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Topic: The Gate / Edit: *Deleted post*

Level 31 here. Just an idea about tactics that can help – level up some disposable melee characters to at least 15 or so. they die quickly but your main dps chars should survive.
I am a bit suspicious that mare enemy stats are boosted until at least one of your characters die just to encourage multiple teams. Playing with this (possibly paranoid) idea in mind seems to help my guys survive longer… I can now do at least 4-5 mare levels before being wiped completely :P

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Topic: Dragons and Titans / Bugs

Started a single player battle above and I spawn in the enemy base while the tutorial intro plays.
The tutorial barriers are in place and my character cannot leave.
I guess the bug is related to an incomplete level reset and the tutorial completion not being counted.
Probably a known issue but thought I’d post it anyway.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Cant place bets on world cup

Also having problems, checking regularly and only able to bet half the time. Also think I missed the reward for a couple of days ago when I managed to place a bet. Today it looks as though I should be able to bet and everyone else seems to be doing so… and I still can’t. It’s before 2, I refreshed 3 times… Others have confirmed they can bet… still nothing.

Trying for the WC to be a bit more competitive. But… this stuff is REALLY irritating.
I’m Kiln on S1.

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Topic: Eredan Arena / The Code Repository

Code: 241B01

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kings of the Realm Post your flag! (CONTEST ENDED)

Hopefully the image will work.
If so, I present to you all:
The flag featuring Octavion McAwesome the Third, the second most famous of all the Jet-Powered Cyborg Rooster-Knights.

I vote for gyrfalcons flag… for now :)

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Topic: Mecha Galaxy / How can we make a better game?

For new players(The players deciding whether to stay and play or move on to a different game and rate 1 star etc.) there area a few issues, mostly with a lack on information.
For all the mech information available(Which is great btw) there is nothing to explain weapon and mech abilities.
Some of the UI quirks need explaining too: The need to click refresh friends to see newly added friends, The “faster” button in battles doesn’t seem to work and there is no explanation to say that you can click it multiple times to increase the battle speed each time. Before the round of gifts I had no idea what the inventory was and kept wondering why my weapons and equipment didn’t show up.
Also a fair amount of the game seems either hidden or unclear – tournaments, clans, missions, leaders, events, home/profile – they all seem jumbled up across the different tabs, it’s fine once your know what does what but for new players it can be a bit confusing… and will make many leave before finding out how good the game is.
This is a great game and deserves more than the current rating and I think the issues mentioned above address the problems with the first impression people get and should help with the rating.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Nadirim] Bugs / glitches

Nasty little issue, cost to purchase 39 gems is displayed as 39 Kreds, but the game then charges 60 kreds. I assume it’s just a mistake with a label somewhere, but it smacks of dishonesty. I’m still going to buy gems but… please fix this.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMage Battlegrounds] Guide for New Players

Thought I would write a Guide for new players, as well as comments on the starting units. Hope you find it useful, feel free to list your own tips and formation suggestions.

Flanking: If units are on opposite sides of an enemy, melee attacks against that enemy deal double damage, take advantage of this, flank your opponents and try to place your units so they cannot be flanked.

Spread out: There are a lot of area effect attacks and spells, try and keep at least 1 space between all your units to avoid making them easy targets.

Units targeting: Kill the lowest HP units as soon as possible. i.e. enemy icemages are fragile and die easily but if left alone will cause a lot of damage.

Mana Wells: Very useful if you can hold onto it, critically important if the map is 2X or 3X mana regeneration.

Spells: Spam them. Use them to kill off enemies with low HP and long ranged attacks, then use tremor to hit groups. Don't save your mana, killing off enemy units quickly is key.

Resistance: Just match your spells and abilities to your opponents resistances, it pays off.

Time: play a few custom games with 5 min turn timers so you can take the time to examine your enemy abilities and resistances without being rushed.

