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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

Just chiming in to say that I, too, really wish there were a way to earn previous weeks’ Kongpanions. I don’t like being locked out of content forever, and I’m sure plenty of new users will feel the same way.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] Share you house!

Originally posted by cool10927353:

my username is cool10927353, they nickname me cool, so state wicth 1 u mean

Your first post in the topic is after he made the compliment. How could he have meant you?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] Here's some feedback, RobbyZ.

Originally posted by RobbyZ:

Thanks for the detailed constructive feedback Metaright

No problem. I do enjoy the game a lot as it is.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [8BitMMO (Construction Sandbox)] Here's some feedback, RobbyZ.

I have to agree with most of Solsund’s points. These points may include repeats of what he said, but here are my issues:

-At this point, you have to walk an obnoxiously long time to be able to place blocks

-Notifications, such as “You’ve gained one coin” or “PvP is enabled”, as well as the entirety of signs’ and NPCs’ messages, show up in the chat box. This clogs it up, not allowing me to see actual chatting.

-There is no way to set a home point. I was almost laughing when I realized that you didn’t include this. Why should I have to venture out so far to build if I’m never going to be able to find the place again?

-Certain items, such as the door that can only be opened by the one who places it, require real-world money to obtain. I’m all for giving gold out for money, but if you restrict what I have to work with in the game unless I pay you, especially after you claim that it’s free, it really doesn’t sit well with me.

-Lawyercats, the only enemies you can fight outside the tutorial, seem to be floating int he air. When you approach them, they pause and lower down to ground level. This means they warp several spaces downward, away from where I would be aiming.

-The lag in the game causes me to be hurt several seconds after I get hit. This results in me running away thinking I’m safe, followed by the cat doing its attack animation and me warping to the origin. It’s impossible to tell if you’ve been hurt until several seconds after it actually happens.

-Picking up gold coins does not always work. At best I’ll have to walk over them several times, at worst I’ll have to abandon them because they won’t pick up.

-The explanation of the z-axis is, frankly, terrible. I was told to hold shift and click for something different to happen, but nothing is different. I may just not be doing it right, but the explanation wasn’t helpful. In order to put a roof on my house, I had to lay down concrete blocks, lay roof tiles on top of those, and remove the concrete blocks from under them.

-It is very hard to place blocks accurately.

-The GUI is not very good at all:

1) The names of the other players are very hard to read.

2) The menu system is terrible; the menus are much too big, and in order to select a block form the inventory/shop I have to switch over to the mouse. This, coupled with the fact that block placement is hardly accurate in the least, breaks the flow of the game very severely.

3) As mentioned, the game’s notifications are thrown into the chat box.

4) The same button is used to operate signs and warp pads. This creates awkward situations where a warp pad is adjacent to a sign, and I’m never sure which will trigger.

5) When scrolling up an reading through the chat logs, the entire chat box scrolls down whenever a new message is chatted. This happens very rapidly, making it very hard, if not impossible, to read previous messages.

6) Other players’ movement is very jumpy. If this game is going to feature PvP, this must be fixed.

7) On the log-in screen, the option “I’m feeling slanted” is perplexing. It appears to just slant that single screen to the right. It doesn’t change the game itself at all, so…am I missing something, or is it really that pointless?

-Every so often, the game will freeze up and stop responding. The only way to tell if the issue has stopped is to either mash the space bar to see if it works or keep an eye on the chat box.

This game has potential, but right now it has some serious improvement to make.

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Topic: General Gaming / Why do so many people think Little Wheel is easy?

Originally posted by CROWst:
Originally posted by Metaright:

I am older than 13.

>has age hidden on profile


You probably signed up as being born in the 1970’s to hide the fact that you are underage.

No, I just don’t want anyone knowing my exact age, because people act like anyone under 20 is an idiot.

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Topic: General Gaming / Why do so many people think Little Wheel is easy?

I am older than 13.

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Topic: General Gaming / Why do so many people think Little Wheel is easy?

Hardly any of the puzzles are clear at all. There’s no indication of what you’re supposed to do in most of the scenes. It’s mainly just blind button-mashing, and that’s when I didn’t need the walkthrough to move forward. The fact that people call this game easy blows my mind.

And yeah, I know it’s an old game.

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Topic: General Gaming / Learn to fly 6000 feet help!!!

