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Topic: War of Omens / Building an Army on Paper: The Ultimate (Impossible) OP Hero/Deck Combo

Originally posted by Garnakan:

SoR + Draw a card = instant infinite?

Huh, should’ve thought of that one. Yeah, Shrine of Rebirth would be ridiculously OP on Vespitole. Not quite to the point of winning instantly, but still improbably strong, since your spellchains would accelerate instead of diminishing. You couldn’t immediately go infinite, but you’d have a vastly easier time of it.

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Topic: War of Omens / Cards that need nerf or buff

I’ve used Burglary recently; it’s not terrible, when fully upgraded, since it’s more discriminating than Forgery, and denies the enemy a card, and CAN be cheaper than Stolen Plans. Still, that’s sort of circumstantial, and a 1-gold cost buff would make it a lot better.

Agreed on the Apothecary’s heal being useless. She’s only reasonable to use for stocking poisons, and I wouldn’t use her for that capacity without full upgrades, since the stocked poisons are the same upgrade level as she is (as with all restocking cards).

Hedge Guardian is awesome, what are you talking about. The synergy is with Golems, not wards, of course; random attacks against a golem+guardian line will randomly hit the guardians instead of the golems, and those flowers can be kept alive. Not all decks are able to be discriminating enough to avoid giving you flowers this way (re: Daramek), so it can be pretty awesome and effective. And, of course, it’s a 10-strength wall otherwise.

Yarakeen is ok, but expensive. I can usually do more earlier with cheaper things, though, so there winds up being no room for it.

Harvest isn’t bad; apples are cheaper to produce than magic, and apples can be turned whatever you like if you’ve got the right allies. Alternatively, combo with Merchant Guild to make gold. It’s a combo card, and it shows, but if you’ve got the allies on the field to make use of it in the first place, none of it’s drawbacks really apply.

Agreed on Warship. It’s too expensive and too circumstantial; if you had the money for a warship, you’d probably rather have a Knight; if you had the supporting Marshals and Benedictions available to make Warship more effective than a Knight, you could’ve already been winning the game with Knights and the rest. Warship didn’t get updated after the rest of the stuff did, so it lags behind. I’d recommend something like ‘ignores retaliation’ for the Warship; that’d give it a proper role again.

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Topic: War of Omens / Thought on Jesmai & suggested change

Originally posted by Braingeyser:

Is the problem entirely on Jes, or is it the flower? Cap the flower’s charges at 3 and she may be tolerable.

This thread is only around now because of necro, but you’ll note that this is exactly what the devs did, and the fix did seem to work. The issue with flowers was that they were too cheap for how awesome they could get, and it was only particularly obvious with Jesmai because she had the easiest time boosting her flowers.

3 proved to be too little actually, so they were buffed back up to 4, which still seems a lot more reasonable than 10. Jesmai’s still pretty good with 4-magic flowers; she just needs to use some other cards with them instead of just turtling and reinvesting her magic.

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Topic: War of Omens / Building an Army on Paper: The Ultimate (Impossible) OP Hero/Deck Combo

Off the top of my head, I’d run mostly Vespitole cards, plus some permanents from the other factions. I’d probably take Infiltrate in any such arrangement, for increased card-draw potential, but it diverges after that, based on what I’m trying to do. Ysadora would be frightening if supported by some Serpent Shrines, for instance; similarly, Listrata could run the Turtle-Boar combo better than most Daramek decks by converting abundant apples with a Supplicant.

That said, in terms of reasonable theorycrafting, I’d expect that you probably wouldn’t be able to just load up any arbitrary hero with any arbitrary cardlist. I’d be more inclined to suspect playable heroes like Daru, with the hero power of ‘uses cards from faction X and Y’. That’d be quite enough, if you combined cycling Vespitole spells with Metris permanents, or maybe cycling Vespitole walls and guards protecting fragile Metris allies.

If you want to create a reasonable deck that you might actually get to use, I’d challenge you to pick two factions, and assume that your hero power is simply the ability to combine the two factions. That really should be all you need.

