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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs]Buy packs in bigger quantities?

Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

I don’t think you understand – the current assets support 1-4 cards across, in a single row. Columns and grids are not available without additional work.

Work would have to be done regardless just for implementation, albeit less if they fore-coded…
You said “assets”, I took that as “resources”. Figured you were referring to a change in card size or something for representation, that currently does not exist.
I do know what you mean by it though, just didn’t realize you meant that level of asset.

Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

What is theoretically available is the event Rewards claim screen – that can hold seemingly any number of cards in a single row. I’m not sure whether it would take much additional work to fit it to the store/packs page though.

That would be pretty tedious, but I could live with that, since purpose is achieved…

Originally posted by Harry1234114:

MK why would there need to be a grid? when we get rewards from other events like GW where we can get 20+ cards there is no grid. The system is already in place.

But yeah even with the system in place there is coding to do to adapt them to packs. I remember the rave when Vasha saved 50k

I suggested a grid format, not MK.
It would not take much to have the card pack opening, repeated 5 times, and place new cards into grid format.
“much” being well accomplish-able within an hour, assuming one’s familiar with the current setup.
But that’s just my estimate, everyone has their own programming methods after all.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs] I got ripped off by the rewards of the recent war!!!

So, you got…
2 Xillafangs…
an epic (from epic pack)
and 4 commons (3 from epic, 1 from rare)
That means you also got a rare or higher as well (from rare pack)

Epic pack contains 4 cards, 1 of which is epic or higher
Rare is 2, 1 of which is rare of higher

What you saw was 4 commons, but you failed to scroll the rewards to the next page to confirm the others (it’s same as the reward tier list, there was an arrow).

Next time, try to make certain an error has actually occurred.
Maybe delete or request deletion of this thread while you’re at it.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs]Buy packs in bigger quantities?

Originally posted by MarshalKylen:

The reason that you can only buy four at a time is that the four pack was a quick feature by the devs and uses the Rare/Epic/Faction pack’s four card pack assets. There are no assets for more than four card packs at the moment, and creating them would be additional work that Synapse may not be willing to do at the moment.

What may require less work is a salvage button directly on the pack interface that would allow instant salvaging of commons, preventing you from having to swap to your upgrade screen so often.

They can do it with current assets, just do a 4 column 5-10 row stacked grid.

I don’t think, if added, the bulk option should exceed 40, which is 10 times current largest pack.
I would be perfectly content with a 20 pack though, since it’s 5 times as fast.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Devs]Buy packs in bigger quantities?

Since gold has no maximum limit, I stockpile it, and only spend it as I need salvage to upgrade cards. Buying 200 cards 4 at a time is rather dull though, so any chance we could buy at a quantity such as 20 or 40?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Free vs pay balance

Originally posted by Muki13:
Originally posted by Neograf:

Wow, even though I’m playing online games for years now, I still cannot understand how people can pay thousands of dollars for some virtual cards that might soon get powercreeped in a game that can be shut down at any time. At least give half of the money to some hobos so they can buy some more booze…

Do you drink/smoke? Do you buy candy? Do you pay for anything that has not got a great nutritional value? Do you buy designer clothes? Do you buy games, movies? Do you go see movies in a cinema? Have you flown in 1st class? Have you ever traveled anywhere? Have you paid for someone to tie you up and beat you with a rubber duck while sitting on your face? Why are paying for any of these activities any better or worse than spending money on virtual cards? On what basis do you judge this behavior? As long as you are providing for your family and dont take loans, buy 20 quad pinions as far as I care.

Thank you whales for keeping this game alive so the rest of us can play it for free.

You can buy (great) full games, create meals for entire families, throw parties, take people to the movies, each for the price of one card here, but whether that’s “better or worse” is a matter of perspective. Course, I’m sure some can rigidly say which is better/worse as well. Personally, to each their own.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / <to Dev> PLEASE TELL US QUALIFICATION FOR WMT PACKAGE

Lvl 106, completed up to mission 292, 122/192 achievements, almost no raid rep, no kreds spent ever, no faction interaction until homecoming pack released, started when standard set was the only pack you could buy with gold (no clue on date)
Tier 2 reward
Pretty disappointed by the rewards, they should be inclusive (tier 2+ gets vigil), and there should have been separate reward lists for different game aspects (X tiers based on missions, Y based on level, etc)
Would have liked some souvenir card as well, not just some piece(s) from standard set…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Small bug?

