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Topic: Tap Adventure / Add friends for bonus

I’m down. Add away.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / This game is VERY CPU intensive

It would definitely be nice to get an option to lower the number of updates per second/frames per second as many other idle games have. Doesn’t lower you overall gain, but you see less updates per second and it winds up being vastly less CPU intensive.

I have a great CPU, so it never maxes out, but it’d be nice to have to strain it less to run something like this since it’s very possible to set up.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / What would YOU like to see?

First off, curse you Tukkun, for making a post I actually want to respond to. You’ve ruined my 0 post count (I think?).

They’re all amazing additions in my opinion, but I’ll keep this short.
With that being said, I’d say the following order:
1.) Seppuku
2.) Careers
3.) FCGA

For these reasons:
1.) Is amazing for those whom can’t leave their computer on and with how little time it’d take in comparison to the others, it only makes sense. Even if I may or may not personally use it.
2.) Benefits everyone, ‘nough said really.
3.) Because well designed TCG’s are epic; yours is well designed.