Details: Strongest starting unit, one of the best frontline units in the game, excellent HP and Resistances, no vulnerabilities, retaliates, attacks and halts units that pass nearby. Deals crushing damage which is resisted less often than other physical damage. Hammer ability has a small area effect and a bit extra range. Remember - retaliation and passing attacks generate morale :)

Strategy: Place them right up the front, run them into the thick of your opponents as soon as you can, his passing attack will disrupt the enemies ability to move around. If your opponent uses a melee attack - good, your retaliation will probably kill off more of their units than they kill of yours. If you are just out of range, use your crushing hammer ability, this also prevents enemy retaliation attacks. Consider having multiple squads of defenders, they can seriously hamper your enemies mobility and can take a lot of punishment.

Cheap melee support, 4 move points, retaliates when attacked, touch of life doesnt heal much damage but it gains morale instead of costing it. Restoring circle heals a moderate amount to all nearby allies but is a very cheap ability. mid-low HP

Strategy: Keep clerics up near the front lines, with their 4 move points they can be useful for taking and holding mana pools or getting behind an enemy to allow a stronger unit to hit with flanking attacks. They might be useful in melee but they dont give much advantage, consider swapping clerics for another unit.

Cheap basic melee units, mid-low HP, retaliates when attacked, 4 move points

Strategy: move them next to your enemy and attack. their 4 move points can help you surround your enemies, their morale abilities can do decent damage... but all in all they don't provide much advantage, I suggest you swap em for defenders.

Cheap, short-to-medium range unit. Decent area effect abilities.

Strategy: Keep them between your long range units and the enemy, don't send them to the front. Wait for a good moment when you have a lot of morale and you opponents has units bunched together, windcloaked can do a lot of damage. they can be very useful if your opponent has a lot of units that retaliate.

Cheap, slow, fragile, very long range. often overlooked is the fact that they start with 5% chance of an extra turn instead on 2%. their primary attack has 9 range and gains morale. their icestorm ability deals a lot of damage to a large area from 5 range.

Strategy: Keep them way from the enemy, they die very, very easily. If you can manage this the icemage will reward you by dealing consistent, precise damage as you need it, with an excellent area effect back up. If your icemages die too quickly, consider swapping them for windcloaked.

Defenders x35
Defenders x35
Defenders x5
Defenders x5
Windcloaked/Icemages x33

Use the x5 defenders stacks to take and hold secluded mana wells. Send the x35 defender stacks right into the enemy to disrupt them and focus their attention. Hopefully your opponent will cluster around these 2 stacks. Hold the ranged stack behind to use up morale and deal area effect damage to clustered enemies. Use the extra mana to spam spells.
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMage Battlegrounds] Poll: Favorite 1v1 Batleground for PvP

For me it’s the quickest map, so probably battered coast.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMage Battlegrounds] load bar froze

I had the loading problem too.
the loading bar stops at about the 95% mark. If I leave and come back it has an error which just says an asset failed to load.
this occurs even after restarting the game, refreshing the page, starting different maps and different enemies.
then I changed back to battle configuration 1 and it started working again. back to config 2 and it fails to load.

So I think this issue might have something to do with the army configs. :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Misfortune] serious bug/glitch with revolutionary

Getting the revolutionary achievement, unlocking the abandoned shack location and finishing the candidate encounters causes a list of issues:

- enemies become invulnerable, after dying they return with 1/0 hp over and over again, if they dropped an item the first time they do it each time (50+ clubs)
- player health stops updating
- the current mission fails even if completed successfully
- the town of rodnia menu is a black screen, although tooltips show up over the character area, requires a page reload
- the first time this happened to me it didn’t unlock the shack however the second time it did

These problems are fixed after reloading the game and starting a new mission

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Misfortune] Skills and Abilities

I think:
Attack: Improves chance to hit
Defence: improves chance to dodge

Fighting: Improves attack, occasionally tested in encounters
Dexterity: improves defence, often tested in encounters
Speech: Improves shop prices(about 3% each point), occasionally tested in encounters, gives extra speech options
Fitness: Improves health by 4 points, occasionally tested in encounters (maybe affects regen as well? not sure)
Pickpocketing and clockworking give you a chance to earn extra cash in encounters, not entirely sure what candidate does.

