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Topic: Realm Grinder / Terrible April Fools Upgrades Ideas/Suggestions

Relaunch Realm Grinder as a dating sim with an elf, a fairy, an angel, a goblin, a demon, a zombie, a titan, a dryad, and a mind flayer. You have to give them coins to get their affection.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [Suggestions]


The idea here is that periodically (either per time period, like day; or when you buy a specific upgrade) you’re presented with a problem in your kingdom and a few ways to solve it. The solutions should be active, like building a certain number of a building, spending coins, “charging” a magical object (via a temporary spell), sacrificing your upgrades and buildings, etc. Each successful solution unlocks a trophy (with associated upgrade), and you are only given each issue once per game (or per reincarnation). Issues would have to be altered to fit to current alignment or locked to specific alignments.

Example: My liege, a dragon is attacking your Elven villagers! Do you build magical armor for your best knight (mana charge), build up a huge army (knight barracks), or pay it off peacefully (with a coin value set perhaps by what 100x of your most expensive current building purchase would be). While the dragon is attacking, all your production is reduced and you will occasionally lose one of a random building.


Someone suggested this a while back and I thought it was a neat idea. It’s basically a type of prestige upgrade that improves a certain feature of your kingdom — so having Mountains might improve all of the building types that are associated with mining and mountains, for example. My take would be to have it be a three-stage process: The first time you build on a particular land type, you are an Expedition, and suffer a penalty; the second time you are a Settlement, and suffer some penalty but also have a bonus; the third time you are Native and recieve the full bonuses. Each new game, you can go back to a land you’ve already settled or start working on a new one (but you can only pick one land type for the game).


Exchanging gold for full mana at an increasing cost each time you do it. Helpful for those of us who don’t actively play for long periods of time. (It would be interesting to offer “trading” of other sorts as well — like spending gold to increase your clicks for that game score or your game length — but that might be more problematic.)

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Max Mana Upgrades

All major objections from my prior post stand. First, this assumes a either a long time spent literally watching your mana bar or a scripted aide to reap those rewards — as I said initially. Second, the math continues to include faulty premises. For example, in your Angels writeup you’re going to be hitting costs in the undecillions to build those 500 cathedrals. It’s noticeably beyond the 5k building mark… which as you’ve said, you can far surpass. Third, that same thing again: you can far surpass 5k buildings in your game. That isn’t true of many people.

And I think you’re misunderstanding something essential about those points. Although I will point out mathematical errors I notice, I’ve never disputed the massive efficiency increases of spell stacking — only how achievable it actually is and how practical it is to maintain. There’s an essential disconnect occurring there, because when I look at these numbers (the ones that are achievable at my building total) I’m seeing “for about thirty to ninety practical seconds of stacked uptime a day” (which is my fifteen or so minutes spent actively playing) and you and the other responders seem to be seeing “on a constant rotation.”

The former position makes these huge but fleeting multipliers less overall efficient than even prior-tier Heritages in most cases. The latter position is problematic, since it is very likely the developer will work against that ability now that they have added a cash shop.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Max Mana Upgrades

First, huge kudos on the work there. Thank you for that.

Three follow-ups, though.

One: I’m putting this first because it holds true indefinitely. You’re talking about an active or scripted rotation. There’s no practical way to do this automatically within the game. To pull this off at full efficiency, that’s 350 seconds — six minutes — principally spent staring at your mana bar. You could of course use a tool to automate this. I use my gaming mouse liberally as a click aid, so I’m not going to judge those using more elaborate botting tools… only say that I do not, and many other players likely do not.

Two: Your multiplier math is wrong, although it doesn’t work against you.

So the best I’ve done in a game (@~30B gems) is about 4500 buildings, not 8000. At 4500 buildings, CtA is effectively a 14.5x bonus. (At 8k buildings, it would be 25×.) The Gem Grinder bonus is functionally 50x, so with overlap I’d end up with a 725x production bonus — but your example would have a 1250x bonus. Unfortunately for your point…

Three: The bonus calculation from 1400 mana is a bit disingenuous for that reason. At 4500 buildings, there is no overlap time for those two spells; it takes 43.75s @4m/s to gain the 175 mana difference and cast CtA once GG has been cast, which is longer than the duration of either spell. Even breaking your example and factoring Angel in, I can’t stack those two.

In summary
I feel like my proposal of significantly increasing max mana from these upgrades brings all of this cool stuff within the realm of more players (and more practically for all players who neither script a rotation nor actively stare at progress bars) without particularly breaking the already absurd values possible at the limits of the game.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Royal Exchange

The six faction coin purchases are (Race) Exchange. That’s what it’s referring to.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Faction Combos

I generally keep my games going about 3 days at a time and seem to have my coin progress plateau in when I get into the SP range. I generally have the game open a few hours a day with it running in the background. I do some active clicking here.