Speaking of bumping a dead thread, why is it bad to do it? Why not let newer people see it?

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Topic: General Gaming / Badge of the Day: Necronator [Medium]

I already had it done, but after playing the game again, I have no idea how. The game’s controls are terrible. I changed my 5-star rating to a 3-star rating.

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Topic: General Gaming / Minecraft is LAME!

Originally posted by stefikkk:


1. And what? In that case Minecraft came out before fortresscraft so fortresscraft is a rip-off of minecraft
2. I don’t know about ANY shovel, honestly, and it is a adventure game, minecraft is adventure game, so sword is in Zelda needed, you can’t say minecraft is a rip-off of LoZ because it has swords, it would be no fun without agressive mobs, would it?
3. almost every 90’s game was blocky, blocks made minecraft more simple to understand, unlike “stranded”, which is complicated to understand
5. Could you imagine an adventure game without trees and water?

Beat it, mr. troll…

1. Okay.
2. So, (assuming that Minecraft IS a rip-off of Zelda,) being fun because of aggressive mobs changes…what? A rip-off is a rip-off.
3. What if “almost every 90’s game” was a rip-off? What about the 80’s games?
4. So you’re saying it is not an adventure game without skeletons and exploding monsters. Without those, it is not an adventure game, and with those, it automatically is.
5. Er, yes. I can. It’s not that hard to imagine.

Beat it, Mr. No-logic.


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Topic: General Gaming / 3DS: Is it worth it?

Originally posted by Equine_Avian:
Originally posted by DarkOne2345:

If I get it, it’ll be after the price drop. And I won’t get it at all if it isn’t backwards-compatible with DS games

^this would be my attitude if I wasn’t too old for videogames (I’m over 14 years old btw)

What makes you too old? That’s like saying you can be too old to read. I assume you think that to appear “cool”.

And either way, if you haven’t noticed yet…yeah, this, um…this is a video game website.

Anyway, I’m going to wait until they improve the unholy battery life. Three to five hours? What the heck?

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Topic: General Gaming / Snail Bob could use some attention..

I came in here expecting TC to tell that the game is fun.

I am disappoint.

Website from popular GameFAQs topic:

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Topic: General Gaming / crappy games

so kongregate seems bent on adding retarted games. the last couple of new games only have about 100,000 hits. ive played them, and they suck pretty bad.

Oh no! You have unreasonably high standards!

Website from popular GameFAQs topic:

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Topic: General Gaming / Most Over-rated and Under-rated games ever!

The Legend of Zelda franchise
All First-Person Shooters
Final Fantasy franchise

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Topic: General Gaming / I once heard of a Bloons Tower Defense 4 money glitch.

You had to do something like sell a tower for more money than you bought it for. Does anyone know what it is?

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defence 5

Saskue99, that sounds a bit too much like Dart Monkey’s Spik-o-Pult to be a new tower. Maybe it could be like Mortar Towers, you select a direction and it rolls very far in that direction?

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Topic: Off-topic / Is Spongebob a child or an adult?

I say he’s around 20. He lives in a pineapple, while the main residents of Bikini Bottom live in regular apartments/houses, so it might not be a registered house, thus no taxes for Spongebob to pay.

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Topic: General Gaming / Are Graphics really that Important?

Try to find an exception from the rule, “There is an exception to every rule.”

That will answer your question.

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In 2056, Google will rule the world.

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Topic: Off-topic / You are trapped in a house with Elmo...

This is why I love the internet.

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I got used to it in 5 minutes.

But yeah, I want my 1-click logout back! >_<

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defence 5

Saskue, calm down. Here, I made you a link, fresh from the oven.

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Topic: Off-topic / goodbye

You’re leaving?


No spam, plz.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons Tower Defence 5

Originally posted by Hegafire9:

so you think my ideas aren´t serious

(Grammar nitpick) It’s hard to tell. Are you asking a question, or making a statement?

Aside from that, I’m not saying no one else is (trying to be) being serious. I’m saying that most of the people here aren’t. And even if I thought you weren’t, why does that matter?

To get back on topic, I’d say because they added “super upgrades” to BTD4, don’t try to up the ante in BTD5 by adding “super omega upgrades”, or something to that effect.

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Topic: Off-topic / Heart or Head?

I use my heart, but if my head (teehee) thinks it’s a little too stupid, I’ll work out a compromise.