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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Hidden message in Battle Arena

OK, this is pretty trivial, but…

I’ve been idling in Binary Battlefield for a few weeks and got curious about all the rows of 0’s and 1’s on the wall. I used an online translator and it turns out if you read them left to right they spell “Anti-IdleLOL”. I’m rather bitter at having wasted five minutes of my life for twelve characters of text, so have deicded to share my findings with the world. Hoorah for Tukkun!

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Official Suggestions Thread

I unlocked the Awesome Adventures feature a couple of days ago and, like any self respecting noob, immediately came up with a list of suggestions as to how it could be improved. Read on, dear Tukkun…

  • Have the adventure energy addon be directly linked to the adventures feature, so it goes to the AAs when clicked. Know it’s pretty minor but would certainly save the 1.2 seconds I am forced to spend scrolling down. It’s just too difficult, damn it!
  • MOAR ADVENTURES!!!! Yes it sounds greedy but I did more or less every adventure the day I unlocked it (including the untitled zone).

*A “miniquests” feature related to different portions of the game in which adventures give you tasks to complete, perhaps in another adventure area. This might take some doing but could really make it more exciting, and encourage people to rediscover portions of AI they’d forgotten about. For example, a Garden related quest might be coming across a stereotypical Italian with a mushroom addiction (/cough) who will pay you a few thousand Green coins to grow him X mushrooms from a special Mushroom Tree (or colour tree if you’re feeling lazy). If you’re aiming for rep you could also choose to grow another tree which would cure his addiction for no pay.

This sort of thing could be applied to just about any feature (for Lolmarket perhaps a n00b could give you a few low – demand gems to make a profit from, you could accept and give him the profit or steal the gems, and RPG style stuff for the BA). You could also make some longer quest chains out of this. When you adventure after completing the quest you have a high chance of meeting the person who gave you it and they might give you coins and good/bad rep depending on the choice you made when you first met them.

Sorry, probs went a bit overboard with the third one. Anyhoo, there they are.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!] Suggestion Box

I’d really appreciate a skill reset button. Obviously some penalty could be implemented for doing it (such as moving down one level, etc.) so people don’t abuse it to perfect certain levels and it would give players the opportunity to try out different playstyles without spending time levelling another account.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is homosexuality a mental illness?

Originally posted by AndyBoy1029:

I think it is a mental illness cause u would be a by if u loved some1 for who they are and not there sex I think

Sexual attraction plays a huge part in having a bf/gf. If you like someone for who they are, they’re a friend, not a partner. You can’t “love” someone just because they’re generous, love is purely sexual attraction no matter how deep and spiritual it feels. Sure, you might decide against marrying a certain person because of their personality but the reason you feel attracted to them in the first place is because of instinct. Also, if you really meant what you said, why aren’t fifty percent of your loved-for-who-they-are partners the same gender as you?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is God Real... Is Heaven And Hell Real? If Not, Then What Happens When We Die?

I don’t believe there is an afterlife. Death isn’t a big thing at all, it’s just our fear of it that makes it seem bad, a trait that got us as a species through Natural Selection. When you die, your mind simply ceases to exist and you return to the state you were in before you were born.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is god a sadist, since god allows horrible things to happen to people?

Originally posted by AgentBlueSky:

Man was created in Gods image… thus he exists in ours… Humanity is innately evil, NO ONE IS WHOLLY GOOD, because we are intelligent. But going of the limited information the bible gives us… God created Adam and Eve, and they were innocent. Thus God was innocent, until Lucifer offered to man the fruits of knowledge… and innocence cannot co-exist with knowledge, because with knowledge comes the questioning of our surroundings, and our doubt about there permanence and “solidity”. Adam and Eve then realized how temporary and insignificant they where compared to their surroundings. And the first feelings of fear, sadness, anger, and the most self destructive, doubt. They had doubted the existence of God, making God angry and vengeful, how could they question the endless and beautiful gifts given to them by him (I assume…)? And cast them out of paradise… Making them the first children of earth manifest the first sins of all mankind… Anyway, in summery God (if you choose to believe in him) and his actions are a direct manifestation of humanity’s condition. Humanity is self destructive, spiteful, hate filled, depraved, ignorant, illogical, blood thirsty… and ultimately “sick”… thus is God and his actions towards us. But there is good too… just about 2%… at best.

Ah, THAT’S why god apparently sees it fit to torture people for eternity just for growing up in the wrong culture or blindly following an ancient book. One question: if Adam and Eve didn’t know evil before they ate the apple, how would they know that eating the apple was apparently evil?

Also, doubting someone’s existance doesn’t mean they should be tortured for eternity. If I didn’t have any official records and made myself invisible, leaving behind only a book, people who didn’t believe I existed certainly wouldn’t deserve to be made immortal and thrown into a pit of lava. If god did exist, he’d make the Holocaust (which, by the way, was caused by religious extremism) look like a drive – by shooting.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is God really real?

I don’t believe there is a god because I find no proof that one exists. It is possible that a god helped along the evolution process but there is no proof of that and abiogenesis + evolution proves that a species can evolve without help. There is even less reason to believe in the god of the bible as it is contradicted by the Big Bang theory, Evolution, Abiogenesis and pi to name just a few and I’m not going to believe some ancient book over millions of hours of research. I would start believing in Christianity or Islam once those theories are disproven, there is evidence that life creation requires a “supernatural” force, we can UNDERSTAND supernatural forces and they aren’t just myths used to replace unknowns, and there is evidence that sets that religion way apart from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / What if a God does exist?

If the god of the bible existed I’d do everything I could to piss him off, a god who would happily destroy almost every being on Earth, demand that gays, atheists and sunday workers must be stoned to death and torturing people forever just because they grew up in the wrong culture or didn’t believe in him certainly isn’t worthy of worship.