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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To comunity)Are u serious?

Originally posted by Fire11111:

Nah, you failed to listen, lets try again…

100% autonomous without players participate in it? A splendid idea
Warbonds on attack? Another great idea.

Why no just make graph instead of a game, the game gonna play itself and you gonna come at the end of a day to see the result.
Hell why play game anyway, hire a fantasy girl, close your eyes she gonna tell you how badass you are killing with rally infantry all vindicators, its a better solution?

As i said, my solution is the only real one, stop arguing kid. And you probably too young for fantasy girl, although girl is already underaged, this world can be quite complicated.

I guess it’s difficult to listen when you don’t understand the discussion topic, but that’s no excuse to continue rambling your own line of thought.

I’m not going to argue with someone who disagrees with the idea. It’s a legit solution to problem that players would have to spend absurd amounts of time over 24 hour periods to optimally participate in wars, and that’s the bottom line. The sacrifice it imposes, and your dislike of it, is irrelevant to this discussion.

As such, don’t expect another reply, unless your’s is relevant.

As to the graph comparison, sounds good to me, I play most mmo’s like a garden, and enjoy watching it grow.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Zero Delay Cards

what about a 0/20/0 with counter 4?
or a 0/10/0 with weaken all 1?
or a 0/5/0 with protect all 1?
or a 0/3/0 with jam every 1?
I’d love to see a 0/10/0 with valor 10 :3
Too few cards I feel consider 0 attack as a viable idea as well…
(Not claiming these cards are blanced btw, just examples)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [MK] Upcoming Skills - Payback and On Death

Overload shouldn’t bypass payback, as it prevent’s the skill from being neutralized. Infact, I’d argue that a overloaded skill, if paybacked, should be overloaded itself.

However, when would evade counter refresh? Once at start/end of each player’s turn? Only at start of opponents turn?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Zero Delay Cards

Are there any 0 delay structure and/or assualt F2P cards even?
(not counting common/rare or event cards)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To comunity)Are u serious?

Originally posted by Fire11111:
Originally posted by Crystaliss:

This is a good idea, I support it, then you just need 3+ officers around different timezones.
But it’s not the only real solution, just a very viable one that imposes very little change to the current system.
(Easily one of the better solutions though)

The ony real solution, trust me boy, when daddy speak kids should listen.

You say to listen, but you yourself failed to do so, let’s try again…

As I said, it’s not the only solution.
Wars being 100% autonomous is a solution, it removes visual gameplay aspect almost entirely and puts 100% of the focus into planning, while also making wars 24/7, without needing the players to lift a finger to participate (save reward claiming, and officers for fort repair). Warbonds would be spendable in this case by increasing the number of attacks the player gets per war, or increasing their damage on attacks, probably the former.

This is the solution I’d actually prefer, it would obviously require a few tweaks to war/event duration and gold generation though.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / what do you think is the best # delay card

My vote
1: Honorable Samurai
2: Spiteful Raptor
3: Sculpted Aegis
4: Demi Constrictor

Honorable mentions
1: Abhorrent Recluse, Inferno Demon
2: Havoc Genesis, Fenlord
3: Tumblox, Xeno Suzerain
4: Sinew Shredder

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

@testeria: After looking at that card, I’d put that one down some tiers. But seriously, you point out a single error, in a list of 100+, and consider it a worthy structure to bash the post that strongly?

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [TO DEVS] WMT fangame

There’s a fangame of MTG, and I don’t think WotC supports it, so I don’t see why someone could not do this…

Just, using (by default) any original resources or making non-donation $$$ from it will likely be impossible.
But if those aren’t issues….

Go for it I say. I’m sure there are many that would be more than happy to work on creating an engine for it too.
I’d offer, but sadly, I’m a bit lacking in time, and I’m sure someone could do it much better than me anyway…

@thror13: Sounds more like: “Give it a shot, keep [this] and [that] in mind though. We will monitor it’s progress, and consider taking necessary action(s) if we want/feel the need to”. Maybe that’s just my interpretation though, assuming JRJetu’s post is genuine…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

I don’t disagree that those cards are bad, don’t disagree at all. I don’t ever have any plans to get any of them, except one actually, cause while there are cards that help you gain the upper hand, there are others that will help you keep it (former is priority though).

