to monitor traffic on our Services, to troubleshoot technical problems and to collect aggregate information (e.g., to monitor and analyze demographic and preference information among our users). We may block certain IP addresses to comply with specific license agreements and/or in the event we detect user abuse of our Services. IP addresses could also be used to personally identify you in order to enforce our Terms of Service.

So please check all the IPs before posting the results, and anyone that fight against himself should be disqualified immediately or even receive a IP ban.

Thank you.

-No Stress.

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Topic: Kongregate / Is there a way to sell individual images?

Originally posted by Gevock:

No products are bought/sold here.

Hey, don’t forget about the Merch shop. ;)

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Problem with showing friends

I have the same problem, but in my case looks like is the number of friends I have, only “oldest” friends appears, the “new” ones don’t.
I can send a wanted request to anyone, but I can’t see some of them in my in-game friend list to send gifts to.

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Topic: Kongregate / Petition: Change "friends following," "fans following," and "connections"

I also know this wont change anything, but I sign.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Attention: 3-day PvP Contest! Prizes: Emerald Dragons and Gems!

Nival first of all do you have access to the users IP?
If yes, please check that before you post the results please.
I’m pretty sure some people are using alt accounts to cheat during contest.

Thank you.

-No stress.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Attention: 3-day PvP Contest! Prizes: Emerald Dragons and Gems!

Originally posted by maxoe:

3. In the contest I met ppl, cheating by putting up 1 thorn hunter and trying to give “a friend” free wins. I think we can all agree, that this is not very challanging and not the way a contest should look like. To prevent that happen, I would propose to force ppl to play with 5 full stacks. That should be fair anyways, cause you should go into pvp with the intention to win.

Or just prevent people to face the same opponent in the same day or put a long time cooldown before they could match up again, this would prevent people to trade wins on contests and for quests, also that will prevent people to trade units as well.

I also agreed that it should have some kind of a “surrender” option, but in a way that the opponent could only surrender if you accept it, if not, the battle continues.


Also Nival, anything you can do against alternative accounts in KBL?

Just one more thing, Nival, you need to start “cleaning” the forums, delete or un-stick some threads please, the forums is starting to get messy.

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Topic: Kongregate / Domo Arigato Challenge

Domo Arigato Challenge description:
“Purchase 10 upgrades in Robot Legions to unlock the Fury Walker in Tyrant!”

Ok, I have just completed this challenge and instead of a Fury Walker card I got a Amplifying Mass card.

It’s the description wrong or was the game that gave me another card instead?

I’m not complaining though.

Edit: Looks like the description is really wrong, I was just talking about this in the Tyrant chat and looks like everyone got the Amplifying Mass.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Profile rolling out to everybody

Since it wont change it back, no matter how much we keep saying that this new layout was a bad idea, I’m starting to really considering the idea of setting my profile to private.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Profile rolling out to everybody

Like most of people in here I also hated the new profile.
It’s f….ng ugly!

Can we have at least an option to disable the Activity Feed, please?

Thank you.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / A gift to our active players!