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Topic: Off-topic / The Official My Little Pony Thread

Originally posted by antman4990:
Originally posted by iStark:

yes. watch it

Any episode recommendations?

the best is either episode 7 – dragonshy or episode 25 – party of one

Friendship is Magic and Dragonshy are the best episodes to start with. Bridle Gossip, Winter Wrap-Up, Sonic Rainboom, Cutie Mark Chronicles, and Party of One, and Best Night Ever are all some of the most universally agreed-upon-as-best once you’ve gotten to know the characters a little.

In my opinion, though, every single episode in Season 1 with the possible exceptions of Stare Master and Bird in the Hoof (which themselves have some really excellent scenes) is absolutely fantastic.

Also funny to see a 31-page-long thread where people are still being all anti-pony/anti-ponies-on-this-particular-forum/whatever. I thought I’d get some posts on Kongregate for once but this is not a particularly welcoming environment. Also, I’d appreciate it if people with little girl anime avatars didn’t go on about how liking ponies makes one a pedo, haha.

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Topic: Off-topic / What Is A Man?

Originally posted by SamsterSamster:

That part of the game is probably the worst voice-acting ever in a game.

I actually really, really love the voice acting in the original English version of SotN. It’s powerfully over-the-top in a way you’d expect from a series where you usually play as a whip-toting muscleman (or prettyboy) fighting mummies, Medusa, Frankenstein’s monster and a mythical vampire from Transylvania. And if you even dare say that Alucard’s voice in the original isn’t one of the BEST video game voices ever you’re only fooling yourself.

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