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Topic: Battle Dawn / New Red boosting Developments to Battle Dawn/Improvements

Originally posted by zaeem786
My brains working fine, it’s yours that isn’t. I mean at the end of the day BD has to make as much profit as it can in order to keep the games from running.

Actually no. Here is why this is a horrible idea.

Games that use micro-transactions to succeed/profit need to make the player WANT to spend the money. To be happy to spend the money. Not have to spend the money. When players feel they have to spend money just to be on the level playing field, they leave because they know if they do spend the money, the goalposts will just be moved further away, requiring more money. And the game loses all but the OCDs that have to win. But then they leave because there is no-one new.

Spending reds to hurry units is the opposite of wanting to spending money. Units are rushed predominately for defensive reasons, which means your back is already to the wall and you are out of other options… and now you expect them to be happy about spending money to do so? This flies in the face of the psychology of the gamer. Ultimately this would drive away more potential casual gamers and further drive the wedge between the reds and the blues.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Is this game worth getting back into?

Still not worth getting back into……

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Special Event Earth Era - Early August

Someone has clearly hacked zaeem’s account.

I mean he perma-quit for sure the last 6 times. And he was really serious about it.

Whomever is posting is an imposter.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / EDEN (Fantasy Era 71)


True story.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Summer!

Prediction: Zaeem will start to lose. Claim ganging up. RageQuit. Again. Swear never to come back. Returns in 2 months.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Sparks to Cubes exchange

Like a black market for metal gas exchange..
Something like 3 sparks to 1 cube.. and three cubes to 1 spark.

Something to allow the exchange between them.

Just an idea.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / I'm taking a break from BD and making a team in the summer

Originally posted by zaeem786:

I came back for an era at the wrong time but i have given my 100% effort on earth. Our luck was not on our side. We had nopy, a 9 year old in our alliance who kept on leaving his army into hostile locations and went sleep for 5/6 hours which caused problems for us as we had to defend his army. The worst part about this kid was he didn’t have a level 3/4 farm built and was unable to build a training base. I didn’t invite him he joined himself. This joining alliance thing should be stopped on kong. It ruins peoples eras as it ruined mine.
Noob alliance are a bunch of pussys, they let their allies/slaves do their dirty work. We had to fight 4/5 other big alliances as well as noob at one time and had TDA as our allies but they weren’t a real help as they just hid behind us all the time didn’t do nothing.
I have nothing more to say other than i am done with this game.

Originally posted by zaeem786:

As of right now i will be teaming up with CreedOfDarkElf, ApolloCreed, Ictus and maybe Zulkifal.
Leave your comments down below why i should choose you in my team.

shakes head

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Summer event ideas?

Remember tho, some things are not “settable” by the admin. I’m pretty sure unit numbers are not one of those… but yeah, cool idea.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Server01 & 03 Merger on April 25th

And Champions just got that much more of a interesting.

Tho at 30 per room…. 15 rooms.. 450. I don’t know about S3, but S1 had 230+. Does that mean it will fill up and people locked out if not in soon enough?

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Summer event ideas?

I still stand behind my idea of the expanding alliance size as a fun event.
(Alliance size 1 tic 1-200… 2 from 201-400… 3 from 401-600… 4 from 601-800… 5 from 800+)

Mars Event: Magnetic Storm.
Every 50 or so tics, the admin razes all gates and radars due to massive magnetic storms destroying the delicate gear. Colony gates and radars are protected.
Mars is a smaller world, but still, the loss of radars and gates will make conquering the world much more difficult.

Earth Event: Colonize the water planet!
At tic 1, all players are given 15000 oil and metal to kick start their colonies into full gear as the race is on colonize this strange water world for its resources and its mysterious (and very heavily defended) relics.

Fantasy Event:
Meh… I don’t like fantasy worlds. Someone else insert a good idea here.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / orc deaths

from the last E1.

With grace and style in an epic battle.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Which chassis is better?