But Entrails bog is, in my opinion, clearly not F rank inside a mono BT, just like zodiac Harbringer isn’t S rank when it’s the only RT card (still a pretty great card though). Same for Aasi Revealed, take away the idea that it heals anything but itself, and it’s arguably a slower/tankier/weaker Radar Sentry.

So, I guess assumed your ranking was based on sub-optimal/obvious faction meshing, was I wrong?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [IDEA]Looted units and traitors…

I’m not against it, but…
I’m thinking flat 50sp is a bit, little, for how much impact this proposes…
(Not suggesting WB price though, but maybe a new kind of token, obtainable through events)

And rather than just “ONLY EPICS”, I feel there should be a very specific set of cards that this could be done to.

Originally posted by Naidsipo:

Zodiac Harbinger likes this.
Anyway Different suffix for some special ones could be good.
Ex)Imperial becomes Raider:-Ti (Traitor)
Righteous → Bloodthirsty:-Pa (Pagan)
Imperial/Raider → Xeno:-Do (Dominated)
Raider → Righteous:-Rp (Repented)
Imperial → Bloodthirsty:-If (Infected)
Raider → Bloodthirsty:-TF (Typhon’s Follower)
Bloodthirsty → Xeno:-Iu (Infused)

Edited some.

“· Any skill targeting all will remain as is”
Like the list though, how about Heretic?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / (To comunity)Are u serious?

I don’t really care how long/short they are personally, as long as it’s at least 2-3 days long.

I more care about some change that makes them less 24/7…

Originally posted by Fire11111:

The real problem is most peoples in top guild, dont sleep enought. Rest of players including me dont have this problem.

The only real solution, would be, let guild leader and officer perform mass atacks for disconnected players on auto. Technically this wouldn be too much problem.

Redusing time its a bad idea, bcs for some gw is the only fun in this game.

This is a good idea, I support it, then you just need 3+ officers around different timezones.
But it’s not the only real solution, just a very viable one that imposes very little change to the current system.
(Easily one of the better solutions though)

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [TO DEVS] 9 packs of 350 Righteous. . & No BENI!?!?

$1.4k, wow, no wonder these pay2win schemes work, there are people that genuinely fuel them. Not that I’m looking down on you, I just don’t like to buy my progress, and would personally spend that $$$ elsewhere…

To each their own after all.

But personally, until specific cards become buyable with WBs, I’d recommend not tossing WBs at “chances” of getting something good. Although, the odds of such implementation are probably low/not soon…
Personally, I just want to buy a copy of ophiuchus, cause I like the name/art.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What the F*ck

Basic card pack (100g/card)
Common: 912
Rare: 106
Epic: 2
Sinew Feeder#276

Rare card pack (2 cards, 1 rare or higher)
Common: 4
Rare: 6

Artifact set 2
Rare: 23
Epic: 2
Blood pool x2(#5,#19)

Rare: 20
Legend: 1

Also, prior to starting my records, I pulled 2 Apex (in first 5 days), 1 Daemon, 1 Sinew Feeder from daily, and 1 Windreaver from pack.

And to note, I just simulated a RNG with 1-5, took 16 attempts till I got a 5.
I think that’s a bit anomalous to be honest, but anomalies can and will happen.

Joined in the middle of whatever event recent event featured halesurge.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / A Tier List For All F2P Card Fusions And Tips For New Players

Great post, I feel it’s quite accurate too, but…

I feel a few of the cards in D-F class were put there because the reagents used are much better allocated to superior cards, and I think that’s not a fair comparison of capabilities (like Entrails Bog, which is maybe C-B in mono BT, and Apex D, which should be D class).

And I’d appreciate seeing how mid fusions that have max fusions of A+ ranks qualify, such as Constrictor vs Tumblox and Galereaver VS Tumbler.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / [To Dev] What is fun?

