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Topic: Kongregate / Mastermind: World Conquerer rating bugged?

It’s pretty scary.. I went to university and when I came back ~6h later, it had fallen from rank 3 to page 6 (~0.2).. Ok, if it’s better than gemcraft and sonny could be discussed, but page 6? What? I mean losing .5 in ~12-16h even though it was quite stable (and even rose) in the 24h after the frontpage slot is pretty strange. So I’m also quite skeptical whether everything went correctly there.

But hey, as soon as swain has added the api and the game gets badges, things like that get relative anyway – as soon as a game has badges, people will play and vote even if a game is crap^^ Thus there is a pretty good chance that the rating even out then. My main concern about good games dropping out of the frontpage without badges is that the number of people that play it will reduce drastically (thus the amount of ratings, thus the chance for the deserved rating – better or worse). So as long as people play and rate a game, I’ve little problem if the rating doesn’t fit my feeling 100%. But what happened here is still pretty strange

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Topic: Kongregate / THE FINAL HAS AROSE! The BEST Chatroom!

Stolz!… they forced me to do so :D

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Topic: Kongregate / New Moderator for Chatroom Stolz


I would additionally nominate

I couldn’t ask dmii and morv about it yet.