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Topic: Shop Heroes / Cannot continue

Game stuck on build wardrobe quest. built with gold instead of gems. having to spend the gems i just got from leveling for this quest is stupid.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Prepare to Team Up as Space Raiders!

So, the powerful players get to get phat loot from this and steal loot from weaker players when they don’t have charts? Awesome.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Not getting player stats added to damage.

This only seems to happen when i’m in brawls but after a while my player stats i.e. magic is no longer added to my attacks. My absorb didn’t seem to be working correctly either.

My wisdom is being raised by Cleric of Rensha(s). After a few times of being raised this bug happens.

At the time i played this card my magic was at 11. (10 wisdom from depleting CoR a lot due to not dealing any damage due to this bug.

Iris’s turn begins

Iris draws Poltergeist
Iris plays Healing Light

Iris heals 3 from Healing Light
Iris heals:
+ Golden Glory
+ Torment
+ Blood Bond
Iris shuffles their deck
Healing Light deals 0 damage to Corrupted Wizard
+ 2 Attack (Card)
+ 3 Attack (Bonus)
– 5 Absorb (Card)
– 6 Absorb (Player Stats)
Total = 0
Iris gains 1 MC
Corrupted Wizard’s buff Blood Bond fades

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

Lvl 86 shop.
lvl 60-65 workers
contribute about 5k each worker per day
zeroiris_1 ingame

looking for guild with similar lvl players