Sorry if the post is (too) big, but apologizing made it bigger :3

1 to following Arena suggestion(s)…
[]PvP Max battler energy increase per PvP rank. It makes sense, gives reason to climb the pvp ladder, and has 0 impact on game balance.
[]More achievements & Ranks. Player’s that have goals have more reason to play than those who don’t, also shouldn’t affect game balance, and gives reason to climb PvP ladder.

1 to following War suggestion(s)…
[]Limiting war Refills, but I would instead like to suggest that you could only buy 1 (or 25 energy) per war, as you I’m sure you don’t want to impose players to have to wait till current war ends/watch for next wars, and it would have the same intended result.
[]Win/loss point ratio change. But unlike OP, war points should not be perfectly flat, a war won by 1 point should not give as much as a war won by 1,000, but also, a war won with 1,000 points total, should not give as much as a war won with 10,000. The same should be said for losing, losing at 500 should give less then losing at 1,000, but not in total if the war lost at 500 lost by very little.
{}In short, there should be two calculations, one that says winner gets X and loser gets (X-Y%) * Loser/Winner, and another that gives points based on total war efforts.

1 to the following Mission suggestion(s)…
[]Reduced energy cost. Not by as much as the numbers OP suggests though, maxing a high mission with only 4 hours worth of energy is a bit much.
[]Surging in PvE, could make a fairly decent amount of content out of it…
[]Bosses with siege structures, but none of the early ones, and not necessarily only at lvl 10.
[]Increased drop rate for common artifacts, more so at higher energy costs
{}Preferably disable artifact stealing, or the whole artifact system altogether, as it’s currently far too exploited and will continue to be until something is done.

1 to the following Brawls suggestion(s)…
[] Changes in reward ranks. I feel it should be more % based of the highest scorer than rank placement though.

Everything to the notion that wars should be changed in such a way that asks for much less surveillance/attention over the course of a 24 hour period.

My own arena suggestion(s)…
[]Give more gold for fighting higher ranked players, could be a simple 1 extra base gold per opponent rank but lower base gold (example: All currently offer 25-100 based on rating, I suggest that the minimum be 20+rank-(20+rank)***4, so a rank 15 would offer 35-140)
[]In an effort to stop the artifact abuse without abolishing the system, I suggest you impose rank ups after X wins per rank up to rank 10 (somewhere between rank 10-15 may be better). It doesn’t by any means fix the system, as it doesn’t stop players from farming low levels, but it does mitigate it, by limiting how much they can “get away” with. (After a lot of thought, I think 100 flat wins per rank would be ideal)
{}It doesn’t stop them from staying at a low rating and attacking low levels, one way to fix that is to not allow a player’s rating to drop below their rank minimum, which would solve that entirely.

And just want to say, any abuse/exploit is only as legitimate as the devs make/let it. I’m not and won’t say that artifact farming is illegitimate, but I will say it’s [insert favorite insult(s) here].

PS: Kong formatting sucks, who thought 2 single characters in a paragraph should change everything between…

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Devs! 4 turn cards need some major help.

I’m thinking the quick cards should be nerfed first, there are a few 1 delay non-fused epics that tie and exceed the base power of any 4 turn maxed rare (even fused)…

And though I’m fairly sure this topic spawned due to the brawl surge mechanic, but I feel it’s a legitimate problem outside of it as well…

And not to derail, but this game is anything but balanced though. It employs hopeless odds/difficulty and offers advantage as a means of getting money from it’s players, fairly common strategies.
And they’ll continue to be implemented in games so long as they work “enough” I suppose…

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [Closed]

Just curious, but…
Are the skills Siphon/Valor/Legion/Regenerate/Refresh compatible with event triggers? (on attacked, on play, etc.)
Is “all” applicable to Counter?
And are actions capable of damage-dependent effects like poison/disease/sunder?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / My suggestions to this game (not raid/pay2win related)

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

I’m going to preface this post with a passing comment that since it does not increase revenue, it will most likely be ignored.

