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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Class Suggestions Thread

Actually all abilities are designed to hinder enemy movement and get close to them due to the small cone of attack range. This class is designed to fight until the end. To make sure you´re opponent does not run away.

The Striker class can do hit and runs due to bleed damage and Leep slam.

Anyhows the Fighter type tree is for those who do not desire the circle strafing or hit & runs. its for those who want a brawl to the death.

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Topic: Sonny 2 / In-Depth Psychological Legend Guide with Zones 6 and 7

Well this build that was originaly posted clearly does not work. You can not even beat the three ice monsters in zone 2. How stupid isnt that? Its one thing to fail one or two times but not 12. This is clearly fake.

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Topic: Off-topic / What would you do in a Zombie Outbreak?

first i would find out bye it going on the tv or if i hear screams outside or i see somebody dying. i would get home and i have an advantage IM ALWAYS HOME UNLESS SCHOOL. then i would get my axe yeah i have an axe. i would get googles. 1 light t shirt and 1 jacket 1 pair of jeans whatever socks i have. sneakers. then i would grab my backpack and fill it with food i have home. that would take 5-10 mins not do long time. get to my car and drive to an area very small. i would drive to a very small city or village reasonably near me. barricade when there in a good place they would probably have a food store so id hidce there. to avoid getting killed i would use curtains if i had to block the zombies to see in to the store on thoose doors whom open and closes. i would make it so the doors dont open and the survivors would know im in there beacuse there are curtains and they cant get in. i would turn of the light live there until it runs out then i would take the ramaining food from my store and leave and switch to another store. and hope i there would be lees zombies and mankind has solved it if not i would get to another store and repeat my process.