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Topic: Dream World / new wiseman image

As a friend of mine said today in chat, the new Gambler seems a gay Mario Bros.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I have a little suggestion for a Category; why don’t add Retro Games? Now the DB starts to be filled with them! Just for saying some: You Have To Burn The Rope, I wish I were the Moon, Don’t Look Back, MoneySeize, How to Raise a Dragon, Tower of Greed, Vox Populi, Vox Dei(a werewolf thriller), Canabalt, Gamma Bros, Level Up!, Infectonator…

Also do something for the avatar gif-uploading problem.

However great work Greg ^^

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Topic: Dream World / Harvester

OK, seriously. I’ve finally finished the Side Quest “Harvester”. I’m lv 48. I’ve killed I-dont-know-how-many dragons for getting those 10 dragon scales. I return to the city and my reward is 1mil? Come on boy, I make 1 million with 1 pvp or 4 pve.
This is simply stupid.

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Topic: Dream World / High Priestess VS Phoenix

What do you think it’s better?


HP skills → Heal – Atk – Heal
PX skills → Heal – Atk – Block

and if you block you don’t need to heal.
But is PX’s block worth the less Healing and Atk value? Unfortunatly if you switch from HP to PX you can come back whenever you want but from PX to HP it’s a life decision…

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Topic: Dream World / Advice on Pet

if you block, you don’t have to heal. That’s it.

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version (CR 2009.09.02)

I think that a great add could be a feature that allows users to search badges by “difficulties”. I mean, when I need about 50 points to reach a new level I search for impossible and hard badges, and have to search one page after another into the “achievements” section. And i think another great add could be a count of badges sorted by difficulties. You know, something as “you got 41 impossible badges”. However, great work man!