1. Devs too lazy to implement sorting. Not totally sure why you need it anyway.
2. Nah, just WB your second deck.
3. The current descriptions are adequate adequate.
4. No. The pc port was an afterthought.
5. This is a fair point.
6. Nah. Moar money that way.
7. Also a fair point.
8. No. The point is that you take a gamble.
9. Just you.
10. Largely a redundant request.
11. Yes. But will be implemented badly on mobile, so no.
12. Artifact system is pretty broken as is, plus it’s a legitimate strategy.
13. Where is it? You skipped straight to 14.
14. And put a bigger load on servers resulting in higher server cost? Nty.
15. There will always be tier boundaries, greedy sod.
16. Make more officers, dumbass.
17. Devs are unreasonable. Duh.
18. Fair, but server load.
19. This is already done, dumbass.
20. No, that’s just how it works.
21. Why? If they read the forums they’d be sufficiently clued in.

No, “your” suggestions were not implemented. The only one implemented was a rather popular complaint, not even in the way you mentioned.

I don’t much care for the tone you set with your preface, but I suppose you’re entitled to it.

I suppose in the grand scheme of things, sorting is partially unneeded, and to an extent, filtering is a form of sorting, it doesn’t re-order cards per-say, but it helps navigate to what you want, which is also the point of sorting. So yeah, different implementation that contributes to the same solution, I’l change the note on that…

Not sure what you mean by #2, I’m fairly sure you didn’t read 20, and I don’t think you (or anyone for that matter) understood #8…

I’m fairly sure 11 could be done very easily, mobile or not, with a simple button in the current card window, preferably in a corner, that toggles visibility.

Many of your comments are just plain rude, or misunderstanding, specifically 9, 16, 17, 6, and 19…
(And no, 19 was not done, I was there at 11:20 time left, and I did not witness any of what I suggested, so, enlighten me, if you would? preferably with specifics, if possible)

14 would be done by client memory, not server bandwidth, I’m not actually sure how you would consider doing it otherwise…

Suggestion 21, is aimed to improve the game by making it more user friendly, and to save player’s time. That’s why.

You bring up server load again in 18, I know you probably might not care, but I’m going to go into detail, on how memory works…
Let’s start with the amount of memory a player card pool takes…
Let’s say, each player has 0/100 cards, but there is a max of 0/300…
This means there needs to be storage allocated for the maximum amount of space per player, so space is made for 300 cards per player…
How much memory does that take? Well, cards are likely ID’ed, so you need numeric values to store each card…
If the number of IDs reaches 256, you would need 8 bits, each bit being a 0 or 1…
Now, let’s estimate that there is space made for future additions, I’l say 16 bits, or 65,535 for simplicity sake…
That’s 16 bits, times 300 cards, for 4800 bits of storage, and also the max estimated transfer, for cards alone.
Add in a counter for win/loss, but in this case, 10 bits per is probably enough (1023 max win and loss records)
That’s roughly, another card, yep, what a burden on those servers (admittedly, cards are probably stored differently and possibly more efficiently then my example, but that IS how memory/storage works, and the comparison stands)

Anyway, as crass as your post is, I can appreciate it on some level, so thanks for the input, as it has helped me realize, that I should probably revise this, fairly soon…

And thanks for the note on 13, gotta learn to count eh?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / My suggestions to this game (not raid/pay2win related)

With the brawl event…

In the war event that preceded, there was a period of time at the end where starting wars was disabled, allowing only currently existing wars to finish.

For Brawl events, I suggest that something similar be implemented…

My example to suggest, is that the honor (purple energy) stop regenerating 12 hours prior to the end, OR, the event carry on 12 hours past, but disallow honor regen for that period of time.

The brawl event, and many other events, have battleground effects, but for some reason, these can be evaded, I’d like to suggest that either the skill info be changed to suit this, or, have the battleground effects bypass evade.

Currently, they should be bypassing, but I don’t know if it’s intentional or not for it to do so, even though the description for evade specifically states “Avoid enemy skills”.

If possible, either in the event window or somewhere, I believe the battleground effect should be visible prior to entering a battle, unless the battleground effect is to be random, in which case it could just say it’s going to be random.

