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Topic: Crystal Saga / Revive on Spot

just FYI, if you abuse the “free crystals” thing where you watch the video and it grants you crytals at the end you can get around 250-400 crystals a day doing this, you dont even need to hit play on the video, it just awards the crystals after a certain amount of time

i done it for about a week and had 1500~ crystals, takes about a month to get 8000~

i would still be playing this game if it wasnt for the fact that the best gear came from the battlegrounds and the battlegrounds are on at rubbish times (im in australia), if they were every 3 hours or something i would be playing still but this game is more catered towards americans (yea i know, majority, Still, its a simple fix that doesnt ruin anything.)

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Topic: Game Programming / ATTN: All Game Developers

thanks for all of this guys, more would be appreciated, some of these are actually pretty interesting, its helping immensely

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Topic: Game Programming / ATTN: All Game Developers

Thanks for the suggestion Sanchex, created a account on that website and i attempted to make a forum topic but the text box that accepts the body of the post wouldn’t accept any sort of text, so i attempted to get on the chat and its basically a circle jerk :/ thanks anyway though!

keep em coming these are all great!

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Topic: Game Programming / ATTN: All Game Developers

@NMSUCC I Have no clue what a Wufoo form is but ill look into it, Thanks!

@ Everyone else, thanks for taking the time to fill them out, keep em coming! this is going way better than i expected

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Topic: Game Programming / ATTN: All Game Developers

[quote] Just a thought: It may be a little more for you to organize, but also more comfortable for the people who reply, if you have another contact method like an E-mail. I feel like some individuals would not be comfortable posting answers to all of these questions publicly on the forum.[/quote]

Will do, thanks for that suggestion, ill set up a email account specifically for this endeavor, Thanks to everyone who has filled it out greatly appreciated!

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Topic: Game Programming / ATTN: All Game Developers

Hi forum and readers, I’m doing a research project on creating flash games and the people that create them and i was wondering if anyone could fill out a questionnaire about the various things i could come up with in regards to creating flash games. The questions will be very.. noobish but its all the research project requires.

I will be using the information you provide me with to further research into the various areas that creating a flash game entails (also have to cover ethical areas, safety and legality) any sort of questions, help or comments (yes including negative) are greatly appreciated.

1. How old were you when you started?
2. How long have you been making flash games for?
3. Did you do any sort of animation or programming before flash games?
4. What kind of flash games do you specialize in?
5. Do you have difficulty making any kind of specific flash game category, if yes, why?
6. How hard was it for you to get into making flash games, what was the learning curve like?
7. What got you wanting to make flash games in the first place?
8. How long does it take for you to complete a flash game?
9. How many flash games have you made so far?
10. Are any of the games that you’ve created well known?
11. Have you made any money off these flash games, through winning prizes or sponsorship or another method?
12. Do you use more than just flash / actionscript to create flash games?
13. Have you run into any legal trouble with any of your flash games?
14. Do you have any sort of physical condition due to your excessive use of the computer such as arthritis or a back problem or something else?
15. Would you consider yourself a professional?
16. Do you consider this a likely avenue for a future career?
17. Did you start this type of hobby as a passion? If yes, do you still have the same drive as you did when you started? If not, what was your reason for starting this type of hobby?
18. Finally do you have any tips for newcomers?

Thank you in advance to anyone who takes the time to fill this out, will be checking back on the thread regularly for the next week or so, if this is in the wrong forum feel free to move it

thank you luthimir for suggesting the email, here it is

anyone feel free to email me results as well all RL names and all that other jazz will be kept confidential and if the teachers ask for real names ill tell em gtfo because thats really not necessary

thanks also to DPbrad for showing me where the edit button is :P

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] CM, GH abuse

sounds like typical GH abuse, doesnt suprise me, they are pretty much the worst GM’s ive ever witnessed in a game, i seriously doubt any of them are over 16

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] Dragon's call is crap.

Originally posted by MontereyJack:

I just had this conversation in world chat (server 4). I donated…that was my first mistake. I bought 10 lesser lucky gems to enchant an item which was at +2…hoping to get it to +7 (using magic debris at +7). Anyhow, I failed on getting to +4…5 times in a row.
Now I am told that the percentage of success here is 75%. So given that I failed it 5 times in a row…statistically there is less than a 1% chance to fail that step 5 times in a row.

Obviously there is no way I drop money into this game again (I wasted the rest of my dragon gold on those scrolls, just to see if I could recoup some of what I already wasted…those scrolls are even more ricockulously terrible. I am the type who could donate weekly to update my new items as my character progresses. Obviously I will never donate again, my money will go to a legit game.

im suprised you didnt get muted for an hour for some stupid reason like “lying”

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] Whats wrong with DC??

it wont change, i use to play this game alot before it came to kongregate, when it came right out of beta, the GH’s do some really dumb things because they can, in a discussion on the world chat, if you dont agree with the majority (the majority been uneducated 12 yr olds) you’ll get muted for atleast an hour, or suspended for 24 hours (happened to me multiple times). you will get suspended for a day if you post any URL that ISNT Directly related to dragons call IE: ISNT a link that is connected to either the main website or the forums, NOT EVEN TO A WIKIPEDIA ABOUT DRAGONS CALL, OR A VERY SECURE URL SUCH AS THE NEW YORK TIMES. They say its to stop people from getting viruses, but they ban E V E R Y S I N G L E U R L that isnt related to the dragonscall website, oh and they’re massive hypocrites, but anyone who plays the game already can blatantly see that

The instances are lackluster at most, if you’re not the leader there is no way to tell if your gonna get the rare items that drop out of the instance (the ones that are specific to your class) some leaders dont even bother handing them out, and some hand em out to the wrong players! I was playing a mage and i remember multiple times when i got warrior and rogue gear when there was already a rogue AND warrior within the party. the loot is entirely randomised, if you see a purple that is a massive upgrade drop in the instance, in any other game you’d roll for who needs it and they’d take it if they won the roll, NOT THIS GAME, RANDOMLY LOOTED BY SOMEONE IN THE PARTY AND PAWNED TO THE SHOP, There are MUCH Better online rpg’s here at kongregate than this crap.

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Topic: General Gaming / hello , this is a funny(ish) phrase to go with a badge

theres also easy-off BAM which is a stain remover in australia that uses the exact same catch phrase (BAM and the dirt is gone)

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Topic: General Gaming / the -WORST- video game you ever played

Halo 1, 2, 3.

Final fantasy 1 through X-2


Counterstrike Source

Team fortress 2

Resident Evil, All of them.

Every Single Super Mario Game, Ever.

Donkey Kong Country 1,2,3.

best game would have to be

Festers Quest, On NES.

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Topic: General Gaming / best mmorpg without dounload

birds eye view kill all the zombies MMORPG that doesnt require any downloading, if you have nothing else to play id recommend this.

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Topic: General Gaming / Final Fantasy Going Overboard

the last good storyline they created was FF7.