Just did a few more rounds with this bug.

To correct my info, attacks on outrider do nothing, and it becomes ignored by all effects. I’ve been unable to kill one when this happens.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [Dev] Forum etiquette

Of those 15% of player’s who interact with the artifact system, what proportion are under 9k battle rating?

And with regards to the artifact system, what part is to be improved/changed?
To put it differently, what part of the system is not satisfactory?

My biggest issue is the abuse this system allows, and continues to allow…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Small bug?

I think this is a bug, and a rather big one actually.

I’m having it happen with Arch Novas.

Basically, Arch Nova inhibits Outrider, Outrider then does nothing, no attack, no abilities, and inhibit doesn’t even wear off. Then, Arch Nova attacks as if that slot is un-occupied, and new cards played stack behind the Outrider.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To comunity)Are u serious?

Originally posted by Fire11111:

Nah, you failed to listen, lets try again…

100% autonomous without players participate in it? A splendid idea
Warbonds on attack? Another great idea.

Why no just make graph instead of a game, the game gonna play itself and you gonna come at the end of a day to see the result.
Hell why play game anyway, hire a fantasy girl, close your eyes she gonna tell you how badass you are killing with rally infantry all vindicators, its a better solution?

As i said, my solution is the only real one, stop arguing kid. And you probably too young for fantasy girl, although girl is already underaged, this world can be quite complicated.

I guess it’s difficult to listen when you don’t understand the discussion topic, but that’s no excuse to continue rambling your own line of thought.

I’m not going to argue with someone who disagrees with the idea. It’s a legit solution to problem that players would have to spend absurd amounts of time over 24 hour periods to optimally participate in wars, and that’s the bottom line. The sacrifice it imposes, and your dislike of it, is irrelevant to this discussion.

As such, don’t expect another reply, unless your’s is relevant.

As to the graph comparison, sounds good to me, I play most mmo’s like a garden, and enjoy watching it grow.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Zero Delay Cards

what about a 0/20/0 with counter 4?
or a 0/10/0 with weaken all 1?
or a 0/5/0 with protect all 1?
or a 0/3/0 with jam every 1?
I’d love to see a 0/10/0 with valor 10 :3
Too few cards I feel consider 0 attack as a viable idea as well…
(Not claiming these cards are blanced btw, just examples)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Upcoming Skills - Payback and On Death

Overload shouldn’t bypass payback, as it prevent’s the skill from being neutralized. Infact, I’d argue that a overloaded skill, if paybacked, should be overloaded itself.

However, when would evade counter refresh? Once at start/end of each player’s turn? Only at start of opponents turn?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Zero Delay Cards

Are there any 0 delay structure and/or assualt F2P cards even?
(not counting common/rare or event cards)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To comunity)Are u serious?

Originally posted by Fire11111:
Originally posted by Crystaliss:

This is a good idea, I support it, then you just need 3+ officers around different timezones.
But it’s not the only real solution, just a very viable one that imposes very little change to the current system.
(Easily one of the better solutions though)

The ony real solution, trust me boy, when daddy speak kids should listen.

You say to listen, but you yourself failed to do so, let’s try again…

As I said, it’s not the only solution.
Wars being 100% autonomous is a solution, it removes visual gameplay aspect almost entirely and puts 100% of the focus into planning, while also making wars 24/7, without needing the players to lift a finger to participate (save reward claiming, and officers for fort repair). Warbonds would be spendable in this case by increasing the number of attacks the player gets per war, or increasing their damage on attacks, probably the former.

This is the solution I’d actually prefer, it would obviously require a few tweaks to war/event duration and gold generation though.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / what do you think is the best # delay card

My vote
1: Honorable Samurai
2: Spiteful Raptor
3: Sculpted Aegis
4: Demi Constrictor

Honorable mentions
1: Abhorrent Recluse, Inferno Demon
2: Havoc Genesis, Fenlord
3: Tumblox, Xeno Suzerain
4: Sinew Shredder

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

@testeria: After looking at that card, I’d put that one down some tiers. But seriously, you point out a single error, in a list of 100+, and consider it a worthy structure to bash the post that strongly?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [TO DEVS] WMT fangame

There’s a fangame of MTG, and I don’t think WotC supports it, so I don’t see why someone could not do this…

Just, using (by default) any original resources or making non-donation $$$ from it will likely be impossible.
But if those aren’t issues….

