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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Max Mana + Gem Grade experiences

And, Frost, can you give me the details behind how you explode your mana pool like that?

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Topic: General Gaming / [GemCraft Labyrinth] Max Mana + Gem Grade experiences

Originally posted by Frostriver:

Uh…I seem to be hopelessly addicted to this. Another G41 wave 94(I beat my Nov 7 2012 Run!) at lvl 111.

Mind you, its pretty laggy even with just 320+(300) monsters. And only 1/6th the chain of my last run( 15k vs 98k). I’m facing it. The great terrible mana pool itself is the cause of lag…

Lol. I shouldn’t be surprised. At 3.9K multiplier about per frame(I think…idk about frames & such but it increases by that per second & waves take a LONG time to come…) that’s 3900 * 20(20 pools to get +1x multi) = 78000. So….that shouldn’t be surprising how laggy it is…78000 actions per frame not including anything but mana expansions…

I also made a video about 25 mins long(think its x3 speed) from the start till the G41 I believe…if anyone’s interested in watching what I do(o.o) post/pm me & I’ll upload both parts to youtube. I also managed to anger a wave to exactly 1337 monsters, which you can see in that vid. c: lol

Game broke when I stupidly summoned 6k monsters. That is, they were easy to kill but the game froze…

I would actually love to see this. Not even kidding, that sounds amazing to watch.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / EWS Quiz! Let's have even more FUN! The LLLOOONNNGGGEST ever lasting thread!

Originally posted by Nearan:

Lutea the summoner. What is the most random way to beat final boss?

not to ruin the point of the thread….. but isnt that question more about opinions? i think beating the boss with goblins could be the most random, however someone else could say that beating the boss with failed experiments is the most random….

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The EWS Guide for Dummies

there is a typo, you say it takes approximately thirty two victories for a mastery, but its only thirty… not a big deal, just figured you might wanna know…. and yes i read the entire thing, good work, hopefully some of the beginners will read it and learn something… instead of asking the same questions over and over…

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Epic War Saga walkthrough

the easiest way i found to beat all 24 missions is to use what you start with for the first 3 missions, and spend your money getting the water temple to level 3 to get valkyries… after you get valkyries, use those as your main unit, as they are fast and strong… now spend all your money to get the wind temple to level 4 and get warg riders and use those, but keep the valkyries too in case you need to fight oni again… now that you have warg riders, you should easily be able to get to chapter 3, final mission, but maybe not get a victory, so use the money youve built up to get 6 Holy Sword Excalibournes in the level 2 blacksmith, each sword costs 6000 (300 per silver sword in the level 1 market, need 10 swords, then another 3000 to craft the excal), now that you should have 6 excalibournes equipped, warg riders, and valkyries, use popo as your hero if you havent been doing so, then as soon as you click the start button to start the mission, press the hotkey to summon wargs (valks if youre fighting oni), press the 3 key to rage them, and be prepared to summon them again… this tactic should work until chapter 4 final mission, where you should be getting the white tigers from wind temple level 5, and getting the fire dragon from monster lab level 5… to beat chapter 4 final mission, the easiest way is to get the fire dragons from the lab, and as soon as the battle starts, press 3, wait a few seconds, and summon a fire dragon and immediately press 3 again to rage it, now simply summon a fire dragon and press 3 to rage it as fast as the game will let you… you should win by the 5th or 6th dragon if youre at a low level… speaking of levels, spend 5 points on action to start, then spend the rest on energy or attack however you wish, but note that you will not need more than 150 energy, enough to do the final mission 3 times before needing a refill…

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Way Exp Works and Levels

Originally posted by scarfaceas:

U guys should make it so that exp accumulates instead of starting all over again from new i mean ive been wasting 1000 exp for hundreds of levels now

if they did that, theyd need to make the levels cost thousands more xp each level, so the thousands you stop wasting are still wasted since you need more for each level…

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

i heard rumors that people were earning achievements from simply logging on… there is a character who has earned the Epic War Maniac achievement (2000wins) and he is only level 24 with 42 wins and 4 losses… he then made an alt who now also has the achievement Epic War Maniac… i know they have this achievement simply because they both have the ragnarok blade equipped, and there is no other way to get that blade… hacker? or were the rumors true? do some people get achievements randomly? and how lucky does this kid have to be to earn the achievement for TWO characters in the same night? and it is clear that the second character is an alt, since he said it was his alt…

pm me if you want to know the name and see his gear, and itd be nice if a mod or somebody could pm me about it, in case he is a hacker…

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

im usually the last person to say the game devs have bad ideas on the forums, but this time i feel i must… i like needing more xp to level, it was too easy before yesterday, it was too difficult yesterday, but theres still a major problem… AP and energy doesnt refill while im offline… please, put that in your next update for us! its a great game but if i need to leave my computer on while im away just so i can play it again, you get less plays, and i make my computer hate me…

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Lowest level to beat the game? 36?

was a forum thread really worthy of this?

