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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] "Change is coming..."

As long as its NOT A SERVER MERGE i think were going to be fine…

I LOVE this game
I like this game a lot :D

That’s what you get for server-merging >.>

lol__lol <<<< Epic facey :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Heroes of Gaia] do you remember the golden days

Ah, golden days… When Pan was the first server, those were surely great times ^^ i wonder if i’ll find my castle around the places in here xD (my acc got deleted due to unactiveness)

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Topic: General Gaming / Arcuz - elemental bonuses

I was thinking, since we can enchant wepons to get magic attacks (poison, thunder, fire and ice) is there any kind of bonus to enemies in a weaker element, like using an ice magic in a fire enemy = extra damage?

guys plz answer!

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Topic: Sonny 2 / Why Sonny 2 was an abomination, and why Sonny 3 should not be made

@BobSaggetftw i wanted to know who you’re talking about….

@everyone indeed, sonny 2 has a storyline which goes far from the first game; but please ppl, if there will be a 3, it means we now have one more piece of the puzzle, AKA: we might know the story better

@xIridescence uhm even if there are those fanboys (like me lawlz) i think you shouldnt mention them as “newbies” cos its their first time playing or 2nd time, watever, cos one day they might make their mind and be like u pplz.
well, in fact, sonny 2’s battle soundtrack wasnt like sonny 1’s, you REALLY feel like the music drags u into the fight in the first game, on the other hand, the music really doesnt fit the scene in sonny 2.

@einfach im NOT starting an argue because someone played a game thousand times and now ur bored of it, or found mistakes on the game, i dont even want u to reply this ; i just wanna say that even if ur right, which is my thought, (remember, im a sonny fanboy too!!) i think you cant just go on and post topics like these, they’ll make ppl get mad at u, (ITS NOT A BAD IDEA!!!! JUST BE CAREFUL!!!!) and sometimes, you’ll find urself angry becos there are ppl who dont know how ur thinking works.

well thats all, and if u do think im wrong, DO NOT send me thousand replies, PLEASE DONT REPLY TO ARGUE!!!! i hate it when u simply wanna raise post count and u say like 5 words against the thread

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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] What we want!

For jobs: (sorry to keep sonny 1/2 jobs X_X)
Assassin (has many high damage skills and many speed buffs, considerably easy to kill)
Elastic (uses body as slingshot, throws giant stones, changes size…decent health)
Keeper (confuses enemies, making them switch side fors turns, and uses magical attack skills, balance between attack and defense = lower health output)
Undead seargent (Roald in zombie form X_X, but with many shooting skills, hard to kill, group buffs, lowest focus output)
Guest type Zomdroid* ( half zombie, half robot, high defense and attack, low speed and magical potencial. Taunt skill (NOT AVALIABLE TO PVP!!!!) and lowest focus output EVER)
Veradux’s enchanced form Grand soldier ( same as old Veradux, but with many extra attacks and stuffs)

Zomdroid might me strange, but there is a reason: Making a new storyline with new people in it X_X

note*Verdux enchance, may be a secret after beating the game or stuffs