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Topic: Kongregate / Option to remove fans

I have contacted Kongregate a few months ago to know if they plan to add such a functionality on the profile page (which would allow the player to delete or hide “fans”, just like with friends). They didn’t answer.

Almost all of my own “fans” are bots or blank accounts (no badges, no comments or forum posts, even banned users). Of course, having these unknown and unwanted fellows is not a big deal; it’s just silly.

I agree that the profile page should be more flexible, too, with the possibility to hide/move blocks and select the number of lists items. Displaying things like fans or awards is pointless for most players.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Senatry] New GM

We will miss you for sure. You did a great job.

As for a new GM, I have to agree with Rhieks: you can’t reasonably expect that someone will take over the position. There’s simply no reason to do volunteer work on a browser game which – let face it – doesn’t deserve it.