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Topic: War of Omens / Cards that need nerf or buff

The thing about Bloodlust is that Daramek is the only faction that doesn’t really do walls. Goat Riders don’t really compare with massed Vespitole ranks, or Endazu wards; even Metris usually fields more Intercept then Daramek, if they chose any allies at all.

Accordingly, it’s kind of appropriate to give them a counter to walls. It’s very situational… against a non-wall using deck, it probably won’t do more than attack once or twice, and is very much a dead card. Direct counters shouldn’t be considered OP when they’re doing what they’re supposed to do. ‘This card which is specifically a hard counter to X is OP against X’ is meaningless; it’s a hard counter, it’s supposed to be super-effective. The question is, how often does it actually get to see use as a hard counter, and how problematic is it to have around at other times.

Best comparison is Malediction, which is a hard counter to spamming low-health minions. It’s so effective, that it drove the Herd of Rats more or less out of circulation until their mechanic was changed entirely. You don’t often see that kind of thing anymore, since people know that it can be countered easily; that’s why you see more walls and stronger allies around. Bloodlust falls under much the same category; its existence should make walls a less attractive way of sheltering weak allies. If Bloodlust gets popular, it’ll push Endazu to prefer regenerating Golems over fragile wards, and Vespitole to prefer retaliating Knights over breakable walls. There ARE counters, you just need to think about the problem and apply them instead of panicking and whining.

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Topic: War of Omens / Arsenic over Wagon Bomb

Originally posted by Charles0Prefect:

I agree mostly, however arsenic wont always eventually kill your opponent, having some charged endazu peacocks, vespitole allies like supplicant and bishop and daramek herds can all provide enough apples to fully heal the damage from two arsenic. It’s never happened to me but I think that by the time you get three or even four arsenic they can simply get more and more allies to heal the damage each turn. But I see that walls and retaliate can be major problems for bombs.

Another thing is hemlock, which is cheaper than arsenic, one does more damage, two do the same damage so maybe it’s better to use hemlock of arsenic as a finisher?

No. Arsenic is a long-term strategy for Metris. One Arsenic is weak, two are pretty decent, three are dangerous, and it keeps escalating. Sure, it takes you awhile to get there… but most of the enemies that get to super-high levels of health are playing the long game, and won’t be able to kill you outright. As such, Arsenic gives you a chance to win the long game.

Metris isn’t usually seen as having a good long-term strategy, but it can be pretty strong in the long game, if built right. Infiltrate increases your income, and/or gives you the strength of the enemy deck, Charlatan lets you spend unlimited amounts of money on enemy cards, Ransack lets you steal enemy cards directly, and so on. It’s a hard balance between long-term optimization and short-term survival, but you need that balance, unless you think you can kill off every slow-burning deck with your initial rush. Given the increased popularity of some very strong and powerful defences (walls, wards, etc…), cards like Arsenic that give Metris real and powerful long-term options are essential.

That said, Apothecary is another viable choice, if leveled properly. A 1-coin tax on poison restocks is worth paying, for the effective inclusion of one of each kind of poison, and the possibility of multiple restocks, if it survives destruction. The ‘fully heal allies’ thing is unlikely to come up, but you might get lucky.

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Topic: War of Omens / Lead the Charge bug

Firstly, “Ignore Intercept” doesn’t mean ‘Will not attack allies with Intercept’. It means ‘Disregarding all sources of Intercept, attack normally’. Normal attacks are sort of random, so you should expect some spread. That can make it hard to distinguish a genuine bug from RNG screw.

Originally posted by DrZomboss:
Originally posted by Sueliman:

No, they went straight to the knight. This has also happened with attacks going to a golem when a warding circle was out. My guess is that if there is a non-ally intercept for some reason that is the only intercept that is ignored and all allies are fair game whether they have intercept or not.

That’s definitively not true. I’ve seen Lead the Charge attack informants and lackeys when there were bodyguards on the field.