I made dex a priority as it is used in a lot of encounters, speech is good, shaves a lot off the cost of expensive shop items
You still want to put points into the others as they are tested and fighting skill really makes a difference later on.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Misfortune] Steam weapon upgrades text?

The upgrade recipes ask for a steam pistol, steam sword and steam rifle. I’ve only seen the steam sword.
Are the other weapons correct or do the recipes just need the pistol and rifle?

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Topic: Swords & Potions / What did you think of the update?

the new update has had lag problems for me. and if it lags slightly when I assign a worker a new task, all the items are greyed out. have to close and re-open the menu to fix it. also I cant see the major/minor skill requirements for each item, which irritates me when I’m trying to figure out what the most efficient item to craft is with 2+ workers, eh. still. all in all it’s a decent upgrade.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

Another out of sync issue:
- 3 star’d a level
- obtained the reward for completing orders
- gained a player level
- out of sync occurred
(reward spawning collection maybe?)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Platoonz] [ANTIC] Bug Reporting

Also had another out of sync issue, but it’s happening a lot less. Seems to happen out around the time I level up and finish an order, but the glitchy/laggy/out of sync stuff seems to increase just from playing the game.

More irritating – had orders to equip lvl 19 gear. equipped a cap listed as medium gear This didn’t complete the orders. I assume this is because it required a body armour piece but it would be nice if the orders or item description could be changed to clarify this.

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Topic: Call of Gods / AllInOne! Hot! Click!

I do not agree with the previous post. :)
for starters, pretty much every popular game is “like” other games. as for strategy and rpg aspects, play for a bit longer. kitting out your characters to increase their stats and skills, deciding on a new hero vs keeping a favourite with less pot but higher levels. then giving them the most appropriate troops and making sure they don’t get axed because you have the wrong formation. and the depth in the game is pretty good, I haven’t run out of things to do. It’s good because when the city management/strategy/sim side of things is taking time the rpg and character stuff can be done. anyway, just play to have fun. :)

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / New quest interface

Looks good, though I do agree, people find the X in the corner intuitive, even if you just moved the close button above the text.
Other suggestion would be to try a graphic for the health remaining instead of the green bar. A little bit more flavor imagery etc.

Apart from that, it does look more interesting and more interactive, I also like the loot chance shown. Honestly I think you are hitting pretty close to your 4 goals with this style.

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Quests versus Raids

later quests give more xp and better items.
Once you complete the entire quest line(and rank up to adventurer) the items and chances of receiving them improve and you can also start better raids(I think, although the raids might just be level based)

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Quitting

more like 40$, you know, the price of a couple of movies, which are enjoyable for a few hours, compared to… however long people want to play the game.
seems like updates are regular and the community is growing, so I happy that any cash they make is getting put to a good use.

At the moment I’m getting regular platinum from raids, so my wishes for the game are just more expansions :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Got kicked out of SoE

Is soe getting put back? I just see it dropping through the rankings day by day. kinda frustrating and I can’t spend stamina… unless I join another faction which I don’t want to do.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] lvl 30 looking for faction

Looking for a top 20 faction.
All achievements complete.
I’m in the top 20 for cards collected.

Barring grand misfortune I play every day, though the amount varies. Usually a minimum 200 energy/stamina.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Legendary Cards

Thanks omnimetal! you just listed the cards I most wanted to know.

I’ve got omega, I love him… in his sleep. great rush card with good health, works early to block and later to strike.
now I just have to get the others…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Favorite Rare Cards

as mentioned – these 4 are very good
- arc trooper
- tiamat
- hatchet
- hornet drones
- sabre – 2/3 (delay 2), strike all 1, pierce 3 – if you can get it out it brings sooo much pain, think: sawblade with strike all 1 for 1 extra delay

for commanders – theres a rare xeno commander in missions 54-59 with heal xeno, rally xeno, mimic, 10 health
he can mimic strike/strike all/heal all, the turn before you even get to use your card, took me ages to realize that getting out an early tiamat/sabre was killing me.
i want this commander.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Suggestions

Another suggestion

- the ability to turn on the auto attack halfway through a battle

when you know you are going to win/lose you can click it and don’t have to click through the rest of the battle