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Topic: Technical Support / Invites to join Kongregate

When I send invites to join Kongregate, my friends say there is no referral link in the email. Can you guys get this fixed? I sent several emails already, but I did not get my referral points when they joined. Isn’t there a program that remembers the emails that I sent to, and when they join using the same email, I will get connected with them immediately? (Talking about an alternative to the referral link.)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] Blocking People

How do you block people? Is there a way to do this so that people will stop following you or stop clicking on you for PvP. It’s very annoying.

If there is no way to block, I suggest that this option should be available to all.

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Topic: Elements / Best mutations

I’ve had many dragons, but I gotta say that the best one I ever had was a 0/2 graboid with hatch while it remained burried.

It hatched into a burried 3/2 arctic squid.

I just froze monsters and they couldn’t kill my squid.