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Topic: Dream World / FW update

What a great idea!

That would be a huge boon to guilds with a large span of levels. If you could just set it up so a guild could set both fw1 and fw2, then guilds would have a choice if they were going to choose one or both. You wouldn’t want them to actually be entered at the same time, I don’t think – because you couldn’t have the same kind of planning that goes on – to get a ‘good’ side.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

As a guild, LET has come up with some suggestions for the next expansion/update.

*The most hated part of DW is invasion. To improve it, the MS could send a lower ship to attack, for an MB, lets say for every 1b, or 100 attacks done?

*The drops of FW are not challenging for most of the hitters. Maybe make them lvl related?
*If you get a cap on FW but not in top 5, you should get coins like you do for other bosses.
*A stronger fort (FW3) with better rewards would be highly appreciated.
*FW3 – Same format of FW1 and FW2. The difference: After killing 20-30 forts you gets a much stronger fort (lets say 10b) that has a high probability of dropping extended gear (level dependent). The stronger fort (FW3) is only available for FW2 players. And high probability means in the range of 30%. 
Once FW3 fort is killed you return doing FW2.

*The system of Hell Gates (HG) drops is guild unfriendly. Make it more like FW with 100% chance of extended for first, 80% for second, etc
*Once a person gets the 3 badges of the HG at their level, they should be able to attack the hell gates at the next level. i.e. A 93 that has badges for H1-3 should be able to attack H4-6. A 96 that has badges for H4-6 s/b able to attack H7-9.
*Final hell bosses (3,6,9) should heal themselves each hour they are up by at least 20% creating a more challenging approach, players will want to kill faster. An aspect thats only been used with Naha.

*Make a setting for GM/GO’s that would make people unable to donate coin to a guild vault – for those guilds who want to stay a certain level.

*Make card drop rate higher during weekdays (might create an incentive to play on weekdays). It would have good synergy with next update/card battles and whatnot.

*Create a new buff like a “wealth” pill. Once taken, it gives an additional 50% more coins. Time limited, i.e. 1 day.
*Create a wealth Ally. Wealth goes up with Ally Skill Books.
*Create a new NPC that sells luck potions, good for ragers that want a high drop rate from mobs or to find more wells.
*Create a consumable tali potion that replenishes your tali. With it, you’d have the chance of using your tali multiple times during a fight. It could cost 5 gems or so.
*Epots cost 5 gems and a percentage of success. Would anyone pay 12 gems to guarantee it working?
*Get rid of hardcaps for a very low chance at success. Like 1% epot success or 0.25% ally book success chance.
*Cut down the BM bid time. If within 30 min, have it re-set to 10.
*Make positron stuff vaultable.
*Add another E ring at 102 and attack ring at 105.

*Improve the reward system for top ranked guilds. Right now, there’s no real incentive to go top.

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking for Guild

Not true. You don’t ever HAVE to join a guild in this game. Maybe you need to move up a district in order to keep earning xp.