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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [BigHeadBash] Newest update (accuracy) is a problem

I was so happy, when i saw that there is a new update on the game. I thought the lags that bugged me so often recently, would be gone now. And that the pictures would change correctly if you pick up another gun. And and and.
So i start the game, join a room. Notice everything’s somehow changed, but can’t describe it, except for the big aiming cross.
Well, nevermind. Locate my enemy. He/she’s not very experienced and just stands that without moving, while shooting at me.
I was jumping around him, trying to hit him with my sniper rifle. Despite the fact that i was really close to him, and he wasnt moving, i missed the first 3 shots. Because everytime i shoot,( althought aimed with the cross on the enemy) the shot comes out, as if im some person that suffers constantly from spasms. That’s not fun :(
I agree with everyone’s post so far. For me ( probably for the most) the worst thing is this new accuracy system.
Please remove this, or alter it. And instead make the game lag-free, as it was before the last 2 or 3 updates. That was so much fun playing. But now it’s getting really annoying.
I don’t know for how long im continue playing this game, if it won’t get better.
I was trying for a few days to get some friends of mine, to try out and play that game, because it’s so awesome.
Now I’m regretting that they couldn’t have seen it, as it was a while ago :(