Go for it I say. I’m sure there are many that would be more than happy to work on creating an engine for it too.
I’d offer, but sadly, I’m a bit lacking in time, and I’m sure someone could do it much better than me anyway…

@thror13: Sounds more like: “Give it a shot, keep [this] and [that] in mind though. We will monitor it’s progress, and consider taking necessary action(s) if we want/feel the need to”. Maybe that’s just my interpretation though, assuming JRJetu’s post is genuine…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

I don’t disagree that those cards are bad, don’t disagree at all. I don’t ever have any plans to get any of them, except one actually, cause while there are cards that help you gain the upper hand, there are others that will help you keep it (former is priority though).

But Entrails bog is, in my opinion, clearly not F rank inside a mono BT, just like zodiac Harbringer isn’t S rank when it’s the only RT card (still a pretty great card though). Same for Aasi Revealed, take away the idea that it heals anything but itself, and it’s arguably a slower/tankier/weaker Radar Sentry.

So, I guess assumed your ranking was based on sub-optimal/obvious faction meshing, was I wrong?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [IDEA]Looted units and traitors…

I’m not against it, but…
I’m thinking flat 50sp is a bit, little, for how much impact this proposes…
(Not suggesting WB price though, but maybe a new kind of token, obtainable through events)

And rather than just “ONLY EPICS”, I feel there should be a very specific set of cards that this could be done to.

Originally posted by Naidsipo:

Zodiac Harbinger likes this.
Anyway Different suffix for some special ones could be good.
Ex)Imperial becomes Raider:-Ti (Traitor)
Righteous → Bloodthirsty:-Pa (Pagan)
Imperial/Raider → Xeno:-Do (Dominated)
Raider → Righteous:-Rp (Repented)
Imperial → Bloodthirsty:-If (Infected)
Raider → Bloodthirsty:-TF (Typhon’s Follower)
Bloodthirsty → Xeno:-Iu (Infused)

Edited some.

“· Any skill targeting all will remain as is”
Like the list though, how about Heretic?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To comunity)Are u serious?

I don’t really care how long/short they are personally, as long as it’s at least 2-3 days long.

I more care about some change that makes them less 24/7…

Originally posted by Fire11111:

The real problem is most peoples in top guild, dont sleep enought. Rest of players including me dont have this problem.

The only real solution, would be, let guild leader and officer perform mass atacks for disconnected players on auto. Technically this wouldn be too much problem.

Redusing time its a bad idea, bcs for some gw is the only fun in this game.

This is a good idea, I support it, then you just need 3+ officers around different timezones.
But it’s not the only real solution, just a very viable one that imposes very little change to the current system.
(Easily one of the better solutions though)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO DEVS] 9 packs of 350 Righteous. . & No BENI!?!?

$1.4k, wow, no wonder these pay2win schemes work, there are people that genuinely fuel them. Not that I’m looking down on you, I just don’t like to buy my progress, and would personally spend that $$$ elsewhere…

To each their own after all.

But personally, until specific cards become buyable with WBs, I’d recommend not tossing WBs at “chances” of getting something good. Although, the odds of such implementation are probably low/not soon…
Personally, I just want to buy a copy of ophiuchus, cause I like the name/art.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What the F*ck

Basic card pack (100g/card)
Common: 912
Rare: 106
Epic: 2
Sinew Feeder#276

Rare card pack (2 cards, 1 rare or higher)
Common: 4
Rare: 6

Artifact set 2
Rare: 23
Epic: 2
Blood pool x2(#5,#19)

Rare: 20
Legend: 1

Also, prior to starting my records, I pulled 2 Apex (in first 5 days), 1 Daemon, 1 Sinew Feeder from daily, and 1 Windreaver from pack.

