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Topic: General Gaming / Idlekips Bugs/Ideas

Bug: By refreshing the page give this all ur points back u spend into it… but u dont loose anything
Idea: Headspeaker,Eggeyes, Robotface, Medusa Hair

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Topic: General Gaming / Sky Fortress

Hello there
there is a lil TD with an hard system some ppl ratet 1 cause they think its glitchy
Here some instructions
Red —> Mech
Blue —> Spirits

1. Bluetower = Anti air Spirit
2. BlueTower = Ground Spirit
3. BlueTower =All (Mech too) , slow effect does stack

1. RedTower = Ground Mech
2. RedTower = Anti Air Mech
3. RedTower = All Ground (Spirit too) create 10 money per hit

Purple towers attack all

IMPORTANT: to able better towers u have to build more of there color
Have fun MFG: Virgel

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Topic: Kongregate / VOTE NOW: THE FINAL: the best chatroom

Yeah Stolz 4ever!