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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / 5 months without upgrades

For curiosity what AI level does it take to be the record holder for most AI?

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Topic: Global Assault: General / To devs regarding bounties

If you choose to temporarily reduce your squads SP you will pull easier targets (running six or seven units instead of a full squad for example). Currently if I run my normal squad I pull the same 4 targets most of the time and the occasional other person. This is why during bounty events you encounter a significant number of players running short squads.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / League Reward System

Long term the crate units that rotate out of crates will come back into the crates. That being said, I feel that changing crates would be a very good thing to consider. A few possible key items to changing crates would include increasing the league cap of 2000 coins to something higher, adding an option to purchase a specific unit from a crate at a premium price.

On the other hand, not every unit necessarily needs to be a quad before it can be used, allowing enough coins to pick up a dual time limited unit this round, and then allowing the remaining two pieces to be picked up the next time the unit is available could be an option.

Also I feel that any crate changes should come after the SP update/league points update, it is presently possible for a player with ~4k dominance to reach ember based on activity, and obtaining desirable ember crate units at that point is likely an unwanted shift in progression mechanics.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Limit Duration of Incendiary effect Or make Cleanse to stop it

Originally posted by ZeroZone01:

atmos cannon incen stacks :)

Perfect, so we are already on our way to buffing incendiary, now lets give Chaos a command pod equip that reduces incendiary damage by 1 on a random unit (that may not be on fire) each turn, while only charging $25 or so for it.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Limit Duration of Incendiary effect Or make Cleanse to stop it

I feel that incendiary in its current state is severely lacking, and should be buffed. Currently incendiary has a delayed effect, which adds to the diversity of the games skills, all is fine and good with that. To compensate for this unique feature I think we should allow incendiary to stack. If a unit doesn’t die to incendiary, or is hit multiple times from different incendiary units the amount of damage taken from it should be increased.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / To devs regarding scrap pack

Playing on PC I don’t see a huge discount flag on the giant scrap pack, just looks like normal, perhaps this has either been addressed or only occurs on mobile? Only huge discount banner I see is the small VC surge.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Egypt Bounty Hunter

Originally posted by Minime78:

Snr3 just for fun ;) how much did u pay for ur squad of vanguards ? :) u can PM if u dont want to say here. Im just curious if im unlucky or the drop rate on payed crates are fked too. Thk

If you are buying crates, you should go in prepared to see the unit you want be the last one in the crate. Typically its only practical to buy crate units if you plan to at least buy the entire crate. As to how much crate units cost, try to buy when things are on sale, gamestop giftcards can be bought for at least 10% off online, and volt coin surges can then further stretch your dollar to reduce the total cost of a crate.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Limit Duration of Incendiary effect Or make Cleanse to stop it

At certain points in the game some skills/units are abnormally strong, for example sandstorm is a great early T5 because its armor blocks almost everything at that point in the game, when you are starting to get T4 units Zeus is a really strong option. At 4614 Dominance I suppose incendiary could be really annoying, and possibly a touch of balance in that zone could occur to tone down problem units during certain upgrade periods without affecting final stats. When I look at end game squads I typically see 1-3 incendiary units, if the skill was more potent I’d likely see 4-5 units with incendiary.

Many of the contributors to this thread are top 100 or at least top 250 players in the game by dominance, and are seeking to see skills balanced at end game. We are less concerned about balance until that point as we past it and don’t really look behind us.

For future contributors please consider remembering what units were powerful at 4614 dominance, in order to further assist Chaosticket with this.

Note 4614 is the current Dominance of Chaosticket. Also the following are recent quotes from Chaosticket:

Originally posted by Chaosticket:

STAY AWAY FROM THIS GAME. That is unless you are willing to pay money. None of the top tier units can be gained without money.

the havoc league system is cockamamie. it doesnt do much positive. all it really does is put you in a tier system then say "if you want to go higher bribe people for premium units)

Still cheating in this game. The people running the game dont care as they accept bribes.

Still nothing being done to control the cheating in this game.