And to note, I just simulated a RNG with 1-5, took 16 attempts till I got a 5.
I think that’s a bit anomalous to be honest, but anomalies can and will happen.

Joined in the middle of whatever event recent event featured halesurge.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

Great post, I feel it’s quite accurate too, but…

I feel a few of the cards in D-F class were put there because the reagents used are much better allocated to superior cards, and I think that’s not a fair comparison of capabilities (like Entrails Bog, which is maybe C-B in mono BT, and Apex D, which should be D class).

And I’d appreciate seeing how mid fusions that have max fusions of A+ ranks qualify, such as Constrictor vs Tumblox and Galereaver VS Tumbler.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Dev] What is fun?

Sorry if the post is (too) big, but apologizing made it bigger :3

1 to following Arena suggestion(s)…
[]PvP Max battler energy increase per PvP rank. It makes sense, gives reason to climb the pvp ladder, and has 0 impact on game balance.
[]More achievements & Ranks. Player’s that have goals have more reason to play than those who don’t, also shouldn’t affect game balance, and gives reason to climb PvP ladder.

1 to following War suggestion(s)…
[]Limiting war Refills, but I would instead like to suggest that you could only buy 1 (or 25 energy) per war, as you I’m sure you don’t want to impose players to have to wait till current war ends/watch for next wars, and it would have the same intended result.
[]Win/loss point ratio change. But unlike OP, war points should not be perfectly flat, a war won by 1 point should not give as much as a war won by 1,000, but also, a war won with 1,000 points total, should not give as much as a war won with 10,000. The same should be said for losing, losing at 500 should give less then losing at 1,000, but not in total if the war lost at 500 lost by very little.
{}In short, there should be two calculations, one that says winner gets X and loser gets (X-Y%) * Loser/Winner, and another that gives points based on total war efforts.

1 to the following Mission suggestion(s)…
[]Reduced energy cost. Not by as much as the numbers OP suggests though, maxing a high mission with only 4 hours worth of energy is a bit much.
[]Surging in PvE, could make a fairly decent amount of content out of it…
[]Bosses with siege structures, but none of the early ones, and not necessarily only at lvl 10.
[]Increased drop rate for common artifacts, more so at higher energy costs
{}Preferably disable artifact stealing, or the whole artifact system altogether, as it’s currently far too exploited and will continue to be until something is done.

1 to the following Brawls suggestion(s)…
[] Changes in reward ranks. I feel it should be more % based of the highest scorer than rank placement though.

Everything to the notion that wars should be changed in such a way that asks for much less surveillance/attention over the course of a 24 hour period.

My own arena suggestion(s)…
[]Give more gold for fighting higher ranked players, could be a simple 1 extra base gold per opponent rank but lower base gold (example: All currently offer 25-100 based on rating, I suggest that the minimum be 20+rank-(20+rank)***4, so a rank 15 would offer 35-140)
[]In an effort to stop the artifact abuse without abolishing the system, I suggest you impose rank ups after X wins per rank up to rank 10 (somewhere between rank 10-15 may be better). It doesn’t by any means fix the system, as it doesn’t stop players from farming low levels, but it does mitigate it, by limiting how much they can “get away” with. (After a lot of thought, I think 100 flat wins per rank would be ideal)
{}It doesn’t stop them from staying at a low rating and attacking low levels, one way to fix that is to not allow a player’s rating to drop below their rank minimum, which would solve that entirely.

And just want to say, any abuse/exploit is only as legitimate as the devs make/let it. I’m not and won’t say that artifact farming is illegitimate, but I will say it’s [insert favorite insult(s) here].

PS: Kong formatting sucks, who thought 2 single characters in a paragraph should change everything between…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Devs! 4 turn cards need some major help.

I’m thinking the quick cards should be nerfed first, there are a few 1 delay non-fused epics that tie and exceed the base power of any 4 turn maxed rare (even fused)…

And though I’m fairly sure this topic spawned due to the brawl surge mechanic, but I feel it’s a legitimate problem outside of it as well…

And not to derail, but this game is anything but balanced though. It employs hopeless odds/difficulty and offers advantage as a means of getting money from it’s players, fairly common strategies.
And they’ll continue to be implemented in games so long as they work “enough” I suppose…