For it to be definitively untrue, it’d need to hit random blue minions who are behind BOTH a Bodyguard AND a Frame/Misdirect. The issue seems to be that Lead the Charge, when presented with BOTH Intercepting allies and Intercepting non-allies, will ignore non-ally Intercept, but not ally intercept. I believe I’ve seen this behaviour before, but it’s hard to tell if it’s actually a bug, or just weird RNG screw; more data is needed. I’ll keep an eye out.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / I completed the game

Originally posted by SolarstrikeVG:
Originally posted by Endovior:

A lot of people are getting maxed out now… and I’m one of them. :)

Yu lucky, I’m just a trigintillionaire here.

You’re close, the 2000th newspaper costs in the untrigintillion range.

Originally posted by Zuckas:


Geez, I don’t think I’ll ever get up to 88 tredecillion AIs until after the patch, at 4.125 tredecillion now with 2.0 in the pipeline. How many multipliers do you have to get up to that many trignillion in cash on your Oil?

Edit: Whoops,d idn’t see there was new upgrades :P

x9, as it happens. Also, banks are where it’s at, post 1950 newspapers; I’m making more than twice as much off them as from oil.
Also also, the big deal here is being able to throw 2 tredecillion AIs at “The Good News”; the extra 50 newspapers make all the difference.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / I completed the game

A lot of people are getting maxed out now… and I’m one of them. :)

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / New upgrades don't save

I can’t replicate this; my new upgrades persist between reloads just fine.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Too easy

Originally posted by Zyzzyzus:
Originally posted by Gallowyn:

There is this currency called Kreds that allows you to buy unlimited amount of x3 multiplier to get ahead quickly.

But 2000 requires about 1.4 trillion times as much as 1800. So you’d need a LOT of kreds for it to be feasible this quickly considering most are not even at 1800.

This, particularly since x3s stack additively, instead of multiplicatively.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Too easy

I was in the same situation as OP claimed, newspaper-wise… and though I have unlocked all the upgrades since, and gone from septillions of AIs to undecillions of them, I’m still struggling to hit 1800 newspapers. I imagine things are just going to get slower from here on out, since upgrades are filled out and AI gain is levelling off, so I’d be rather surprised if faster progression was somehow possible.

@OP: pics, or it didn’t happen.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / So, Who's above 2000 everything? (:

Originally posted by Ytratze:

I’ve made it my mission to meet the soft-Cap before an update at least once. Every time there’s been an endgame update I’ve been miles away from meeting the last one lol.

Me, too… but, alas, I’m not quite close enough. I am not going to get another 40 newspapers before the update.

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Topic: War of Omens / Difference between Deceit and Impersonate

Yeah, Deceit pulls from the deck, Impersonate from the hand.

You benefit more from Deceit, since you get two cards. Impersonate hurts them more, since losing a card from their hand is lost income, while losing a card from their deck is a temporary inconvenience (unless it’s a worthwhile card, AND you hang onto it, as Metris might).

For obvious reasons, Impersonate is super-effective against Endazu.

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Topic: War of Omens / Is "Copy" supposed to "Play"?

What Daikoru said; the Overseer synergy would be too powerful otherwise, so the card would have to be more expensive. It’s still pretty awesome, just not improbably overpowered.

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Topic: War of Omens / Please remove or change the "Win X Games in a Row" Daily Quests

Originally posted by AjnaSahasarara:

On the note of new quests… Why not make quests a bit more interesting than just “do this thing”? Give a player a card and say “win five matches with this in your deck somewhere”. Maybe it’s a card they already use? There are good odds not, though. Bonus points: If everyone has a different card (or cards, there are multiple quests in a day), there’s a chance that we might see people messing around with some slightly different decks, instead of mostly similar ones repeating.

This is the best idea. That’s a lot more fun than merely ‘do this thing’.

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Topic: War of Omens / Oak pack (and others) chances - come help

Got it. Added in data from another 48 oak packs (38 common, 10 uncommon) to the doc.

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Topic: War of Omens / Oak pack (and others) chances - come help

I haven’t been tracking my stats thus far, but I’ve gotten more than one epic from oaks (and several from silver).