Also, I’m pleased to point out, that some of my suggestions have been implemented, partially or otherwise, as they are, I will tag them as “Implemented” through edit.

EDIT: As any of these are implemented, I will mark them as such, including if changes are made in a different fashion than my suggestion, if the changes satisfy the end purpose of the suggestion.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / Gorrus, go to your corner!

This card might pale in comparison to some other event cards, but keep in mind, that the low-tier event rewards are probably not ever very useful to players who are reaching mid-top tier rewards.

For me, it’s the first event reward card I’ve been able to reach, and I don’t think it’s that bad (1 turn 3 strike, beats any non-fused epic from standard of same CD imo), though it’s a shame I was 1 rank away (#501, 2 points off) from being able to fuse them T.T

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / My suggestions to this game (not raid/pay2win related)

With the recent war event…
Reward tiers should be inclusive to those who are within 1% of the lowest within each tier.
To give an example, my guild was rank #501 with 20557 points, rank #500 had 20559 points…
The difference in 2 points, equates to less than one one-hundredth of a percent…
A difference of that measure should not discount one from a reward tier, because it is effectively non-existent.

(Alternatively, it could be 0.001%*rank tier, so a rank 500 tier would have a buffer of 0.5% of rank #500
But it may be wise to disable the buffer for ranks 50 and below)

Guild members, while not able to use the fortress repair kits, should be able to see how many are available, to help decide if starting a war now or waiting for an officer to get on would be best.

The number of wars should be limited each day (example, 3 attacks, 6 defends), there’s no reason to make the event ask for 24 hour participation for 3 days, besides to be unreasonable…

With this change, guild members should not be able to start wars.

I would really appreciate being able to see my performance on defenses. Optimally, a guild leader should be able to see everyone’s statistics, so they can offer advice and/or kick as well.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [To DEVs] Currency Transfer Suggestions

Personally, I feel level would be a rather good indicator of what to give, it could even be tiered…

level 1 (a souvenir card: Maybe something like a factionless commander (suggested max: 10hp prot2 weak2 siege2))
Level 20 (1k gold)
Level 50 (Rare pack)
level 100 (Epic pack)
level ? (?)

Level/x*salvage crates
Example: if x was 10, level 50 players would get 5 salvage crates

With regards to WarBonds…
I may sound rather callous by saying this, but I feel that they should not be transferred.
When you play a competitive multiplayer pay2win game, and you pay, you get advantages and have free reign to use them, for the lifetime of that game.
To refund that, feels fundamentally wrong, in that you would essentially get the benefits of pay2winning in 2 seperate game lifetime’s for the price of one.
If you players want to pay2win again, I feel you should have to pay again.
(I’m freemium btw, so if you want to call me out for being biased, go for it :3)

(Though I will say that anyone who put $$$ into WMT within at least 6 months prior to the shutdown notice should be refunded their kreds, because I feel the devs went limbo on purpose…)

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Card evolution: DON'T EVER EVOLVE A YELLOW CARD WITH A GREEN ONE!

Speaking of that 5% loss by fusing a I with a II, I was wondering…

Leveling up a tower, gives a “+efficiency”, just like evolving them…
But are these additive or multiplicative?
Additive would be 100%45%evolve35%level=180%base
Multiplicative would be 100%45%evolve=145%35%level=195.75%base

In other words, does it matter the order of level VS evolve?

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Advice/Tips

Originally posted by solarcloud7:

Yeah the hard levels later on really suck. I wish I would have farmed them when they were easy. Now i screwed myself.

From what I can tell, the biggest initial problem is having to include detection towers/spells, since it’s both a tower slot and a tower placed/wasted compared to not having to use them.

But as far as the topic goes, it is very important to evolve towers to III.
Beyond that, Max wooden/fire/sling towers first, then mortar.
Lastly, it’s very cost effective to fuse/upgrade damage towers, but status towers have minimal differences between levels…

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Prime World: Defenders FAQ

I’ve assumed the stones are indestructible, since most things you could destroy are selectable…

Chalk it up to random map generation, and adapt to it I suppose, I kind of like it personally.