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Topic: Kongregate / Good news, everyone! jmtb02 is joining Kongregate

I was talking about this with someone else last night, actually. I started out on ArmorGames and really, really liked it a lot. In the summer of 2011 I started playing here on Kongregate, too. Since then, though, ArmorGames has changed a lot and I don’t like it. The quality and quantity of games has dropped, significantly. The advertisements they use are more invasive now. Hell, I can’t even play games on there anymore without my laptop overheating.

Devoidless, I’m not sure what you have against Kongregate (most people in that thread seemed to hate us), but I saw what was said about another person leaving. Ian, I think. ArmorGames seems to be falling/have fallen from grace. I’m both really sad for that and kind of happy because it gives Kongregate an even bigger and better chance to shine. Mostly, I’m just really happy that jmtb02 is here with us, and happy.

Who said anything about me having something against Kong? You assume far too much. I just don’t use this site. It’s a personal choice. I’m not going to explain why whilst throwing in petty, opinionated jabs about your website of choice. That would be a silly thing to do. So I’m just going to leave it at ‘I like the community over there better’ seeing as I don’t often play Flash games. That’s why I bought a five-thousand dollar set-up to play real games on. XD

I suppose I’ll just mosey on over part to my part of the internet now.
Love you, John! Tell Carlie ‘Hi!’ for me, kthnx.

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Topic: Kongregate / Good news, everyone! jmtb02 is joining Kongregate

A bunch of new users blew that thread up big time. So new that I don’t/hardly recognize a good deal of them. Over here I see a lot of the same sort of posts, yet instead of wails of sorrow you get gigglesnorts of glee. It amuses me.

I really do wish John the best and hope things go well for him. I’m sure he’ll keep on creating awesome games and vomiting all the awesomeness on our interwebs so people can enjoy them. Which is the main point, right? Giving people games to enjoy. Done and done, regardless of perceived camp allegiances.

And since you guys are taking people from AG, want another mod? Eh, eh? Four years of experience. Just throwing it out there. I mean, um, what? >_>


Originally posted by ironblade41:

Just got the link to this from AG and I’m glad he’s coming to Kong. Kong is, overall, a better sight.

I swear, I’ll ban you for treason! I’ll do it! I’m crazy! Well, I’ll get around to it after these pink elephants get out of my room. Annoying things, they are.

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Topic: Kongregate / Good news, everyone! jmtb02 is joining Kongregate

Dear John,

Does this mean you’ll never call me ever again? You never even said goodbye. I miss you already.
There is a gaping wound in my soul and heart that shall never heal. I gaze longingly at my “This is the only mug” mug and find myself trying to hold back tears. I resist the urge to get drunk and message you via chat clients. Instead I go to bed cold and alone knowing you’ll never be here again, crying myself to sleep.
They say “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it dosent, then it was never meant to be.” So this is me letting you go.
There will never be anyone else to replace you. I swear that to you…
Goodbye, sweet prince.