Build 60 infantry at your base. They are ready in 2 tics. 2 full squads
Repeat 2 more times. You have 180 infantry, 6 squads in 6 tics. Cost: 180 population

Build 20 tanks at your base. They are ready in 6 tics. 2 full squads. Cost: 60 population

No rushing needed. You can just build infantry faster. But it chews up population to do so.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Which chassis is better?

Originally posted by frostyicing:

I gotta go with vehicles too. But there are a few errors in your thinking. First of all, tanks cast 3 workers each to build, and veh cost 2. So the pop cost is the same for all 3 chassis. Also, inf are actually the SLOWEST to rank up. Sure, it only costs 30 xp each for an infantry to level up. But there are 30 inf in a squad, so it takes 900 xp to bring an infantry squad up a rank. For veh, it is 50 xp per rank * 15 veh in a squad = 750 xp/squad. And tanks, 70 xp per rank and 10 units in a squad, are the fastest at 700 xp/squad.

Yes, 3 pop per tank… 10 tanks = 30 people consumed in 6 turns
1 pop per infantry… 30 infantry = 30 people consumed in 2 turns. or 90 people consumed in 6 turns.
Thus you can spam out infantry units three times faster, but at the cost of chewing up the population and resource production.
Please explain my error there.

And as for XP, infantry meat shields die left and right, faster than the other two chassis, leaving more XP for the ones that you want the boosts going to (dam/range). YMMV there, but late game, i find myself producing almost meat exclusively with 20+ squads of buffed death dealing infantry.

I know I have been away from even looking at this game in over a year, but its still the same BD it was back then…. save for the abomination of 2tic Mars.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / Which chassis is better?

There is no best chassis.

Beam Infantry >> Vehicles.
Expl Vehicles >> Tanks
Conc Tanks >> Infantry

But there is more….
Concussive damage type dies last…. Infantry tend to get chewed up more.
But, you can build infantry at three times the rate of tanks, and twice that of vehicles.
But, 3 squads of infantry chews up 90 population.. which can hinder resource production.
Infantry also (because of low hp/unit) heal up to full strength faster (think nukes and agents). They also level up faster.

Tanks and their hamz fans tend to get a lot of use because they have an aura of fear to the uninitiated.
Durable, but expensive. Best counter to infantry.

Which leaves the “safe” choice. Vehicles. The meta-game ends up with Infantry swarms shooting Expl against Conc Tanks…
neither are strong to vehicles. Infantry’s inherent bonus is washed out by the woeful 25% explosive damage.

People have won using with each type. But it is he that wins the meta-game who has the first fight advantage.

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Topic: Battle Dawn / 2tic Mars.... say it ain't so!

I leave the game for a year and Mars goes 2/tic

I can’t even look at the game anymore…. it is dead to me.


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Topic: Galaxy Online / Missile update

Just wow…. with Rapid Reloading, Missiles and Dir have CD 1.
Only missiles have 2x the punch/volume.
Steering… only about 40% more for Dir…
Directional still has more effects from tech (chance for ignoring agility and defense)

I feel for the Eurus and Deimos…. all that Crunchy Chrome armor out there.
Ill be in my Tisips behind Nano Armor watching the fire works.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Cool Ideas

I think that goes back to the suggestion that you can seal any level 50 1* CC for free.

You could still level each one up to 50.. seal it. repeat. When you want to bite the bullet and merge up to a 5* or so, then you have to pay to seal it back to card form to make a 6*.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Shark Jumping

Yet it was not mentioned as a shark jumping moment for the server….. curious.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Shark Jumping

jjjuice11 made a 9* The Dictators on S1.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Issues with QoB proc

It has been working for me… But QoB has to go before the other com, once it procs in movement, it cannot be targetted the rest of the round.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / And Sagans are obsolete already Welcome the JoL ERA

And before anyone flames, yes I intentionally left off shields from that analysis. Using 14 JoL vs 10/4 will give on average 400 more shields and much better protection against all but the protected Sagan type, which the Sagans will give 600 more negate. I know, still looking at that trade off as well.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / And Sagans are obsolete already Welcome the JoL ERA

I have been doing more mix and matching looking for the right “blend” of shields..

