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Topic: Kongregate / Wonky Chat

Originally posted by duncanbeevers:


Yes, Sir, this is indeed the case. But in good implementations of Base64, if you decode text and encode the resulting Base64, you also have a one-to-one matching. This makes it possible to generate a piece of text given a desired encoding. The kind of stuff RSA is all about preventing, you see.

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Topic: Kongregate / Wonky Chat

Originally posted by Phoenix00017:

Y’know, I think we ought to start having Ventero, Kaedenn, and a few other script-masters check out our releases prior to us launching them. While we don’t officially support the scripts, it would make sense for us to at least give them a fair chance to fix them up if something breaks. Sorry about that everyone, and thank you Ventero and Kae for the quick responses.

That would be an honor, as while Ventero’s script practically exploded with the update (all messages were B64-encoded when displayed), my script had whispers messed up.

When there’s an update that breaks things, first thing I do is download the new Kong scripts and generate the diffs, and look at the diffs. That’s how I discovered this problem, and Ventero told me how to fix it.

All I need are the uncompressed scripts, and I’ll tell you within an hour if it’d break my script and how much :)

Edit: Also, Phoenix, why the hell aren’t you guys using your incomingMessageFilters? I put great effort (an hour of thinking and five minutes of coding) to support those. You guys added Base64 in the one way that breaks everything. Having it as the first incomingMessageFilter would be absolutely fantastic. That way, nothing breaks!

Furthermore, why the hell Base64-encode things in the first place? It’s not like Kong messages are grepped for passwords by naughty Wireshark kiddies. I just don’t see the rationale of adding Base64 in the first place.

Lastly, if Kongregate is using Base64, why the hell are they using shitty Base64? x_x. If you’re going to use something as lovely and awesome as this, use an effing GOOD library! For example, taking the following code:

var test = Base64.encode(Base64.decode("test"));

The variable test should be "test", but it’s "5aut" on the Kongregate version of Base64. However, in a correct good implementation of Base64, test == "test". Come on, Kongregate, you guys know better than this >_<

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Topic: Kongregate / Tools

I should probably post here what my script can do. I have two screenshots on the page my script is hosted at, and you might want to take a peek. My script does a lot:

  • Colors! You know, the colorful kind. Plus, with /config, you can change these colors to be whatever you want. You can use any legal CSS color code as well. You can change both the text color and background color to be whatever you like.
  • Message Rollovers. You can see a sample of this on my site, in one of the images. Just by hovering your mouse over a user’s name in chat, you can see how long ago they said that message (time stamp), what game they’re playing (the link opens in a new tab in case you accidentally click it, which has happened to me before), a link to whisper that user, and if they aren’t a friend, a link to automatically /trollmute <user>, which hides everything that user has said and mutes them. Good for spammers.
  • Anti-Spam! Sometimes, you have people who love to spam by repeating the same message over and over. Normally, this spams chat. With my script, though, all but the last thing they say will be hidden, and their message will have an italicized (x times) after it.
  • A Ton of Chat Commands. There’s a lot of them. A lot. If you type /help, you get a list. If you type /help <command>, you get help on that command. Every command provided by my script has its own help message, and I’ve worked hard to make those messages understandable by everyone, especially non-programmers. There’s a /features command which lists most of what’s already in this forum post, plus a few extra things.
  • A List of Unearned Badges! That’s right, folks! With the addition of my /progress command, you can see how many badges you have, how many badges are on Kongregate in total, and the percents. It gives you a list of all the badges you haven’t earned, separated into four panels: one for each difficulty. Also, the badges themselves are sorted by how many people have earned them, effectively listing the easiest badges first. You can click on the bold text above each panel to show or hide that panel, so you can just see badges from a specific difficulty.
  • Reply (/r) Command. When someone whispers you, just type /r to reply to them quickly, rather than clicking on the reply link or typing /w <user>.
  • Tab Completion. This saves you typing, especially when you want to whisper someone. Just type the first few letters of their name and hit the <tab> key on your keyboard. The rest of their name will be typed out for you. If you continue to hit <tab>, it’ll go to the next user that starts with those letters.
  • Join/Part Notification. Although it’s disabled by default (a moderator asked me to do this, sorry), you can enable it in /config and see when friends, moderators and admins enter or leave the room you’re in.
  • Clickable Links! If someone types a link into chat, and it isn’t a Kongregate link, I make that link clickable. Since this has been known to break things in the past, you can disable this feature in /config.

