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Topic: General Gaming / Which Video Game Site is better? Kongregate, Maplestory, WoW, Battleon, Gaia Online, Dead Frontier or Runescape?

I probably go With
1. Kong (OFC!!)
2. Wow, although you have to pay for it, It has rlly catched my interest.
3. Runescape was a fun game when I played it, played it every day, but got quite boring when all quests where completed, the only thing left then was to train skills, which got quite boring after a time aswell.
4. Battleon was fun for a short time, and that was in the beginning. After a time, when you leveled up, things got quite boring. Aswell I do not like the controls.
5. Dead Frontier was quite fun although I didn’t play it for too long. Although I’m not into Zombie Games, if they aren’t like Left 4 Dead that is :D
6. On the 6th place, here comes MapleStory, sure it was quite fun, but at the long run, it is a 2D, Platform game, and to get cool stuff… $$$
7. Here comes Gaia Online, Probably because I havn’t played it :D