Depending on hull types and all different sagan is needed but it comes down to this.
Light Armor: JoL wins.
Other Armor: Super load your vulnerable, then tack on a few JoLs at the end.

Some of this comes from the current mantra of directional glass fleets. HEAT and Mag being the prominate damage types. Using my Tisiphones as an example with its Magentic vulernability.

Mag*1.5 Kin*1.0 HEAT*.75 Explosive *.5
10 Sagan Mag + 4 JoL vs 10 Sagan Mag + 4 Sagan Kin

Vs Magnetic
Sagan/JoL 2050 + 560 = 2610 negate (Win, almost 30% better)
Sagan/Sagan 2050 + 180= 2050 negate

vs Kin
S/J 450 + 560 = 1010
S/S 450 + 800 = 1250 (Win, 20%)

S/J 450 + 560 = 1010 (Win, 35%)
S/S 450 + 200 = 650

vs Expl
S/J 450 + 560 = 1010 (Win, 35%)
S/S 450 + 200 = 650

The plot thickens…. by overloading the vulnerable type, and using JoL for the others, a smaller hole in the “normal” damage type opens, but the coverage boost on the other three is very significant.

This deserves more attention….

(And yes, i threw out Tisip’s +90 negate, beacuse its linear, but things like Icarus, with its % boost, that could make things even better for the Sagan/JoL layering)

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Topic: Galaxy Online / And Sagans are obsolete already Welcome the JoL ERA

I am more like mid-game play really.
Chut and others have the fleets of 8* and 9*.. I have 2 7*s and some 6*s. There is a very steep ramp up in CC effective stack.. im still near the bottom of the ramp

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Topic: Galaxy Online / And Sagans are obsolete already Welcome the JoL ERA

i tried….. it was not pretty.
My squad of 6* and 7*’s barely touched them. They have 3 Cop Gyros, 2 Arm Cores… Talk about end game content….

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Topic: Galaxy Online / And Sagans are obsolete already Welcome the JoL ERA

Jack O Latern III
Shield – 260
Absorb – 140

Lets repeat the previous with JOL there

EOS – 220 shield, 70 Absorb
JOL – 260 shield, 140 Absorb
Sagan HEAT – 210 Shield, 50 Absorb + 150 HEAT Absorb
Sagan Kin – 220 Shield, 45 Absorb + 155 Kin Absorb
Sagan Mag – 225 Shield, 45 Absorb + 160 Mag Absorb
Sagan Expl – 240 Shield, 50 Absorb + 145 Expl Absorb

Simple Comparison:
4 EOS vs 4 Layered

EOS will give you 880 shields + 280 Absorb
JOL will give you 1040 shields + 560 Absorb
Layered shields will give you 895 shields + 335 to 350 in absorb based on the damage type.

Holey Moley, Batman!

With armor types, the dreaded vulnerability comes into play. 150% damage.. ick
But how much will layering help then?

This can be extended to any armor type with very similar results but I am using Chrome armor and 3000pts of damage with 8 EOS shields, Even Layering (2 each) and Stacked Layering (4 Expl 2 Mag 1Kin 1Heat).

Explosive Damage (150%)
8 EOS – After shields and absorb, 2180 pts get through.
Even Layering – 1990 pts get through
Stacked Layering – 1695 gets through
8 JOL – 1300 gets through

Magnetic Damage (100%)
8 EOS – 680pts
Even – 460pts
Stacked – 455pts
8 JOL – minus 200 (all absorbed)

Kinetic Damage (75%)
8 EOS – minus70 (all absorbed)
Even – minus280
Stacked – minus130
8 JOL – minus 950

HEAT Damage (50%)
8 EOS – minus820
Even- minus1020
Stacked – minus875
8 JOL – minus 1700

No brainer….. JOL >> Sagans