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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / Finally a Pony !!

Oh pretty!

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / The video was interrupted

It means the ad server and the game’s server are not communicating. It could be an issue with the browser, or it could happen if you have adblock enabled.
The problem seems to happen with youtube based ads, even when adblock is off.

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / TURN MUSIC OFF ON DEFAULT

The “play muted” option works after that button is pressed, but the intro trumpets still blare regardless; that setting is not saved. Sure, you could mute that tab, but it would be nice if the sound settings were saved from the last time the game was loaded.

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / +500% profits & knowledge multiplier vs Epic Chest

I had 542 Tg/sec (5.423 e95), and bought the 500% one. It only increased my GPS to 632 Tg/sec (6.32 e95)
That’s only a 15% increase in GPS. Shouldn’t a 500% (a.k.a. 5x) upgrade go from 542 Tg to 2.71 Utg?

I started maxing the spell and university upgrades, (along with ~700% multi.) I bought a few epic chests to unlock 3 simultaneous raids, and am now focused on the gem multipliers. Not sure if they’re worth it tho.

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / No ads after Free Gem update

I’ve noticed the same thing. I used to have 20-25 a day (even with adblock) but now I’m lucky to have 5 before the free gem. Some of those ads will be just the black screen, or will say something like “watch 1 minute and earn” but even watching the whole time stills makes the game say “the ad was interrupted.”

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / [BUG] Raid timing issues

Raids were working fine until this evening (4 PM EST on Wed March 2), now I seem to be having the same bug happen in Firefox ><

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / Further pushing Artifacts...

I’m hitting a wall between Kenny and Adeline, and all my artifacts are maxed.

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Topic: Midas' Gold Plus / Adeline

Originally posted by Maxneumann96:

Am I missing something or doing it wrong or why does she earn so much less then Kenny?
Shouldn´t i make much more money now?

On average, women are paid 87 cents on the dollar to what a man makes for doing the same job. Welcome to America mate.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Scrying Issues

This is why people use Adblock in the first place. It’s better than having to screw around with all this nonsense.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [RPG MMO Sandbox] Why we can only play on Kong??

I wish I had found this topic a few days ago ><
The game is not loading on Kong, nor will it load on my stand-alone client. Even is not loading.
There is a link to a backup server on their Facebook page, but that requires the process from post #2 to have been completed first.
I guess I’ll go out…side and check out this sun…shine? that everyone is talking about.

EDIT: 1 hour later, the game is working again, thanks to game creator Margus.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Glitchy screen

Same thing for me. Also, the progress bars look horrible (they have lines going thru them, or chunks missing out of them.)

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Bug Reports and Issues

Originally posted by Pouleman:

Seriously, please, could you either fix the bug of the leftover… or just make no possibility to have more ingredients than the containers allow to have… losing a bunch of ingredients because you cancel a craft just before the end of day cause you know you’re going to replace the worker is a bit rough…

I suppose it seems derisory but few hundreds of oil going to the trash is harsh for neebie like me…


If a worker is in the middle of crafting something when the day ends, you can still switch him out. When that worker is switched back in, he will pick up where he left off, with no loss of items, time or resources.

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Laggy problem?

I’ve been having quite a bit of lag too. I’m not sure if the in-game times are intended to equal real time, but so far they have been different. If a level says it takes 2:00:00 to complete, instead of two minutes, it ends up taking about ten minutes of real time to complete.

It seems like “low” quality makes the lag worse for me too. I have been leaving it on “high.”

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Enemies

Unfortunately, killing enemies does NOT give any exp. The only way to earn exp right now is thru level completion.