This game has a major problem with cheating. Nothing is being done about it. Its getting worse as now more cheats are being provided for them.

People who buy cheats to win in this game need their own special league so they dont bother honest players.

Somehow the game just got worse. I FINALLY make it up to another league level and now I cant find anyone I can actually win against. So I have to wait a week before being bumped back to the last league and starting over. This is bullcrap.

Premium special abilities are so overpowered the game owners dont event pretend anymore. i discovered yet another new one “autobarrier” which makes , Piercing, Armor and Barrier obsolete.

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Topic: Global Assault: Guild Recruitment / RECRUITMENT: BlackLotus (Top 3 Guild) and BurningLotus (Top 10 Guild)

Come join a great community, we are surprisingly active on LINE. Message Lwang19 in LINE to request an invite.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Limit Duration of Incendiary effect Or make Cleanse to stop it

Incendiary needs to be strong in order to make up for its significant drawback, every other ability is instant.

For example an enemy unit with 20 health goes against:

A unit with 10 attack, 10 incendiary. The enemy survives the attack, and is given one final turn to attack, buff, etc.

A unit with 10 attack, 10 strike. The enemy is now dead.

Example B, an enemy unit has 20 health, 10 armor.

A unit with 10 attack, 10 incendiary. The enemy unit takes no damage, no incendiary damage, and proceeds to dominate the lane.

A unit with 10 attack, 10 strike. The enemy takes 10 damage, dying in two turns.

Yes these are isolated examples, but the key is that blitz units are generally weaker stat for stat than non blitz to make up for the extra attack turn. Similarly incendiary is strong because it is delayed. Additionally it can be countered with armor, barrier, or high health.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Clutch Wins

Originally posted by joseeltravieso:

Evening, lovers of the fine arts and revolution.

In a solitude moment of meditation, I called this piece “Set-on-fire-one-HP Silverback”. It makes you wonder how society is getting to an edge.
But hey, “even Mona Lisa is falling apart”.

Nice clutch win against atmos, my avalanche had a bit more than 1 health, but my command pod was sure low.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Petition to DEVs

I think an event roughly every month that resurrects the easiest uncompleted campaign for each player would be nice. Sure it would take a while, but would allow people to catch up.This could include the initial time limited campaigns such as grinder, all the way to recent events such as for Solis. Possibly have a trigger to start this, an event similar to obtaining the key to the current raid might work well.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / What can you equip to command pod?

If you play on 4x speed the strike from the command pod is slow, and may hit after other events. Still doing 1 damage, but an earlier strike could hit for 4, so it would be a visual bug.

As to what can be equipped, legendary quests were promised in the June roadmap, and completion will award command pod equipment.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [to devs] time to lock bounty sp!

Currently short squading adds elements of both strategy and nuisance to the event. If I run my full squad my scans will be xman, gabgore, xman, n0clu3, xman, barca84, xman, bushnoir, xman, the_atari_kid, angrykillers. Fairly guaranteed if I go to sleep with a full squad my opponents are too strong for me to beat. As such I react and short squad not so much by choice but necessity to remain competitive. So far I’m holding around rank 50 this event and hope to finish top 100, I don’t do it to screw other players, simply to ensure I have a chance to compete.

While I hope a better system can be implemented I also enjoy the strategy involved in order to both receive optimal opponents, and know to hold onto some scans until they change squads for maximum value.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Max tier 1 units to scrap

I’ve got 1433 T1 units lined up for scrap currently, quite impressive to see almost 2300 Ammonsk. As to the question of why wait that long, my scrap needs decreased for a while waiting on obtaining certain units while scrap income increased with quests, extra scrap for 400+ SP opponents, raids, leagues, events, etc. Probably need to scrap them soon, I’m down to only 2k scrap currently.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / razor ammo vs. tracer slugs and second do I replace any of these with cerberus

I realize everyone’s squad is different, but I feel mk2 missiles are best placed on Caledonia, and potentially decent on an eagle when you have a blitz heavy squad. Being blitz heavy lets you choose if you play the eagle or another blitz unit based on enemy camouflage.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To Admin] Petition to block those who often flame and start fights on forums.

