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Topic: Off-topic / Rap Battles (Try to keep it clean)

Originally posted by Spaghedeity:

It isn’t rapping if there is no rhythm, ergo there is no rapping in this topic.

yeah, these are more like rude poems rather than raps. ryhme schemes are dead basic and theres no flow.

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Topic: Off-topic / Slipknot or AC/DC?

Originally posted by tugBUT:
Originally posted by UzumakiNaruto:
Originally posted by Spaghedeity:

I’m siding with atheism on this one since I am tired of having religion shoved down my throat by a generation that is no longer relevant to modern world affairs.

durr durr durr

world affairs mean nothing when the human race threatened by extinction, perhaps i am a christian because christianity is the only religion that dosent foretell the death of every creature in the universe at some point while also making sense. so i suppose i hope the world comes to an end for the sake of the human species and otherwise

sorry you can’t have “making sense” and “religion” in the same sentence.

ontopic- you hear one ac/dc song you heard them all really. all of there songs sorta run togather after you heard them a bunch.