There’s more this script can do, like telling you when there’s an update. Unfortunately, due to a bug with Google Chrome, you have to uninstall the script before you can update, otherwise the update just doesn’t work. You can do this by clicking on the wrench icon, and then going to Tools→Extensions, and uninstalling it from there.

If you have any questions or comments, leave me a shout on my profile. I’m always open to suggestions.


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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate databases hacked!

The amount of fail in this thread is astonishing. Yes, I run whois, therefore I hack.

I wonder if “Juze” and “Juzek” are the same person. If so, that’d explain a lot, my friends.

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Topic: Kongregate / EPIC WEEK!!

Originally posted by Joshua515:

i cant wait till EPIC WEEK

fail lol

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Topic: Kongregate / Moderator Stealth Mode

Originally posted by WiiPlayer113:

I think mods can do that… KnightofRa told me that mods could.

I’m asking Ventero about this right now.

Ventero said they cannot. (He also said this is a bad idea. Ugh. Damn Ventero, always spoiling my plans)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do the liberal Democrats want to take guns away from Americans?

The right to bear arms came before there was a government-established militia or army. Back then, you had to defend yourself and your property, as the government sure couldn’t do it for you. Now, we have police, sheriffs, and a number of federal levels of defense.

The right to bear arms is a relic from a time long gone, and now it is being abused. The right is allowing guns into those who quite frankly shouldn’t have access to them (be it from mental disability or some other psychological or physiological condition). I believe the right to operate a motor vehicle would make far more sense than the right to operate a firearm.

I wish to know why certain people fret so much over this right being revoked, and claiming it “unconstitutional” is irrelevant. The constitutions of each and every state gets changed quite often with every general election, and the US constitution gets changed periodically with federal elections. However, we don’t go around complaining about the fact the constitution was changed at every public election, do we?

The fact is, our constitutions will change as time progresses and certain rights become either necessary or irrelevant. We the people had a right to form a militia—and we still do, according to the constitution—but if we do so, we will be struck down quite quickly. We have the right to free speech, yet if we talk (even jokingly) about harming a public place or a high-ranked official, we attract the attention of the FBI and, in rare cases, are slapped with conspiracy charges.

The right to bear arms is a relic from a different time. It’s a relic from a time where carrying a sidearm was necessary to support and protect yourself and your family. However, I personally know quite a number of Americans who live quite nicely without a firearm in their possession, myself being one.

Why do people cling so tightly to their ability to wield a firearm, especially when other rights granted by the first ten amendments are also being violated?

Requesting explanation from someone who whole-heartedly believes in their right to bear a firearm. And please, don’t use constitutionality as a basis.

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Topic: Kongregate / Moderator Stealth Mode

This is a big one. Moderators need a way to be in “stealth mode;” i.e. not show up at the top of the user list. Many times I’ve had trolls spamming and I’ve phoned a mod, but just as said mod shows up, said troll either pipes down or leaves.

Looking at the Holodeck JavaScript, this would be trivial to make. Just add a new userNode attribute: stealth. Or make it so mods can choose to adorn their tags or not. Mods are a great idea, but not when they’re trying to covertly catch something.

Furthermore, there needs to be a way for mods to silence someone or reprimand someone based on what they say in whispers. Currently, the policy is “if you don’t see it, you can’t act on it.” Would screenshots or access to whispers let mods get around this hurdle, or should this be an ability limited to admins alone?

— Kae

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Topic: Kongregate / Better Kongregate Firefox Add-on [UPDATED: Oct 23, 2012]

You really should give more credit to those who poured several days of work into these scripts. Many of them took the better part of a week or two to make.