Originally posted by XKyotosomoX:

Any time you have a removed post you should automatically be silenced for 24 hour.

Just a quick heads up, that would almost completely silence the more frequent posters here. As example XKyotosomoX had a post removed 1 hour ago, 11 hours ago, 21 hours ago, 23 hours ago, 24 hours ago, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, etc.

Posts are probably removed more often than they should be, but overall the system works, silences for kongregate forums cross outside of just one game and can negatively effect a users experience across the entire website.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Has anyone pulled any of the new units?

Well looks like I just pulled my first, best of luck to everyone else in their search for these new units

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To Admin] Petition to block those who often flame and start fights on forums.

For kongregate forums that’s not such an easy issue. The best thing to be done when you see a post causing an issue is to flag the post.
To quote UsingThisForum (aka stickyrodent):
“Click it, choose a reason, maybe write us a charming note. Then send it and walk away. Don’t quote the post, don’t announce you flagged. Just flag and ignore.”

If you feel a user went beyond the level that forum mods can handle, you can elect to click their username, and click the little cog, then select report abuse. This puts the abuse report to a kongregate mod rather than a forum mod, these kind folks don’t receive nearly the appreciation they deserve, likely have a huge backlog and shouldn’t be bothered if possible. While I’d advise against reporting anyone at that level for forum issues (the forum mods do pass things up if its a bigger issue), the option does exist.

Its important to remember kongregate is a very diverse global community that houses many different cultures, what may feel abrupt, odd, rude to you may be normal somewhere else so tolerance is important.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Egypt Bounty Hunter

Guild bounty hunter sounds way more interesting to me, I’ll be cautiously optimistic sense the demand exists.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [To devs] Add a 5x Supply Drop or something like that

Why don’t we just go with x25 to drive players that want to spend optimally crazy.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Bug/Issue Report

Originally posted by iGanja:

Omfg people! FIX INCENDIARY RECRUIT! C’mon guys, pull the bug from the backlog and fix it! I have done at least 40 hits now, and have 7 credits. A searing spitfire with blitz does one hit automatically. After 25 battles, I should have at least 25. At least! My gawd, someone please read this. You guys are a joke leaving this bug for so long!

Incendiary quest is working fine, but it requires the incendiary damage portion to actually do damage.

For example, if you’re opponent drops a 20 health unit, your searing spitfire hits it for 16, then your nice eagle kills that enemy you did not do any incendiary damage and receive NO credit.

By contrast, you drop your spitfire on an enemy with 60 health, it takes 10 damage from spitfire, and burns for 5 a turn. The enemy unit then proceeds to live for 8 turns burning for 5 each of those turns, you receive credit for 8 counts of incendiary damage.

Examples are for examples sake, but the key is that the unit must receive damage from incendiary, rather than die before it has a chance to tick.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Quitting this time for good / not enough F2P content /Lack of strategic content / Game has lost its appeal to me

Originally posted by darkqawsed:

What makes you the best GA player though? Haven’t seen much to show what makes you better than another, other than time and $$$

Blue never claimed to be, Pats133 made the statement about him, and I’d agree with it. I’d define the best players as those that have been around long enough to have a solid opinion, openly speaking their minds about changes to help influence the game, and keeping a good community through either kong chat or inner guild relations.

Additionally any player that spends a noticeable amount deserves appreciation, they are the lifeblood of this game, ensuring future patches, updates, and continued growth. Its not a very large pool of players here that contributed both ways.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / More expensive MK2 equipment

Sadly going to agree, I’ve got a handful of paid components including a dual vanguard, mk2 tits x2, and some other stuff. I think I’ll stop again until we see some interesting guild war related content (maybe as early as sometime in July).

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Topic: Global Assault: General / Stackable Inventory.

Possibly a slightly easier way would be to stack units that have no upgrades, and no equipment. Once a unit is upgraded in any way or is currently using equipment it is listed separately.