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Originally posted by victornh:


go to the correct forum thread, and actually make a logical sentence….. what do you want to know is worth upgrading? why are you so mad? were the caps really necessary? actually lemme answer that last one…. no

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some are on there multiple times, more missions for example, and a lot of them are just plain stupid… oh and the bosses not using titans, do mission 3-1 (i think), and he has phantom beats (6 bars needed to summon) wait long enough and he will call em in… the one about new ways to master missions, thats stupid… “win in 10 seconds for instamaster” ok, now get tigers and tell me how long it takes for them to reach the enemy hero…. knock/pushback is on there at least 3 times that i counted, and its not that big of a deal… unless they supernerf tigers, they can win almost any missions for you relatively quickly, pushback or not…. and nerfing pushback would almost require them to nerf the tornado strike and twin tornado strike abilities, the succubi launch, and the giant fist and giant fist X throwback… that pushback is needed to make it possible to defend the hero… when you get an achievement, go to your profile page or the village page and watch the top of the screen, itll tell you you just earned an achievement, so wanting an achievement popup is stupid… xp carrying on to the next level isnt needed since the top player in the game needs around 5k for his levels… its quite easy to get probly close to 1k xp from 4-6 with the right equips, so why need to make it any easier to level? autospawn ability when unit bar fills up….. ok which unit will be autospawned? the weakest one? a random one? one that the enemy has a type advantage against? gotta specify that, or just forget it… hero with autoattack, little damage, and no pushback is dumb, he should be the strongest unit you have, i wouldnt look up to someone as my leader in a war if he was a complete wimp… and stat gains automatically from gaining levels isnt much better, since itd make the game even less of a challenge than it already is…

thats all the things i could clearly pick out though… have fun

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Bug Report

Originally posted by killaz43:

whenever I defeat “The Brute Warrior” chapter 1 mission 4, I do not receive the item Nasi Kare. Even though minor a this is still a bug and would like to receive my item for the amount of times I have beaten this mission.

it isnt a bug, the item rewards are basically drops, go play any other game and enemies wont drop items for you every time, same thing here… items are not guaranteed, gold and xp are…

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Topic: Epic War Saga / elements

Epic War Saga is an Online SideScroller Defense game. Build up a powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battle with other armies
- A , D to move your hero
- arrow keys / mouse to move camera
- 1-5 Hotkeys for spell
- QWERTYU Hotkeys for units
- Z zoom in / out
- X speed up
Follow in game tutorial
Element Table : fire > wind > earth > thunder > water >fire .
when you are of the stronger element, you will inflict 2x your base damage. when you are of the weaker element, you will inflict 0.25x your base damage. Same element 0.5x damage
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does this look familiar? probly looks a lot like the instructions to the game that kong gives you…. learn to read them

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Topic: Crystal Saga / training is to hard

ever think maybe the point of training is to fight tough enemies and see how far you can get? if they were as strong as regular enemies in tundara or somewhere, then thered be no reason to group up…. i always go in solo, and can survive until wave 8 while standing in the center fighting like a man… not kiting and aoe’ing them when theyre in a group… quite obviously though, youll never come back to this forum post, since youll just make another one with no good suggestions just to get your unnecessary opinion out there….

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Topic: Crystal Saga / *** SUGGESTIONS ***

Originally posted by CyberSe7en:

This might have been suggested already, but stop resetting quests that involve killing the same mob! Allow me to explain.

I had A Day in Vidalia quest to kill Thorn Spitters (0/10) and a Daily Hunt to kill Thorn Spitters (0/35).

After killing 36 Thorn Spitters (yes, one extra), I handed in Daily Hunt…only to have my A Day in Vidalia quest reset to 1/10…after I finished killing 36 of them…

its not that it reset, its that it wants you to add up the numbers and kill that many… dont complain about it considering its extra xp, and the xp for each level goes up by millions every level in the late 50s…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / remove g quest cap

you have so much spam on the kong forums about this game…. why do you still play it? clearly you hate every thing about it cuz it goes against what you want… so stop spamming the forums and stop playing the game…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / mute button dont save muted sound on startupe

youre gonna complain about the first screen having music, even though it would take any monkey less time to get away from that screen than to mute it again… why dont they fix something that actually is a problem? like the monsters in trees and walls? oh wait… that wouldnt be a problem if you have trouble getting past the character select screen .

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Revive on Spot

if you dont like it, then stop playing it till thursday when its over… dont spam in world chat how much you hate it, even though we all know youre gonna abuse it too… and dont spam kong forums about how much you hate it cuz we dont need more spam here… pretext, one thing youre wrong on is that it doesnt ruin delivery… if you die as a deliverer you fail the quest, even if you revive on spot… and ilfirin, have you ever seen jade in seng? before this free revive event, he spent tons of crystals in seng for crystal revives just to speed it up…. is he broke? im gonna doubt it…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Cant get Vip

Originally posted by Jadefrost:

aderthad why do u and AlergyII have those weird face icons

the real question is….. why dont you?

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Baby Angel Egg

Originally posted by FernandoA32:

yes i also double click the angel’s egg i dont know where is it

it obviously didnt hatch…. if it hatched, itd be in your pet list with your other pets…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / remove yellow lucky pop

they dont make me lag… get a new computer… and stop spamming the forums…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / ignore option dont work

ok… make this a bug report, not another spam topic in the forums… the forums arent for you to say everything you dont like about the game, one at a time… put all your complaints in one thread, and stop spamming the forum with 100 different topics…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / Daily Sign In

i think it was intended… they dont want people getting too much stuff for free so they put a cap on it… its all about makin money nowadays…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / change blessed bath lv req.

until you give a reason why it should be changed…. this is just more spam on the forums we dont need… but i have a feeling youll never come back to this thread, instead youll make a new one with just more spam of the same thing…

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Topic: Crystal Saga / [Guide] Pixie System Simple Q & A

Originally posted by markboy11:

What is scion?

when you reach level 80 you can choose to be reborn, then you go from the mortal plane, to the scion plane… fairly sure the second rebirth (which will either be again at 80, or maybe 100) takes you to the eidolon plane…