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Topic: Rise of Mythos / Synthesize Discovery Observations Official Forum thread

Originally posted by Biskit_23:

post updated for nagaroth. need testers. Almost every combo wasn’t working until we picked up on the spellfire and valik.

Tried twice, didn’t work. Tried Nid+Draaksaurus, did not work either. So still no Nagaroth for me.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] Guide to beating the security demon

Just one huge advice. Use poison. Tried a lot of ways to finish this guy, including noxious bombs, and the time I won him, not being overleveled and in the 3rd travel, just took Sharla and her poison spear. With that, is just a matter of surviving with Mardek&Gloria nulling attacks, and having enough phoenixes to revive the fallen one. And if the Demon gets ride out of poison (what avoided me killing him with the bombs), just poison him again.

For levels, I was arround 18 with Mardek, and not more than 2 or 3 levels over his picking level on the rest. And for the 4th one on the team, think I used Solaar just for revive+healing.

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] No impossible badge?

Because you can’t beat every level UNLESS you pay the premium (you need endurance mode to win 100 rounds, then win another level who gets unlocked with that achievement). So no impo badge for you this time…

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Topic: Elements / TeamChaos Deck (Entropy/Aether/Time)

Has a basical deck, it looks pretty nice for me. There aren’t many cards in there, and more than enough to not finishing them. In fact, when looking at it, Raxonir’s comment is out of place just because those mutation cards only create abominations, not real mutate creatures. In my own game opinion, I would only recomend to take out one of those Deja Vus (or may be two of them) ‘cause they can duplicate, so you won’t be able to mutate them all. Taking advantace of the time pillars, I just support arathinidas’s idea of using a pair of golden hourglasses.
And when improving it with real mutate creatures (if you want), just recomend a pair of fallen elfs and some quantum pillars, like Raxonir says. My deck is bassed partially in mutate creatures, and when lucky, is just impossible to stop them from win.

Oh, and just in order to take out some enemies monsters, I would recomend too an antimatter or two, just to despair of their the owners.