Just now opened 30 oak, got:

20 common
9 uncommon
1 scarce

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Topic: War of Omens / Turn Time

Originally posted by FabioF1:

You don’t go to Multiplayer if you don’t already know every card.
MP turn times are already VASTLY exaggerated, 30 sec plus the reset every time you play a card (including coins) is way way more than you’d ever need.
I mean once you get decent you shouldn’t take more than 5 sec to take a turn.

The main reason I mostly avoid MP is how people take so long to end a turn, which is very irritating to me.
In real life card games vs strangers you don’t get a whole 30 sec to take a turn in most games, you are supposed to know what is what by practicing before with friends.

Use the computer AI to practice, and once you are good you go to MP else don’t bother, you just irritate people who want to have fun.

I disagree completely.

People who are actually new and don’t know what they’re doing will get ranked low anyways, so they’ll be playing against other newbies. That’s the best way to learn, really, since the AI is stupid, and other people will at least use human strategies. And if it does take them a little while to think of what they’re doing… so what? It’s not like there’s really high stakes or anything, it’s a game. No need to punish people for taking some time to think… after all, they probably know their own deck, but they might not know what YOURS does, and even the ‘worst case’ of 30 seconds isn’t really a big deal.

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Topic: War of Omens / Adobe go to hell.

To be fair, this is not a Kongregate issue, it’s an Adobe issue. Flash itself is starting to wind down, as developers switch to HTML5. Adobe stepping down on their update availability is a sign of the end.

To be fair, it’ll be a long time in coming still, but the writing is on the wall.

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Topic: War of Omens / Multiplayer matching times

It’s been my experience that the matchmaking is occasionally glitchy. As a workaround, if it ever takes longer than a minute to find a match, I cancel and try again. This usually results in a match within 15 seconds.

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Topic: War of Omens / Mutual Defeat Worth More?

The unlikely case of a true tie should probably be worth more.

On the other hand the ‘mutual defeat’ of a connection issue, which is worthless to both players, should be changed to simply be a true defeat for whoever disconnected, the same as if they forfeit the game.

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Topic: War of Omens / Ysadora nerf when?

“Randomly do x” is not a Vespitole mechanic.

Also, Ysa really isn’t all that strong as is. I maintain that Ysa is like a less-subtle Mogesh. Mogesh is often more powerful, since his attacks scale upwards from 2 damage and one healing for the weakest of creatures… AND he does lots more damage when murdering large creatures, AND can amplify that damage with shrines, AND can recycle those creatures with other shrines… but he’s limited somewhat by creature and magic availability, which can just as easily screw him over. In comparison, Ysa is more consistent. One damage, one healing, all the time, with food or magic (or maybe with Benediction or something, if you’re doing a less-typical Ysa strategy).

There’s an abundance of cards out that let you trade one resource for two effects. Vespitole do it with Inquisitor, and in a more limited sense with stuff like Mercenary (if you’ve got a wounded military card, and you feed it, you’re doing what Ysa does). Daramek does it all over the place, from war animals which attack multiple times when fed, to idols that add permanent benefits to ‘feed hero magic’. Metris is the only faction that completely lacks this sort of feed effect, but Assassins do something sort of similar, with the free attack when gaining skulls thing.

Ysadora’s ability is not unprecedented, in terms of a card ability, nor hero ability, and it’s not exactly overpowered for what it does. Simple attacks are the least powerful form of damage in the game, after all. It would be different if she had something like ‘on feed: gain skull’; that WOULD be overpowered, since directable damage is a lot more powerful than an untargeted attack. As is, though, the ability is well in line with what else is out there. Also, as mentioned, the easy availability of Loans and stockpile incentives makes +resource a lot more valuable than Ysa’s unconditional conversion.

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Topic: War of Omens / Ambush

It’s an issue with frequentist statistical methods… people who know a little bit of statistics throw together some numbers, conclude that their own specific situation would only occur ~2% of the time or whatever, and since that’s less than 5%, they conclude that that’s significant enough to complain about… ignoring the fact that numbers like that will pop up reasonably often in a population of hundreds or thousands.

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Topic: War of Omens / Babarus Underpowered NEEDS BUFF

“Babarus now converts 25% of skulls and food he receives into magic”

Okay, now 5CG are explicitly trolling us.