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Topic: General Gaming / What's so good about Runescape?

3. The quests aren’t long, you just suck at them!

Unless you are looking to solution from wiki etc, Of course it can be long/hard. Ex: Think you’re doing Dragon Slayer without any help. Or Legends Quest,While Guthix Sleeps or Desert Treasure? Think about this before complaining about how short/easy the quests are.

On topic:

1- There is many skills to train.

2- There is many people who helps you about almost everything in Runescape. (Or if you can’t find any,try Grand Exchange.)(There is also group questing world to help each other.)

3- Many minigames to play. Barbarian Assault,Castle Wars,Great Orb Project,Clan Wars etc..

5- Every year the events(Halloween,Thanksgiving etc.) has special reward that sometimes you vote the reward.This year’s Halloween event reward was Bone Brooch,which got the most vote in summer and they are fun.

6- You didn’t like Runescape because of the graphics? Then you should know that it’s the best graphic for a java game.You say still WoW is better? Runescape ALSO has free things that you can do.Other things are just for members.But does even WoW has free stuff? Think again before comparing both of them.

7- Forums. No need to say anything. Just you’ll see some useful informations there.

8- Quests.The quests are fun if you do yourself.There is much quests to do.

9- Chats and clan chats. You can communicate over the Runescape(Or World?) and you can chat with your friends like here.


Originally posted by Madman0311:
Originally posted by fatihkutay:
Secure Trading System

Did you just call the trade limit a positive?


Negative. Why would I pay for that shit?

1- Would you like to see all of your money and everything is gone from your bank?The limit is added for security,so when you get hacked,you won’t lose all of your items.The trading limit was the right thing,but I know that it often gives negatives.

2- Membership is for people who subscribes to Runescape,so they can play with better stuffs.

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Topic: Kongregate / Café Kong president.

Originally posted by XxAchillesxX:

Just submitted my speech. Prepare to lose.

Prepare to die. I will keel you when I find you.

EDIT: bnd will kill you all if you vote him. D:

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Topic: Kongregate / Happy Birthday, KongBaby!

Happy Birthday Molly!

P.S: Will I get free points? O:

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Topic: Off-topic / Mod dance party!

Why I am not in too? .-.

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Topic: Technical Support / account error

It happens sometimes.It happened on my profiğle too,though.

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Topic: Technical Support / Runescape

If you are not doing anything more than 5 minutes,Runescape is sending you to Servers screen.As Kioyoh said,that is normal,and you can not stop it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / RUNESCAPE GETS BORING!

Well,Runescape is never boring.You just need some patient.

When I was newbie,it was boring too,just be patient and grow stronger.And then,do quests,explore everywhere(Mostly wilderness),trade with each others,etc.,and you will see how fun it’ll be. I reccommend this to newbies.

For expert/long user players who already did them,there is a free 7 day membership for limited time,so,I say you should catch it,so you can explore larger and see important skills like summoning,you’ll be an addict to game,trust me. :)

Originally posted by joshscene:

Runescape isnt that bad. it only gets REALLY BORING when you have to do the same thing over and over again to get your skills up (wc, fishing fm).

Hint: Try to talk other people while fishing or woodcutting. :) Where can it be good at: Karamja for fishing,Draynor Village for woodcutting. It can take long time to do it,but you’ll see it’ll be fun. :)

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Topic: Technical Support / big bug on firefox when on kongregate

It happened on me too,but only got fixed when I waited like 1-2 hour.

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Topic: Kongregate / My Game Could Be Shown on Nickelodeon! :D

I like Pyro 2 too ^^ Voted,and I hope you could win.

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Topic: Kongregate / Big Brother is Watching You

I want an eye which has Turkish flag on it :/ But it does not exist :(

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

I think about a “Kongregate Toolbar”, which included “Kongregate Search” , “Favorited Games” , “Online Moderators” and more thing which is good for that toolbar. I know, theres a modfriend, I only wanted to tell my idea.