Hm. I’d suggest trying a longer game of one of the evil factions. If you’re willing to play a bit actively, Demons; otherwise Goblins or Undead. Run your faction spell on auto (if you go with Demons, you’ll want to be clicking during Hellfire Blast when possible). One advantage to a long Goblins game is that no matter how expensive they get, you will eventually hit 300+ of each building.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Faction Combos

Originally posted by acarrig:

How long does it take to get to 1B gems? I’ve been playing for a while (30D), trying all the factions and resetting when I get to about double my current gem count (ie:10M active and 20 Earned on reset) and I’m only at 50M Gems.

You are progressing extraordinarily slowly.

Given the exponential gain on coins, it’s much better to aim for 10x to 100x gem count.

Do you at least have all of the Heritage trophies? In fact, how are you doing on Trophies overall?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Magical Treasure + Mana Multipliers

I do not know in the sense that I could prove it, but I am almost certain it is not. I do know that the mana gained is 1.0 regardless of either of those effects, and that the tooltip doesn’t change from 20% regardless of either. It would take a while testing to conclusively demonstrate that the % chance does not (or does) actually change, though.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Feature Request

Interesting, but it seems very micromanage-y. Do you mean that we’d have to select territory for each building of each type, a single territory for the kingdom as a whole, or something in-between?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Max Mana Upgrades

There’s a comment buried in one of these threads about the ‘uselessness’ of Max Mana upgrades. It’s poorly worded and has been downvoted into near-oblivion, but I was thinking about this… and, well, they do have a point.

(The initial part is my reasoning, my suggestions are at the end.)

The problem is that as spells work currently, max mana doesn’t improve uptime much. It does let you combo spells you otherwise wouldn’t be able to, and it’s practically required for getting the Spellfury trophy. But how valuable is that?

As far as I can tell, the strongest spellcasting faction remains the Angels; of the Neutral factions, only the Druids gain much benefit in this area (the Faceless gain a bit, and the Titans get nothing at all — not even a mana-on-building upgrade!).

The Angels are able to combo all three duration spells (God’s Hand, Holy Light and Call to Arms) as long as they can manage to have a total of 2k mana within the duration of the first-cast spell (which would be one of the two 30-second spells). Normally, 1k of that comes from max mana, so they need to generate 1k additional mana within 29 seconds — about 34.5 mana/sec.

With the Druid heritage upgrade, I usually hit around +200 max mana (4k buildings… tens of nonillions) in a normal playthrough. This drops the required mana per second to 27.5.

But… by the time I have the 4k buildings (which is about the same time I have the faction coins to afford the upgrade), I’m already at about ~34 mana/sec. The push to break the limit is fairly easy, so all the upgrade does is add a couple of seconds to the overlap time. While it’s cool to see huge click numbers for three or four seconds more… the actual impact on play is pretty minimal. And other than that overlap time, the increase to max mana doesn’t help the actual spell uptime at all, since it’s just extra space on the end of my mana bar.

And of course for afk or offline play, it doesn’t matter in the slightest — all that matters is how quickly I can hit the minimum to cast for an autocast spell or spells, not how much additional room I have to fill beyond that. With truly ludicrous mana regen (that is, if I were hitting my max mana again during the spell duration), it would have an impact on autocasting… but that’s not currently a factor.

Analyzing the full impact for each faction would require a pretty solid spreadsheet with some data I don’t possess. It’s do-able, but my sense from a few playthroughs is that, no, the max mana isn’t making any noticeable impact on cashflow. The most significant thing I’ve seen from it is the ability to do a final active push for a few more hundred million gems over five minutes. Neat but… I could just idle an hour longer.

I’ve sort of indicated the two main options already: the first and simplest would be to have most or all mana regen scaled to maximum mana. Instead of 0.5 mana/second, upgrades would grant .05%. Increasing max mana therefore directly impacts regen rate, improving uptime.

The second easy alternative would be instead to increase max mana enormously. Rather than 1/20 buildings on the Heritage upgrade, it would be more like 1/1… or a multiplier of max, like +0.001x per building. Although this still wouldn’t affect idle play directly at present, it would lead to far more significant periods of ‘spellfury’-ing (dozens of seconds rather than a couple), which would be an interesting element of active play. If the Druid alliance upgrades were changed similarly, it would affect the idle play of the faction in a sense — players could return to tens or hundreds of thousands of mana after a long enough period afk. I think that would be kind of cool.

Other straightforward alternatives involve changing the max mana upgrades to bundle spell cost reduction, mana per second, or spell duration with them. Possibly problematic and kind of meh.

The final thing I’ve thought of is somehow changing existing mana/s upgrades to be much more significant, increasing the time players spend at cap (whatever that may be). This would require a significant mechanical overhaul to not be game-breaking.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Do Rubies affect Faction Coin gen as Gems do?


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Topic: Realm Grinder / Do Rubies affect Faction Coin gen as Gems do?

as title

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Tukkun Appreciation Thread

Yeah. I think it would be better to create one of these threads every four weeks: The Monthly Tukkun Appreciation Thread Creation Event Extravaganza.