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Topic: General Gaming / Left 4 Dead Vs. Resident Evil

zombie killen left for dead
story resident evil

also cant wait for left for dead 2!!!!!
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Topic: Serious Discussion / Area 51

dude aliens are real and the goverments hidding it and is studying there tecknoligy

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Topic: Serious Discussion / humanity as one, why not?

i agree mabey if we all became one nation we could finaly do something werth wild than killing each other

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Topic: General Gaming / Pokemon nearing its end?

pokeman yellow, red,blue,gold, and silver were the best mabey if they made a new game with them all in it it would be asome and yea i think pokemon is dieing it seams to me as if there running out of names for pokemon and come on whens ash going to age whats he still 12 ten years later?

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Topic: General Gaming / Star Wars VS Halo with would win?

If some reason both the star wars and halo realms were to meet with each other wich one would win in a showdown? Halo or Star wars?

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Topic: General Gaming / I found the cheat (unlimited gold) for the game Feudalism( did i mention that ur hit points will be hired and u will have over 1000 points to use) !!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting badges the right way is more satisying than cheating and when you level up you look forward to it so why cheat?

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Topic: Off-topic / What video game(s) do you think should be made into a movie?

bioshock, dude it would be scary action movie but keep to the story not go off

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If you're atheist, what if you die then see God?

I’ed tell him what the hell why did you make the world it is today and how come my family has to be home less and me and my brothr and sister have to live with relitives? while my parents work like hell to et money

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Topic: Collaborations / Idea for a game

A rpg game set in a necular fallout kinda like fallout 3 but mabey insted of years later its only been afew hours and no evil goverment(or mabey a goverment trying to pick and rebuild the u.s. back togrther) just a guy or girl trying to find a safe place to go that incounter zombie like people, crazy people ect, mabey a twist twords the end were theres not a safe zone and they have to make there own or join a group like the goverment or cannibals or something.

p.s. hope you find what your looking for and good luck!1 (^_^)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Help name a Kongai character

’’marv’’ sounds good